1300mAh NiMH Battery

For: Spectran V4 Handheld • Spectran V3 Handheld • Spectran NF Handheld

Replacement battery for the SPECTRAN spectrum analyzers. Fits any SPECTRAN Handheld spectrum analyzer of the series V1 - V4 and NF.
+ 49,95€ Shop
3000mAh LiPo Battery

For: Spectran V4 Handheld • Spectran V3 Handheld • Spectran NF Handheld

Offers a MUCH higher runtime of the SPECTRAN (up to 400%).  Strongly recommended for autonomic measurement! The 1300mAh standard-battery will be replaced.
+ 99,95€ Shop
Active Differential Probe ADP1 (DC - 40MHz)

For: Spectran NF

Our special Active Differential Probe ADP1 offers a potential free measurement and also expands the measurement range up to 240V. With this probe the signal will not be influenced (potential free measurement). It also protects the SPECTRAN Spectrum Analyzer input against high voltages up to 1400V (CAT3). It's a "must have" for direct cable-measurements on DSL, ADSL, VDSL, free running oszillators, mains etc. Included in delivery is a special grounding kit which protects the unit against static electricity (ESD). This is very important at long time measurements. Power supply is possible with the internal cells (4 x AA, not included) or, at long time measurements, with a mains adapter (included).

+ 599,95€ Shop
RF Satellite Test Probe

For: All Devices

The RF Satellite test probe allows direct measurement at the LNB output or at the satellite receiver. The measurement can be performed with simultaneous use of the connection, the probe offers two separate signal outputs for the connected spectrum analyzer as well as the receiver. This allows a signal evaluation and recording during normal operation. The built-in DC blocker suppresses DC voltage which would be dangerous for connected Spectrum Analyzers. The package includes the necessary cables (SMA to F adapter, 0.3m SMA cable, 1.5m F cable) for direct connection of the measuring device and the receiver.
149,95€ Shop
Vibration Sensors GEO

For: Spectran NF

The highly sensitive vibration sensors of our GEO series offer a surprisingly high sensitivity over a wide frequency range down to 10Hz. They are especially suitable for detecting vibrations in machines and electronic circuitry or in the working environment, as well as monitoring compliance with (official) exposure limits. Available as: GEO 14 (10Hz - 1KHz), GEO10 (4Hz - 1KHz).
+ 199,95 - 299,95€ Shop
Connectors & Adapters
20dB SMA Attenuator

For: Spectrum Analyzer • Preamps

Expands the measurement range from +20dBm to +40dBm.
+ 149,95€ Shop
SMA to N Adapter

For: Antennas • Preamps

This special high quality adapter allows operation of all HyperLOG®-Antenna with any standard spectrum-analyzer with N connector.
+ 24,95€ Shop
SMA to K (2.92mm) Adapter

For: PowerLOG

The Aaronia SMA to 2.92mm adapter is suitable for connecting Aaronia PowerLOG 40400 antennas via SMA Cable to a spectrum analyser or other device with regular SMA connectors (or N/BNC via additional adapter).
+ 99,95€ Shop
SMA to BNC Adapter

For: Antennas

This special high quality adapter allows operation of all Aaronia Antennas with SMA connector with any standard Spectrum Analyzer with BNC connector.
+ 24,95€ Shop
Car Power Adapter (12V)

For: All Devices

Incl. LED. To connect your SPECTRAN to the car cigarette lighter.
+ 19,95€ Shop
V5 Docking Station

For: Spectran V5 Handheld

Perfectly suitable for the everyday use of the V5 in the lab. Supplies Power, USB Slave and Master connection. Heavy and stable.
+ 249,95€ Shop
DC-Blocker (SMA)

For: Spectrum Analyzer • Preamps

The DC-Blocker must be used if you want to measure active powered antennas like GPS or satellite dishes. It prevents the RF-input of the SPECTRAN from being destroyed by the DC-voltages. Simply connect the DC-Blocker to the RF-input of your SPECTRAN and you can measure directly on GPS, satellite antennas or even DSL/ISDN etc. lines.
+ 99,95€ Shop
Calibration Resistor for Spectran V4 (SMA)

For: Spectran V4

This calibration resistor is necessary to calibrate the noise-floor (Firmware BETA26 up). The new noise floor calibration feature can be activated at any time with the new "CalRun" function in the "Setup" menu. You only need to connect the calibration resistor to the rf-input of the SPECTRAN V4.
+ 149,95€ Shop
1m, 5m or 10m Low Loss SMA Cable

For: Spectrum Analyzer • Antennas • Preamps

This high-grade SMA cable can be used to connect Aaronia HyperLOG EMC antennas to Aaronia Spectran RF spectrum analysers with very low damping (signal loss). Available in lengths of: 1 Metre, 5 Metres, 10 Metres.
+ 29,95€ - 109,95€ Shop
N-Cable 3m / 10m

