RTSA Suite PRO Software

Aaronia presents the RTSA Suite Pro, the world's fastest real-time spectrum analysis software, exclusively for the SPECTRAN V5 series and selected models of other manufacturers. The RTSA Suite Pro offers a multitude of tools for the visualization and analysis of received and / or recorded data. The software is being updated on a daily basis and is constantly being expanded with new, useful features.

The RTSA Suite is multi-platform compatible and available for Windows, MacOS and Linux, thus encompassing all important operating systems.

Some of the highlights of the software include the gapless real-time 3D view, with up to 25 millions samples per second, the unlimited recording time, automatic signal-classification and remote control of connected analyzers. The comparably low system requirements allow for the use of the software on regular PCs and Windows tablets.

Echtzeit-Spektrumanalyse Software RTSA Suite


Gapless real-time 3D view
Unlimited recording time
Supports multiple devices simultaneously
Remote controllable interface
Real-time demodulation
Intelligent, real-time 3D TRIGGER
Graphics card (GPU) support
Low system requirements
USB 2.0 and 3.0 support
up to 20GHz real-time bandwidth

Spectrum Analysis

High resolution spectrum view with clear/write, min.-/max.-hold, average, reference curves, provider display, limits, controllable dynamics and freely adjustable colors and resolution.


The standard view for real-time spectrum analyzers. Customizable fade-time, sensitivity and color, display as lines, points or fill. Don't miss a single signal.

3D / 2D Spectrogram

3D real-time spectrum view with enormous details, free rotation (while measuring!), adjustable time-compression, surface mode, side-view and classic top-view (2D view).


The AM/FM demodulation works simultaneously and without performance restrictions together with the real-time spectrum analysis and can be output via hardware or software audio, with adjustable bandwidth and volume. Via remote control of the spectrum analyzer, even with a slow 3G connection, the sound is crystal clear - thanks to our optimized compression algorithm.

Record & Play

The powerful record and replay function enables the unlimited recording and 1:1 replaying of data. There are zero limits to the length of recordings, the data is split in 1GB pieces. Allows the detailed analysis and evaluation, and demodulation of recorded data and complex signals.

How to highlight disturbing Bluetooth within a Wifi Signal?

How to highlight disturbing Bluetooth within a Wifi Signal? Is it possible to remove the Wifi signal and to see the Bluetooth only? Well our latest invention, an adjustbale Real Time 3D Time Domain Smoother, makes it possible!

Rubidium Frequency Standard vs OCXO

A signal generator with internal OCXO generating a 2,44GHz CW signal while the ref clock input is connected to an external rubidium frequency standard which is just warming up. This results in a very interesting warm up graph. See for yourself!

Aaronia RTSA Suite real time transforming a 2D picture into a 3D IQ vector file

The SPECTRAN V5 Real Time Spectrum Analyzer decoding and transforming a 2D IQ data picture to a 3D picture combining frequency domain, time domain and signal power within the latest waterfall/spectrogram view.

Setting up the IsoLOG 3D RF Tracking Antenna (9kHz - 40GHz)

Getting started with your IsoLOG 3D V2 Tracking Antenna for the first time step by step incl. some feature demos.

