The Game Changer! Aaronia boosts the SPECTRAN V5 RTBW to incredible 175MHz! Our patent pending design now offers up to 175MHz RTBW. This is even better than the latest 160MHz real time band width (RTBW) which only[…]

RF / EMC Camera System

World’s first RF / EMC Camera System Aaronia presents the world’s first RF / EMC “camera system”, the SPECTRAN RF VIEW. The system consists of a complex measurement unit at each “pixel”. Each unit consists of a[…]

Visit Aaronia during the Electronica 2014 in Munich / Germany

Come to Munich and visit Aaronia AG at the Electronica 2014 Come and see a LIVE demonstration of our novelties: Our latest generation of Real-Time handheld Spectrum Analyzer V5 and V4 series The new Aaronia RF-Generator, Worlds smallest, battery powered 14GHz RF[…]