For: Spectrum Analyzer • Antennas • HyperLOG EMI • IsoLOG 3D

This high-grade, waterproof cable with N-connector can be used to connect Antennas with N connector (e.g. IsoLOG 3D, 3D Mobile or HyperLOG EMI) with Spectrum Analyzers offering an N input (e.g. Spectran XFR V5 PRO, Spectran RSA). Available as: 3 Metres, 10 Metres.
+ 349,95€ - 699,95€ Shop
Spectran USB Cable

For: Spectrum Analyzer

To connect your SPECTRAN to the PC. Special version with high performance EMC-ferrite.
+ 19,95€ Shop
Calibration Certificate

For: Spectrum Analyzer

Calibration Certificate for HF and NF Spectrum Analyzer. We recommend to recalibrate the Spectran Analyzers each year.
+ 199.95€ Shop
Large Aluminum Tripod

For: OmniLOG • HyperLOG • HyperLOG X (Active) • BicoLOG • BicoLOG X (Active) • PowerLOG • MDF • MDF X (Active)

Height adjustable, high stability.  STRONGLY recommended for usage with HyperLOG 30xxx, 40xx and BicoLOG antennas!
+ 49,95€ Shop
Magnotracker / PowerLOG Tripod

For: PowerLOG • MagnoTRACKER

Heavy tripod for Aaronia Magnotracker antennas and Aaronia PowerLOG Sturdy construction with high stability. Provides a stable handling of any Magnotracker and Power antenna, even versions with extended tube expansion (eg, M8, M10 versions with 10 or more elements). Strongly recommended for optimal use of Magnotracker & PowerLOG antennas.
+ 299,95€ Shop
Heavy Pistol Grip with polarization-change-function

For: HyperLOG • HyperLOG X (Active)

This highly stable multi-function pistol grip offers a variety of functions and should not be missing in any professional measurement! Specifically, it is strongly recommended for the use of larger antennas like the HyperLOG 30xxx and 40xx series.
+ 249,95€ Shop
Miniature Tripod

For: HyperLOG • HyperLOG X (Active) • BicoLOG • BicoLOG X (Active) • IsoLOG 3D Mobile

Detachable handle with super-practical miniature tripod mode: this handle is attachable to the backside of the unit and allows optimal handling (esp. for directional measurement) and even fixed installation of the unit.
+ 19,95€ Shop
Spectran Protection Rubber (yellow)

For: Spectran V4 Handheld • Spectran V3 Handheld • Spectran NF Handheld

Protects your unit agains shock and looks great! High-End silicone rubber-material.
+ 29,95€ Shop
Spectran Protection Rubber (black)

For: Spectran V4 Handheld • Spectran V3 Handheld • Spectran NF Handheld

Protects your unit against shock and looks great! High-End silicone rubber-material.
+ 29,95€ Shop
Heavy Plastic Carrycase

For: Spectran V5 Handheld • Spectran V4 Handheld • Spectran V3 Handheld • Spectran NF Handheld • HyperLOG • HyperLOG X (Active) • BicoLOG • BicoLOG X (Active) • MDF • MDF X (Active)

Shock resistant, heavy version with padding. Available for: 2x SPECTRANs + Accessories + 1x HyperLOG 70xx or 60xxx BicoLOG Antennas (active/passive) MDF Antennas (activ/passive)
+ 99,95€ Shop
12V Spectran Power Supply

For: Spectran V4 Handheld • Spectran V4 X • Spectran V3 Handheld • Spectran NF Handheld • Spectran NF X

Original 12V power supply / battery charger for Spectran Spectrum Analyzer (Handheld and USB-Desktop versions). Perfect as replacement for the included power supply or simultaneous charging of both the Analyzers included in the Spectran bundles.
+ 19,95€ Shop
Spectran USB 12V charger

For: Spectran V4 Handheld • Spectran V4 X • Spectran V3 Handheld • Spectran NF Handheld • Spectran NF X • HyperLOG X (Active) • BicoLOG X (Active) • Preamps

It is a little USB dongle generating 12V from any USB port incl. power plug for all SPECTRAN and Aaronia preamps and active antennas. You can use it to CHARGE all of those devices via any USB port, this should help a lot for people making field measurement and running out of power… You can now charge our units via Laptop or USB port within the car.
+ 29,95€ Shop
GPS Logger

For: All Devices

The Aaronia GPS Logger includes six top-of-the-line sensors and is the world's first standalone data-logger with this amount of sensors. Also mentionable is the extremely high data rate of up to 35 logs per second (freely adjustable), the very small size and the light weight of the logger - it weights barely 88g including the battery.
+ 249,95€ Shop

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