25.11.2020 - v1.5.150.7623 - fix: Crash when editing frequency 25.11.2020 - v1.5.150.7621 - fix: SUITE-1357 Naming of the camera keys should be changed - fix: SUITE-1384 RibbonBar will be new arranged after RTSA restart - fix: SUITE-1388 user defaults in IQ signal generator 25.11.2020 - v1.5.150.7618 - fix: add error check when updating RF FPGA without second USB connection 25.11.2020 - v1.5.150.7616 - add: SUITE-1377 remain shadow health status if http connection is lost - fix: crash in JSIQA Object.keys for empty object - fix: SUITE-1369 color histogram time filter 25.11.2020 - v1.5.150.7612 - add: statistics info in stream merger/splitter block - add: SUITE-1381 velocity data to ADS-B decoder - fix: crash in IQ filter block when changing center frequency - fix: FX3 startup problems due to I2C and reset racing condition - fix: mouse wheel digit in ribbon - fix: SUITE-1354 Package Manager: Unable to remove package with missing license - fix: SUITE-1371 Missing 3D image if velocity is zero - fix: SUITE-897 Package display in the Package-Manager shows simultaneously "Download" and "Install" 24.11.2020 - v1.5.150.7605 - add: SUITE-1373 keys to video blocks - fix: startup locking problems with too many V6 starting together 24.11.2020 - v1.5.150.7601 - fix: SUITE-1353 key limiting for V6 - fix: SUITE-1372 Missing "Connect" button inside Ribbon Bar - fix: SUITE-1376 Drone signal locator stops when one input goes AWOL 23.11.2020 - v1.5.150.7593 - add: store key changes to V6 flash - add: SUITE-1353 feature keys for V6 - fix: ADSB altitude decoding mith q=0 using modified gillham code - fix: time based rendering in IQ vector scope 21.11.2020 - v1.5.150.7587 - add: more 3D models for DDS 20.11.2020 - v1.5.150.7585 - add: limit V6 clock rate by key - fix: device change notification callback for V6 initial firmware load - fix: more logging and recovery code for ISO Log - fix: SUITE-1365 Settings menu is difficult to open if more than 2 blocks are tabbed in a window - fix: SUITE-1368 ignore ISO Log GPS info if mode set to manual 19.11.2020 - v1.5.150.7574 - add: more logging info in ISO Log rotation thread - add: more ribbon buttons for V6 - fix: SUITE-1356 multi row layout of health status bar 19.11.2020 - v1.5.150.7570 - Fix: Potentional crash when shutting down a large mission with lots of radar blocks ( or script blocks ) - Fix: Selected frequency from the Frequency Select Dialog wasn't propagated to the RibbonBar and Freq Edit control 19.11.2020 - v1.5.150.7568 - add: SUITE-1089 exported traces need system setup - add: SUITE-1263 remote config for V6 - add: support for USB disconnect/reconnect of primary V6 USB connector 18.11.2020 - v1.5.150.7565 - add: SUITE-1352 start of camera with control sequencer - fix: low frequency range sweep filter selection with 92 and 184 18.11.2020 - v1.5.150.7561 - add: recover V6 from temporary power loss - fix: linux build 18.11.2020 - v1.5.150.7556 - add: beacon type detection in FLARM decoder - add: new power control for V6 USB - fix: Checkable buttons are now updated correctly after their internal values were changed - fix: linux build - fix: SUITE-1072 hide special segments - fix: SUITE-1339 sparse segments in ISO Log - fix: SUITE-1345 removed key protection from V6 block - fix: SUITE-1346 The block name inside the Ribbon Bar is not shown completely - fix: SUITE-1348 V6 mapping not retained if device enumeration failed or slow 17.11.2020 - v1.5.150.7543 - add: SUITE-1342 more stats for choppermode in IQ direction spectrum block - Fix: Messages in Health Status - fix: SUITE-1344 Licensemanager: filename check too strict - fix: Typo in RTSAFile.exe help dump 16.11.2020 - v1.5.150.7535 - add: more stats on USB errors and error recovery - fix: SUITE-1341 wrong size in sweep block frequency 15.11.2020 - v1.5.150.7532 - fix: crash on recursive network error in iso log 15.11.2020 - v1.5.150.7530 - fix: prevent crash on invalid stream config in cat merge block 14.11.2020 - v1.5.150.7528 - add: more USB logging in V6 14.11.2020 - v1.5.150.7526 - Fix: The Up/Down arrow in Ribbon Value Edit wasn't switched off 13.11.2020 - v1.5.150.7524 - add: SUITE-1337 show script messages within info center - add: SUITE-1338 add source location to JSIQA callstack - fix: increase progress dialog update rate in RFFPGA programming to avoid watchdog problems - fix: linux build - fix: linux build - fix: Open Mission from file menu won't open in last directory - Fix: Problem with large Missions and Script blocks trying to set their titles. - fix: SUITE-1332 Sector waterfall shows special sector - fix: SUITE-1333 Scaling of sector waterfall 13.11.2020 - v1.5.150.7515 - add: drop of rtsa files into grapheditor - fix: crashes in DDS blocks with unexpected spectra size 12.11.2020 - v1.5.150.7512 - add: New License Manager - add: New Ribbon Bar - add: TabWidget's - Added ObjectInfo Areas - fix: GraphEditor sometimes lost the snapped connection target when releasing the mouse - fix: SUITE-1178 Robin Radar "StartButton" arrangement could not be saved inside ribbon bar 12.11.2020 - v1.5.150.7508 - add: move reference level with Alt+Mouse on y-axis - fix: SUITE-1323 Unidentified noise in directional finding block - fix: SUITE-1324 non chopper mode settings greyed out in chopper mode - fix: SUITE-1325 antenna segment highlight in chopper mode - fix: SUITE-1326 visualization of chopper mode 10.11.2020 - v1.5.150.7504 - add: icons and alternate text for script block config items - add: IQ pulse inspector package - add: on the fly change of auto gain control in V6 - add: RBW control of V6 FPGA - add: reference level to V6 ribbon - add: second legend in split spectra combo view - add: SUITE-1281 show FFT size and window type in legend - fix: loading of small IQ files in file source block 07.11.2020 - v1.5.150.7496 - fix: crash when switching to elevation map with large map image - fix: SUITE-1282 markers section in waterfall export - fix: SUITE-1307 zero line width for zones in DDCC - fix: SUITE-1316 3D Waterfall slow/crashes - fix: SUITE-1318 marker