Biconical Antennas

BicoLOG Series

20MHz - 3GHz

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Excellent, cost-effective antennas for low-frequency measurements. Perfect coverage of the complete radio & television transmission frequencies down to 20MHz, including Tetra/BOS and ISM434.

Bikonische Antennen BicoLOG Serie von 20MHz bis 3GHz

Every BicoLOG EMC Test-Antenna goes through rigorous testing in our laboratories before dispatch and is equipped with a high quality rubber paint which offers protection against mechanical damage and environmental influence, a top-quality integrated tripod connection and a SMA connector.

Exhaustive Calibration data
All Aaronia EMC Stand Antennas include a complete high resolution (10MHz or even 5MHz steps!) calibration data set with an unmatched number of calibration points (on CD). This offers the ability to make a very accurate EMC measurement with any Spectrum Analyzer.

Made in Germany
All Aaronia pre compliance antennas are developed, individually produced and calibrated in Germany at the Aaronia factory. This guarantees highest standard so that Aaronia can offer every customer a full 10 years warranty for all EMC antennas.

Type and Frequency Range Price
BicoLOG 5070
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BicoLOG 30100
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BicoLOG 20100
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BicoLOG 20300
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BicoLOG 30100E
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BicoLOG 20100E
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Datasheet Type Frequency Range Gain Price
BicoLOG 507050MHz-700MHz-18dBi499,95€Buy now!
BicoLOG 3010030MHz-1GHz-18dBi699,95€Buy now!
BicoLOG 2010020MHz-1GHz-18dBi1498,-€Buy now!
BicoLOG 2030020MHz-3GHz-18dBi1998,-€Buy now!
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BicoLOG 30100E30MHz-1GHz-9dBi1698,-€Buy now!
BicoLOG 20100E20MHz-1GHz-9dBi1998,-€Buy now!

  •  Excellent gain performance for EMC measurements
  •  Includes exhaustive calibration data
  •  Coverage of various mobile radio frequency ranges
  •  Suitable for field-strength and EMC measurements due to high precision
  •  Compact design
  •  For lab and open-field applications
  •  Very cost-efficient
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  •  Pre-Compliance-Test
  •  Radio & TV
  •  Tetra/BOS
  •  ISM434

 BicoLOG® 5070BicoLOG® 30100BicoLOG® 20100
Frequency range50MHz-700MHz30MHz-1GHz20MHz-1GHz
Max. transmission power5W AM (100 MHz)
Nominal impedance50 Ohm
Gain (typ.)-29dBi bis 1dBi-39dBi bis 1dBi-45dBi bis 1dBi
Antenna factor20-33dB/m20-41dB/m20-42dB/m
Calibration points70 (5MHz and 10MHz Steps)104 (5MHz and 10MHz Steps)106 (5MHz and 10MHz Steps)
RF-connectionSMA (f) or
N via adapter
Dimensions (L/W/H)350x160x140 mm
Warranty10 Years

 BicoLOG® 20300BicoLOG® 30100EBicoLOG® 20100E
Frequency range20MHz-3GHz30MHz-1GHz20MHz-1GHz
Max. transmission power5W AM (100 MHz)
Nominal impedance50 Ohm
Gain (typ.)-45dBi bis 1dBi-31dBi bis 1dBi-38dBi bis 1dBi
Antenna factor20-51dB/m17-31dB/m17-34dB/m
Calibration points296 (5MHz and 10MHz Steps)194 (5MHz Steps)196 (5MHz Steps)
RF-connectionSMA (f) or
N via adapter
Dimensions (L/W/H)350x160x140 mm
540x225x225 mm540x225x225 mm
Warranty10 Years

SMA to N Adapter
This special high quality adapter allows operation of all HyperLOG®-Antenna with any standard spectrum-analyzer with N connector.
+ 24,95€ Shop
Heavy Pistol Grip with polarization-change-function
This highly stable multi-function pistol grip offers a variety of functions and should not be missing in any professional measurement! Specifically, it is strongly recommended for the use of larger antennas like the HyperLOG 30xxx and 40xx series.
+ 249,95€ Shop
Large Aluminum Tripod
Height adjustable, high stability.  STRONGLY recommended for usage with HyperLOG 30xxx, 40xx and BicoLOG antennas!
+ 49,95€ Shop
1m, 5m or 10m Low Loss SMA Cable
This high-grade SMA cable can be used to connect Aaronia HyperLOG EMC antennas to Aaronia Spectran RF spectrum analysers with very low damping (signal loss). Available in lengths of: 1 Metre, 5 Metres, 10 Metres.
+ 29,95€ - 109,95€ Shop
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