function value setting 06.11.2020 - v1.5.150.7490 - fix: rx channel/fft select 05.11.2020 - v1.5.150.7488 - add: on the fly stream format change in V6 FFT/IQ - fix: ISO log rotation with V6 FPGA spectra 04.11.2020 - v1.5.150.7484 - fix: SUITE-1309 trails of far away drones off by some meters 02.11.2020 - v1.5.150.7480 - add: spectra/s stats in V6 status display - fix: linux build - fix: reset recovery in FX3 code 01.11.2020 - v1.5.150.7477 - add: auto generate V6 license keys - fix: smaller FFT ranges for FPGA FFT now correct - fix: span ranges for FPGA FFT 30.10.2020 - v1.5.150.7473 - fix: crash on USB command recovery - fix: workaround for FFT data with only USB1 connected 29.10.2020 - v1.5.150.7467 - add: more debugging information for USB command streaming - add: scaling of summed FFT spectra from FPGA FFT 29.10.2020 - v1.5.150.7464 - fix: window function for FPGA FFT 28.10.2020 - v1.5.150.7460 - add: FFT window in FPGA 28.10.2020 - v1.5.150.7458 - add: frequency profile to JSIQA and V6 zoom pan block - add: frequency profile to v6 zoom pan block - fix: set config flag for frequency items in new ribbon - fix: SUITE-909 Multi monitor usage error 27.10.2020 - v1.5.150.7448 - add: V6 USB command channel recovery on 0 packet received 27.10.2020 - v1.5.150.7443 - add: SUITE-1267 health status for multi stream logger block 26.10.2020 - v1.5.150.7432 - fix: improve handling of dropped packets in IQ demodulation block 24.10.2020 - v1.5.150.7427 - add: block health status changed by JSIQA script - fix: ignore drag custom grid if not using a custom grid 23.10.2020 - v1.5.150.7423 - add: New icons for the RibbonBar - add: SUITE-1291 context menu to start/stop jammer - fix: crash in V6 with small sweep lists - fix: linux build - fix: SUITE-1296 Crash report needs a hint where to add a user scrash report - fix: SUITE-1297 Rename window orientation "Default" to "Tab All" and add new symbol - fix: Tooltip in BlockEditor stays visible even after the Block was set invisible - fix: V5 backward sweep not starting 22.10.2020 - v1.5.150.7411 - add: large page support for V6 dma buffers - add: new FPGA FFT with various sizes - add: workaround for broken DMA of PCIe cards with bridge chips 21.10.2020 - v1.5.150.7408 - fix: SUITE-1287 reference traces with log scale view - fix: SUITE-1289 comma and dot mismatch in CSV with semicolon export 20.10.2020 - v1.5.150.7405 - add: prepare V6 variable FFT size 20.10.2020 - v1.5.150.7403 - fix: SUITE-1288 spectrum export broken 18.10.2020 - v1.5.150.7399 - add: center sweep in V6 signal generator - add: error message on queue overload for JSIQA blocks - add: fast frequency pattern hop in V6 - add: initial setup test for calibration missions 17.10.2020 - v1.5.150.7396 - add: shorter duration for generic sweep in V6 signal generator - fix: disconnect/connect problems in some V6 due to flaky FPGA status bits 16.10.2020 - v1.5.150.7394 - add: debug log (syslog) to JSIQA - add: prepare center logscale to FFT - add: SUITE-1204 source config profile controls in V6 and IQ signal generator - add: SUITE-1269 log center and log in FFT and spectrum blocks - add: tooltip to JSIQA config items - fix: linux build - fix: linux build - fix: longitude spelling in JSIQA geomap - fix: SUITE-1212 cursor range limited to -150dBm - fix: SUITE-1221 rename "Show cut off ranges" to "Hide cut off ranges" - fix: SUITE-1266 control sequencer start button not reset for immediate action - fix: SUITE-1271 file writer does not overwrite file - fix: SUITE-1272 bytes written counter jumps at end of file - fix: SUITE-1273 file writer compression display - fix: SUITE-1277 reference level not reloaded correctly 14.10.2020 - v1.5.150.7379 - fix: SUITE-1242 Inconsistent order for InfoCenter and Health Monitor symbols in Title- and Statusbar - fix: SUITE-1268 Missing icons in ROC Client and ROC Installer - fix: SUITE-1274 Not or no longer implemented settings - fix: SUITE-1275 Window Autolayouts cause wrong views to be displayed - fix: SUITE-1276 Infocenter and Health Monitor symbols should act as toggle buttons 10.10.2020 - v1.5.150.7372 - add: SUITE-1229 feedback in file writer block - fix: send Ack on reset endpoint in FX3 code (experimental) - fix: SUITE-1264 noise clipping with low noise floor and high reference level 09.10.2020 - v1.5.150.7368 - add: use single ended clock input for OCXO 08.10.2020 - v1.5.150.7362 - fix: improve V6 USB error recovery 07.10.2020 - v1.5.150.7359 - add: frequency offset to static traces - fix: SUITE-1071 wrong sector placement with special element in mix 06.10.2020 - v1.5.150.7356 - fix: check correct setting for auto-cleaning log files - fix: improve recovery on USB connection loss - fix: SUITE-1071 disable buttons for disabled sectors in iso log 05.10.2020 - v1.5.150.7352 - add: file delete and rename to JSIQA - add: more control to V6 clock calibration - fix: timeout for no power on USB 1 05.10.2020 - v1.5.150.7349 - add: upload and download of calibration data to V6 eeprom - fix: adjust sample rate to clock calibration 04.10.2020 - v1.5.150.7345 - add: below 10MHz LO power calibration - add: front end clock frequency calibration - add: LO Leakage and Quadrature error correction Tx calibration - add: Status display of calibration data in V6 03.10.2020 - v1.5.150.7343 - fix: SUITE-1249 reorder buttons in analyzer control bar 02.10.2020 - v1.5.150.7340 - fix: JSIQA garbage collection fail on generator functions 01.10.2020 - v1.5.150.7337 - add: optional zero LO correction block in V6 output path 30.09.2020 - v1.5.150.7334 - add: SUITE-1238 Tukey window function - fix: correction data for IQ preview views - fix: SUITE-1240 and SUITE-1241 find control of 3D model in map config xml - fix: SUITE-1242 Inconsistent order for InfoCenter and Health Monitor symbols in Title- and Statusbar 29.09.2020 - v1.5.150.7327 - fix: linux build 28.09.2020 - v1.5.150.7324 - add: support for calibration in EEPROM - add: support for low frequency calibration 26.09.2020 - v1.5.150.7320 - add: SenseLock USB Dongel support in license manager - fix: close and vendor write in cyapi.js 25.09.2020 - v1.5.150.7317 - add: adaptive sample rates for IQ signal generator and IQ modulator - fix: AD9528 mixed clock source initialization order problem 23.09.2020 - v1.5.150.7312 - add: missing default calibration data for amp - add: optional adaption to Tx sample rate in signal generator - fix: low level Tx noise due to JESD communication error in FPGA - fix: SUITE-1231 oberserver flight path overshooting target 23.09.2020 - v1.5.150.7308 - fix: crash on focus change 22.09.2020 - v1.5.150.7304 - fix: correct attenuator requirements in calibration document - fix: SUITE-1231 wrong attack path to observer with signal fusion 22.09.2020 - v1.5.150.7300 - add: Copy Info button in 'About Dialog' - add: debug code for JESD symbol error detection - add: multitone to V6 signal generator - add: power ramp to V6 signal generator - fix: Rx filter calibration script block 22.09.2020 - v1.5.150.7297 - add: accept TCXO config in board eeprom - fix: minor hickups during sweep 21.09.2020 - v1.5.150.7294 - add: independet calibration data for each filter and amp combination in Rx paths 21.09.2020 - v1.5.150.7292 - fix: calibration and partial spectrum when crossing 6GHz boundary - fix: Color coding Undo / Redo - fix: linux build - fix: SUITE-1219 color coding config broken with non custom modes - fix: SUITE-1226 function checkbox in marker now gated by function selection not measured function 20.09.2020 - v1.5.150.7286 - add: read of frontend config - add: support for OCXO and TCXO clocking 19.09.2020 - v1.5.150.7284 - fix: SUITE-1072 Antenna direction display on map 18.09.2020 - v1.5.150.7279 - fix: detect and workaround spurious JESD startup errors in V6 all lane mode 17.09.2020 - v1.5.150.7277 - add: frontend overclock checkbox to debug section - add: SUITE-1071 parse ranges of disabled elements - add: SUITE-1071 parse special antenna items - add: SUITE-1071 reset and silent mode input elements for ISO log 16.09.2020 - v1.5.150.7274 - add: noise floor compensation - add: one more rtbw correction zones for RX - add: SUITE-1218 option to rotate marker texts - add: thermal noise for noise floor estimation in noise floor calculatuin - fix: marker position was wrong if an interpolating reference trace was used as a reference trace in spectrum view - fix: spurios first sector in sweep start - fix: SUITE-1215 marker labels for spectral density wrong separator - fix: SUITE-1216 window type does not change RBW in sweep block - fix: SUITE-1222 Sweep recordings with RBW failed 15.09.2020 - v1.5.150.7267 - add: experimental noise floor extension - add: replace and replaceAll to JSIQA string class - fix: alternating calibration in 122.88 and 245.76 modes - fix: small reference levels caused numeric precision loss in device pipeline, changed base exponent 13.09.2020 - v1.5.150.7264 - add: SUITE-1198 extend functions to single frequency markers using RBW as width - fix: missing checkin 12.09.2020 - v1.5.150.7260 - fix: DC overcompensating with no DC in spectrum during sweep - fix: linux build 12.09.2020 - v1.5.150.7257 - fix: V6 reference level during sweep was not updated 11.09.2020 - v1.5.150.7255 - add: normal distributed noise RBW estimate to FFT super sampling - fix: display of marker table columns with multiple different markers - fix: problems loading blocks with default markers or rtbw range setting 10.09.2020 - v1.5.150.7249 - fix: SUITE-1203 quick menu tooltips cannot be disabled - fix: SUITE-1210 marker pulldowns unusable in wrapped spectrum 09.09.2020 - v1.5.150.7245 - add: floor overlap mode in spectrum sweep with V6 - add: multicast UDP support for jsiqa - fix: rbw frequency in sweep mode 08.09.2020 - v1.5.150.7241 - add: RBW FFT bin size mode in IQ Spectrum conversion to ensure even RBW when sweeping different span sizes in V6 - add: SUITE-1198 add spectram density measurement in cursor and markers in band mode 07.09.2020 - v1.5.150.7237 - add: RBW FFT mode for IQ FFT conversion block - fix: SUITE-1200 RBW in legend and analyzer control disagree - fix: SUITE-1201 POI limit in analyzer control and FFT block 05.09.2020 - v1.5.150.7234 - fix: linux build - fix: tracking cal control during sweep 04.09.2020 - v1.5.150.7227 - add: V6 unit specific calibration data - fix: let Set Color Range adjust both sides of the color spectrum 04.09.2020 - v1.5.150.7218 - fix: memory leak in license manager 03.09.2020 - v1.5.150.7216 - fix: SUITE-1202 marker table not restored in some blocks 02.09.2020 - v1.5.150.7214 - add: SUITE-1138 add device serial number and device unique ID check for V6 base licenses - add: SUITE-1138 prepare new key management - fix: memory leak in license manager with duplicate features - fix: release build - fix: SUITE-1197 RBW Calculation and display 31.08.2020 - v1.5.150.7198 - fix: crash when switching calibration data during sweep 31.08.2020 - v1.5.150.7192 - add: sub grid and widget element for JSIQA custom GUI 30.08.2020 - v1.5.150.7190 - fix: crash in loading mission with strange marker combination - fix: sweep overlap frequency rounding error 28.08.2020 - v1.5.150.7185 - add: altitude to JSIQA graph messages - add: save trace as calibration data 28.08.2020 - v1.5.150.7182 - add: routing of RX1 and RX2 in mixed channel mode RX1/RX2 - add: Rx and Tx LED control - add: sweeping of both channels in parallel - add: TX amd RX led basic support - fix: lockup in dual input spectrum block - fix: thermal calibration in sweep mode 27.08.2020 - v1.5.150.7179 - fix: linux build 26.08.2020 - v1.5.150.7177 - fix: limit file rotation to start at one - fix: reordering of traces and commands in command sequencer - fix: workaround message loss with ASMedia USB controllers and Microsoft drivers during sweep 25.08.2020 - v1.5.150.7171 - fix: SUITE-1189 switch from QSaveFile to manual name mangling - fix: SUITE-1190 multi stream logger does not respond to command sequencer 24.08.2020 - v1.5.150.7161 - Fix: Timeout in receive and reconnect-problem solved 23.08.2020 - v1.5.150.7158 - add: gradient descent optimization of Tx equalizer 17.08.2020 - v1.5.150.7144 - add: SpectranV6 Sweep Zoom Package - fix: inputs of Spectran V6 Sweep Zoom block 16.08.2020 - v1.5.150.7139 - add: board revision detection for V6 - fix: linux build - fix: linux build - fix: small span sweep mode 15.08.2020 - v1.5.150.7134 - add: IVI visa library for JSIQA - add: NRP-Z11 block - add: V6 calibration missions 14.08.2020 - v1.5.150.7129 - add: drop overlap samples in power spectrum FFT on packet loss - fix: app lockup on USB connection lost during streaming in V6 - fix: V6 racing conditions for 32bit register reads from FPGA 13.08.2020 - v1.5.150.7123 - fix: dword register read in FPGA during high FX3 load 12.08.2020 - v1.5.150.7119 - add: device node change notification to V6 device manager - fix: linux build - fix: multi V6 firmware load 11.08.2020 - v1.5.150.7109 - add: mblaze source with THz optimizations - add: Spectran V6 device manager - fix: SUITE-1186 propagation of azimuth through calibration block 10.08.2020 - v1.5.150.7103 - add: async lambda to JSIQA - add: optional chaining and nullish coalescing to JSIQA - add: SCPI client class to JSIQA - add: timeout for JSIQA tcp and udp receive - fix: delayed message return in JSIQA - fix: exception handling JSIQA async/await calls 09.08.2020 - v1.5.150.7101 - fix: SUITE-1175 Sub chapter Antennas in Map Overlay should be renamed into Sensors 08.08.2020 - v1.5.150.7099 - add: async and await to JSIQA - add: reset button for tek rsa306 block - fix: SUITE-1182 ingore single detection was overzealous and started to include radar detected drones 07.08.2020 - v1.5.150.7092 - Fix: JIRA case 1177 - fix: SUITE-1179 Antenna name change of radar blocks - fix: SUITE-1180 Radar target classification wrong - fix: SUITE-1181 control commands propagated via merge and split blocks 06.08.2020 - v1.5.150.7086 - add: generator functions and yield to JSIQA 04.08.2020 - v1.5.150.7083 - add: SUITE-1144 write jammer usage to log - fix: rename async to Async in jsiqa 03.08.2020 - v1.5.150.7079 - add: sample for IQ streaming via REST API 02.08.2020 - v1.5.150.7077 - fix: AGC for Flarm decoder 01.08.2020 - v1.5.150.7075 - add: log message if AxisPTZ connection fails to shutdown - fix: crash with integer sliders and zero size range - fix: memory leak in analyzer remote control of spectrum and combo view - fix: vanishing default traces in spectrum view 31.07.2020 - v1.5.150.7069 - add: NRQ6 power sensor block 28.07.2020 - v1.5.150.7060 - add: SUITE-1166 Watchdog should provide notification to user if it terminates the RTSA 27.07.2020 - v1.5.150.7055 - add: area fill to static XY charts - fix: chart axis in IQ histogram - fix: timing in IQ demodulator for time discontinuities 25.07.2020 - v1.5.150.7052 - fix: crash in jammer remote detector - fix: Lock WatchDog for long lasting system file dialog operations - fix: SUITE-1125 marker setting order 24.07.2020 - v1.5.150.7046 - add: basic signal generator for V6 Tx path - add: new FPGA bitfile fixing Tx startup issue - fix: dual channel RX streaming modes 23.07.2020 - v1.5.150.7039 - add: simple signal generator mode to V6 block - fix: linux build - fix: slider for large number ranges - fix: SUITE-1161 mirror in frequency profile - fix: vector display in IQ oscilloscope 22.07.2020 - v1.5.150.7034 - add: padding for V6 chart area - fix: clock recovery for http server client time synchronisation - fix: SUITE-1162 reading of attenuator calibration data - fix: touch support for IQ oscilloscope 21.07.2020 - v1.5.150.7029 - add: 122.88MHz support for Tx fast jammer - add: new V6 FPGA firmware 21.07.2020 - v1.5.150.7025 - Add: RadarDecoder ImageBuild - add: support for 122.88MHz TX - add: V6 short latency jammer mode 20.07.2020 - v1.5.150.7021 - add: active jammer preparation - add: pulldown buttons to in block view button set - add: synchronize V6 Tx and Rx channels - fix: Frequency Control colors weren't updated correctly 17.07.2020 - v1.5.150.7005 - add: Added new Linux Installer Framework 3.2.2 - fix: OpenGL version check at program start - fix: SUITE-1160 save of regions in DDCC broken 16.07.2020 - v1.5.150.6996 - fix: crash due to mismatching stream and meta stream when restarting cam on sat - fix: removed debug output 15.07.2020 - v1.5.150.6993 - fix: RTSA Startup shell script for Linux now installs missing xinerama package and checks for root permissions 15.07.2020 - v1.5.150.6986 - fix: timing precision of IQ sample packets in V6 14.07.2020 - v1.5.150.6984 - add: multi input IQ scope - add: new device clock for V6 13.07.2020 - v1.5.150.6978 - fix: linux build - fix: linux build - fix: linux build 12.07.2020 - v1.5.150.6974 - add: more quick menu entries for combo and file reader block - add: use axis chart config for time stats views 11.07.2020 - v1.5.150.6972 - fix: crash when adding multi spectrum zoom - fix: crash with undo of config item after redo of block delete, when item was added manually using AddGroupItems - fix: display order of axis and curve in colormap - fix: remove hover on touch up 10.07.2020 - v1.5.150.6967 - fix: SUITE-1156 vertical layout of views blocked by quick menu height 09.07.2020 - v1.5.150.6964 - add: header and compression mode for TX channel 09.07.2020 - v1.5.150.6962 - fix: drone probability waterfall not displayed in drone detection block - fix: SUITE-1154 UDP port blocked when reloading JSIQA block - fix: SUITE-1155 position information not accurate with V5 frequency hopping 09.07.2020 - v1.5.150.6957 - add: Spectrum Analyzer control elements to spectrum and combo view - add: SUITE-1075 Default settings for common config Items in Blocks in Configuration Dialog - add: SUITE-1151 Highlight settings that have been changed by the user - fix: SUITE-1137 Color and font settings permanently disabled in View menu 08.07.2020 - v1.5.150.6953 - fix: toString in ConfigItemFloat 07.07.2020 - v1.5.150.6949 - add: data table block 06.07.2020 - v1.5.150.6945 - add: horizontal scrolling to text tables - fix: initial display of invalid rate in legend 05.07.2020 - v1.5.150.6942 - add: break command for jsiqa serialport 04.07.2020 - v1.5.150.6939 - add: complete 2nd input channel for combo view 03.07.2020 - v1.5.150.6934 - add: second input for combo views - add: second spectrum input to spectrum block - add: undo to config item dialog - fix: crash in signal generator when using raster image generator without an image - fix: linux build 02.07.2020 - v1.5.150.6927 - fix: Linux openGL - fix: merge of config items with different types - fix: SUITE-1149 Problems with fonts at RTSA installation. Packed the fonts into a zip archive 01.07.2020 - v1.5.150.6913 - add: thermal calibration for V6 - add: view selection in quick icon menu of combo box - fix: playback problems with file reader - fix: SUITE-1147 display of POI and rate in waterfall and combo 30.06.2020 - v1.5.150.6907 - add: context menu for script block - add: frequency panning in 3D charts - add: outline and depth shadow 3d rendering options - add: some more quick menus - fix: build - fix: SUITE-1147 calculation of latency parameter now based on packet arrival, not display time 29.06.2020 - v1.5.150.6902 - add: more context menus - fix: solid pixel shader with shadow parameter in 2D 29.06.2020 - v1.5.150.6899 - add: context menu to color palette and tables - fix: linux build 28.06.2020 - v1.5.150.6896 - add: add traces context menu - add: context menu for rtsa chart blocks - fix: length parameter for cyapi read vendor - fix: linux build - fix: linux build - fix: linux build - fix: SUITE-1145 scaling with linear power range 27.06.2020 - v1.5.150.6888 - add: cyapi plugin javascript interface classes - add: plugins folder to common factory data structure 27.06.2020 - v1.5.150.6886 - add: cypress USB plugin library for jsiqa 25.06.2020 - v1.5.150.6877 - add: SUITE-1141 Yuneec H520 integration - fix: drone detection for non directional antennas - fix: missing init in config items - fix: SUITE-1143 remote camera wiper control 24.06.2020 - v1.5.150.6871 - add: Block Graph Explorer package - fix: SUITE-1142 Problems with RTSA font installation. Installer tried to be clever and set the fonts to auto registration 23.06.2020 - v1.5.150.6868 - add: tx and rx attenuation calibration - fix: SUITE-1140 handling of transparency setting in quick menu 22.06.2020 - v1.5.150.6865 - add: IQ euqalizer for Tx filter compensation - add: XY charts for script blocks - fix: crash due to not cleared popup menu map 20.06.2020 - v1.5.150.6861 - fix: crash in sweep block when changing frequency range 19.06.2020 - v1.5.150.6859 - fix: cascading of sweep blocks - fix: timer explosion in frequency edit control 17.06.2020 - v1.5.150.6853 - add: more statistics with V6 info panel 16.06.2020 - v1.5.150.6851 - -Bugfix: Traces Tooltip/Menu corrections 15.06.2020 - v1.5.150.6847 - add: statistics for V6 transmitter channel - add: Tx attenuation settings 14.06.2020 - v1.5.150.6844 - Add: RF-FPGA Support for TX Amplifier 11.06.2020 - v1.5.150.6835 - add: 92MHz Tx profile - add: iq input connector and output stramer to V6 - bugfix: Localization Problem German/Arabic solved - fix: V6 stream output 11.06.2020 - v1.5.150.6828 - add: test ramp for Tx 11.06.2020 - v1.5.150.6826 - add: SUITE-599 change camera cone color in file reader 10.06.2020 - v1.5.150.6823 - add: shadows and specular highlights to 3d charts - fix: SUITE-946 alpha channel for camera cones 09.06.2020 - v1.5.150.6819 - fix: crash when deleting packet type with size zero (http sector jammer) 08.06.2020 - v1.5.150.6813 - add: more extensions for comboview 07.06.2020 - v1.5.150.6811 - add: enable single sample traces (e.g. max hold) as reference trace in spectrum - add: power side view for waterfall in combo view - add: reference trace view in combo - fix: marker calculation in waterfall with small frequency span (less than min distance) 06.06.2020 - v1.5.150.6806 - add: center and span frequency to V5 config set for control sequencer - fix: line edit change with auto complete - fix: SUITE-1110 Strings with non-Ascii characters are not displayed properly on Linux - fix: SUITE-1133 add missing fields in camera commands via HTTP connection 04.06.2020 - v1.5.150.6797 - fix: meta data transport via http and storage in files 04.06.2020 - v1.5.150.6794 - add: Added new RTSA command line argument: - InteractiveGUI - fix: display of old video files - fix: SUITE-1132 moved max mode above numeric inputs, and fixed visibility 04.06.2020 - v1.5.150.6790 - fix: end of stream handling in trigger block 03.06.2020 - v1.5.150.6787 - fix: crash in display of large profiles - fix: crash when clicking on channel in frequency profile - fix: re-activate area build in condition block and combo view 03.06.2020 - v1.5.150.6780 - fix: border flicker when activating or deactivating window - fix: drop areas of docking windows 02.06.2020 - v1.5.150.6774 - fix: double click selection in script editor 01.06.2020 - v1.5.150.6770 - add: video monitor grid block - fix: inactivate control buttons in video monitor while dragging 31.05.2020 - v1.5.150.6763 - add: SUITE-1093 keyboard controls for navigation in video monitors - fix: spikes in wide lines 30.05.2020 - v1.5.150.6761 - fix: flickering in resizing window due to borderless - fix: reactivate shadow in borderless windows - fix: workaround invalid window border settings on screen change 28.05.2020 - v1.5.150.6752 - add: SUITE-1027 load progress indication for map and model load - fix: SUITE-808 reset geo cut coordinates to map center on change to visible - fix: windows build 27.05.2020 - v1.5.150.6748 - add: config menu to marker table - add: frequency hopping to IQ pulse signal generator - add: IQ Modulator block 25.05.2020 - v1.5.142.6740 - add: low pass filter for FFT/sec display - add: splitter for waterfall marker coressection display - fix: click on trace legend - fix: SUITE-1125 inconsistent order of marker settings - fix: SUITE-1126 marker settings using X/Y/Z 24.05.2020 - v1.5.142.6737 - fix: SUITE-1054 Panorame Image height in Sector Waterfall 23.05.2020 - v1.5.142.6735 - add: spectrum resample DSP block - add: UDP sockets to JSIQA - fix: alignment of IQ demodulator output packets 22.05.2020 - v1.5.142.6732 - fix: IQ demodulation filter preview for small frequencies 21.05.2020 - v1.5.142.6730 - fix: filter out of range demodulation requests in IQ demodulation block - fix: reactivate zero packets for sweep 20.05.2020 - v1.5.142.6727 - add: V6B TX startup JESD config 20.05.2020 - v1.5.142.6725 - add: graph message filter in jsiqa - add: stack overflow error in jsiqa - fix: flicker of sample and hold trace when panning frequency 19.05.2020 - v1.5.142.6717 - fix: SUITE-1084 RTSA starts with zoomed overlay on ribbon bar - fix: SUITE-1124 ROCClient crashs when opening configuration. 19.05.2020 - v1.5.142.6714 - add: SUITE-1119 Record button for multi stream logger in ribbon - fix: Crash in segment detector block if incomming stream has no antenna info - fix: SUITE-1122 cursor axis names for histogram volumetric - fix: SUITE-1123 inconsistent block connectors in editor and toolbox 18.05.2020 - v1.5.142.6709 - fix: Crash when starting the RTSA initially on a system 18.05.2020 - v1.5.142.6704 - fix: horizontal scroll wheel usage with alt key 16.05.2020 - v1.5.142.6692 - add: export of IQ data from oscilloscope - add: Radar documentation, sdks and samples - fix: SUITE-1120 Disabled slide controls of parameter inputs after interrupted manual entry - fix: SUITE-6665 no data transport of structured data via HTTP 15.05.2020 - v1.5.142.6684 - add: conversion to mp4 with video import tool - fix: TX int format issue 14.05.2020 - v1.5.142.6680 - add: TX Testtone for V6 14.05.2020 - v1.5.142.6676 - fix: startup problem with timeshift block and IQ data - fix: V6 stream time problem in debug mode 13.05.2020 - v1.5.142.6673 - add: FFT merge modes for V6 - fix: new FPGA with correct FFT IDs - fix: stream statistics block - fix: V6 FFT aggregation power correction 13.05.2020 - v1.5.142.6665 - fix: binary arithmetic spectrum processing of streams with different sample rate and bin size - fix: crash when connecting combo view to non spectrum data - fix: overlap handling of sidebar in DDCC - fix: timing problem in V6 on dropped samples 12.05.2020 - v1.5.142.6658 - add: RTSA will now present a dialog with possible command line options when starting it from a console with '-help' - fix: crash when attaching wrong stream type to jammer input of DDCC - fix: SUITE-1115 ROC App restarts RTSA not with "mission" parameter - fix: timing and power offset for V6B FFT 11.05.2020 - v1.5.142.6651 - add: decimation for V6B FPGA FFT 10.05.2020 - v1.5.142.6649 - add: quick menu to multispectral 3D - fix: multi spectral half band shoulder alias region - fix: SUITE-1092 remove display of video drone icons on wrong cameras 09.05.2020 - v1.5.142.6645 - fix: crash when loading DAE model with line elements - fix: SUITE-1048 Big logfiles should not be compressed to be used for crash dump 08.05.2020 - v1.5.142.6640 - add: quick buttons for IQ oscilloscope - fix: read V6 FPGA version register twice during startup to flush UART 07.05.2020 - v1.5.142.6638 - add: config dialog for legend box - add: config dialog for traces in spectrum view - add: FPGA code for V6 FFT - fix: RTBW correction block 06.05.2020 - v1.5.142.6633 - add: V6B FPGA FFT - fix: IQ scope scaling 06.05.2020 - v1.5.142.6627 - fix: closures in JSIQA debugger - fix: Fixed crash in ROCInstall - fix: linux build - fix: shutdown crash due to watchdog caused by long timeout in http server waiting for encrypted connection 06.05.2020 - v1.5.142.6621 - add: ConfigItemGroup dialogs - add: JSIQA debugger 05.05.2020 - v1.5.142.6617 - fix: new V6B FPGA compression format register value 04.05.2020 - v1.5.142.6614 - add: multi stream with V6B new FPGA 01.05.2020 - v1.5.142.6607 - add: new V6 stream protocol - add: temperature information to V6 health status - fix: crash in JSIQA due to Objects.keys() method - fix: SUITE-1113 bands marker mode in combo view 30.04.2020 - v1.5.141.6599 - fix: Wrong colors in DataMigration dialogs 30.04.2020 - v1.5.141.6593 - add: reference line to spectrum view - fix: attenuation setting in V6 for GA float types and attenuation less than minus 18 28.04.2020 - v1.5.141.6585 - add: reference trace based view in spectrum block 25.04.2020 - v1.5.141.6581 - fix: undo and unit conversion when editing float config items 25.04.2020 - v1.5.141.6578 - add: contiguous sweep mode to IQ signal generator 24.04.2020 - v1.5.141.6575 - fix: add missing files for build 24.04.2020 - v1.5.141.6573 - add: new FPGA protocol support for V6 23.04.2020 - v1.5.141.6570 - add: trigger hysteresis to IQ oscilloscope block - fix: aspect ratio in vector views - fix: filter correction for on the fly filter change in V6 - fix: offset based marker frequencies - fix: SUITE-951 crash when using remote config 21.04.2020 - v1.5.141.6562 - add: support for sweep with halt and quarter rbw size 18.04.2020 - v1.5.141.6553 - add: Alt+ and Alt- for zoom in and out on the frequency axis 17.04.2020 - v1.5.141.6547 - fix: crash in channel power accumulation if no channel is specified and mode is merge - fix: crash in time erosion for wide spectra - fix: prevent crash with uninitialized bearing text in DDS 16.04.2020 - v1.5.141.6542 - add: inverse ADC compensation 15.04.2020 - v1.5.141.6530 - fix: linux build 14.04.2020 - v1.5.141.6523 - fix: IQ file compression for odd packet sizes 12.04.2020 - v1.5.141.6519 - add: direct IQ based AM/FM decoding 09.04.2020 - v1.5.141.6513 - fix: crash with marker and limits 08.04.2020 - v1.5.141.6511 - fix: V6 preamp autoselect in sweep mode 07.04.2020 - v1.5.141.6501 - fix: SUITE-1103 Wrong background color in frequency profil selection dialog - fix: workaround for 8.3 gain control update 04.04.2020 - v1.5.141.6491 - add: processing packet flags from V6 to downstream blocks for IQ post processing - fix: crash in IQ symbol decoder 02.04.2020 - v1.5.141.6487 - add: harmonics for markers - add: implement markers for wrapped spectrum - fix: Config Item Tree Folder icons were swaped - fix: SUITE-1097 ROC App view has display problems 30.03.2020 - v1.5.141.6478 - add: automatic sample format and frequency range detection in V6B based on sample rate, filter and decimation setting - fix: memory consumption problem with multi span sweeping 29.03.2020 - v1.5.141.6474 - add: experimental notch filter for 122.88MHz removal in V6B - fix: power bin aggregation mode in spectrum sweep for variying FFT sizes 28.03.2020 - v1.5.141.6472 - add: Decimating IQ modes for Spectran6B 25.03.2020 - v1.5.141.6467 - add: temperature fan control for V6B - fix: memory leak in reference traces - fix: on the fly amp change reflects in RF correction curve 24.03.2020 - v1.5.141.6465 - add: FPGA bitstream with zeroed out data during PLL locking - add: more window functions for FFT - fix: hardmax interpolation in traces - fix: linux build - fix: sample limit in reference trace 23.03.2020 - v1.5.141.6457 - fix: SUITE-1096 CrashReport could not be send because its shifted and cannot be moved 23.03.2020 - v1.5.141.6454 - add: V6 calibration mission - fix: workaround 8.3 bit float startup problem in V6 FPGA 22.03.2020 - v1.5.141.6450 - add: first set of filter correction coefficients for V6B - fix: numeric entry in cursor frequency sprites - fix: V6B power workaround 21.03.2020 - v1.5.141.6445 - fix: add workaround for V6B power up problem 19.03.2020 - v1.5.141.6440 - fix: CL-1087 DDCC wrong camer assignment - fix: SUITE-1095 Error dialog is placed behind the splash image 19.03.2020 - v1.5.141.6437 - add: prepare peak/marker mosaic display - add: SUITE-1089 system config info in traces - fix: crash in DDCC when rotating alert zones with active drones 18.03.2020 - v1.5.141.6424 - add: New RTSA WatchDog feature - fix: SUITE-1090 Mission could not be saved if Non-Interactive GUI (NIG) is enabled 16.03.2020 - v1.5.141.6418 - add: Added Spectran V6 driver files to the installer - add: Fixed an problem when installing the RTSA on a fresh system 13.03.2020 - v1.5.141.6407 - fix: max traces samples was limited to 4k, now 32k 13.03.2020 - v1.5.141.6402 - fix: Fixed an issue where the DataProtection dialog pops up behind the SplashScreen 12.03.2020 - v1.5.141.6398 - add: block icons and background images - add: New menu items under '?': Feedback / Send us a Smille / Send us a Frown / Send us your CrashReports - add: New menu items under 'Extras/Data': Open DataFolder CrashReports - fix: lambert shader with 3D models in map view - fix: SUITE-887 hide unneeded parameters in binary arithmetic block 12.03.2020 - v1.5.141.6392 - fix: RX2 filter settings in RFFPGA microcode for V6 - fix: SUITE-1085 drone video position not updated if DDCC closed 11.03.2020 - v1.5.141.6389 - add: filter settings and amp for V6B - add: SUITE-1063 add marker delta display for Spectrum, Waterfall, Comboview and Pulsed Waterfall - fix: filter settings for RF FPGA V6B - fix: linux build 10.03.2020 - v1.5.141.6383 - add: FPGA programming with V6B - add: triggerline to IQOscilloscope - fix: SUITE-1081 Block Graph Editor has black content in view area 09.03.2020 - v1.5.141.6378 - fix: Fixed potential application crash 08.03.2020 - v1.5.141.6375 - fix: incomplete checkin - fix: IQ oscilloscope reallocate of buffers 07.03.2020 - v1.5.141.6372 - add: V6B JTAG for RFFPGA - fix: SUITE-1081 Block Graph Editor has black content in view area - fix: SUITE-1083 Mission Reload function does not work for 'Factory Missions' 06.03.2020 - v1.5.141.6364 - fix: comsume all but single type data in rtsa chart block - fix: missing checkin 05.03.2020 - v1.5.141.6356 - add: FPS/s and FPS annotation to legend - add: SUITE-1079 add visibility and activation control to user markers on map - fix: SUITE-1077 tooltip placement of quick menu - fix: typo in GPS block 04.03.2020 - v1.5.141.6351 - add: SUITE-1068 rest authentication with RTSA user manager - fix: crash in spectrum reference chart when chaning spectrum size on one input - fix: dB display in spectrum reference chart 02.03.2020 - v1.5.141.6344 - add: SUITE-1073 tilt offset for axis ptz - fix: crash when selecting limit lines without ranges - fix: QAM decoder in IQ symbol decoder - fix: SUITE-1074 quick menu not retained when auto hide is off and cursor leaves view - fix: vanishing constellation in IQ osci 01.03.2020 - v1.5.141.6339 - add: more window functions for FFT e.g. Kaiser window - add: POI display in trace legend - fix: SUITE-819 Graph Editor should not scroll after block deletion 29.02.2020 - v1.5.141.6335 - add: spectrum reference block - fix: extend image object tracking meta data packet size to avoid buffer overflow - fix: vanishing decodes at end of stream in IQ osci 28.02.2020 - v1.5.141.6328 - add: HTTP priviledges 27.02.2020 - v1.5.141.6321 - add: 16 bin FFT to IQ to Spectrum block 24.02.2020 - v1.5.141.6315 - fix: V6B FPGA JESD initialization 23.02.2020 - v1.5.141.6312 - add: shockburst protocol decoder - add: SUITE-456 SNR to Spectran V5 and RSA306 blocks in block graph editor 22.02.2020 - v1.5.141.6309 - fix: odd samples dropped in IQ demodulation block 21.02.2020 - v1.5.141.6296 - fix: clock output settings for V6B 21.02.2020 - v1.5.141.6294 - add: IQ symbol decoder to script blocks 19.02.2020 - v1.5.141.6284 - add: auto detect IQ symbol decoder - fix: crash when disconnecting Axis cam 17.02.2020 - v1.5.141.6279 - add: Spectran V6B for FPGA development 17.02.2020 - v1.5.141.6277 - add: GSM to IQ symbol decoder - add: status and last error info to Axis PTZ cam 16.02.2020 - v1.5.141.6271 - fix: start/stop of axisptz rtsp tcp transport 16.02.2020 - v1.5.141.6268 - add: use pan and tilit speed settings for exavision 14.02.2020 - v1.5.141.6264 - add: SUITE-1041 add flexible chopper control with CL1041 - fix: visibility/label order when adding iso log segments to ribbon 13.02.2020 - v1.5.141.6261 - add: WiFi protocol decoder to IQ oscilloscope 10.02.2020 - v1.5.141.6257 - add: audio monitor block 08.02.2020 - v1.5.141.6254 - add: detectors to IQ oscilloscope - fix: network access problem in Qt when no internet 02.02.2020 - v1.5.140.6239 - add: prepare IQ protocol decoding e.g. BTLE in IQ scope block 29.01.2020 - v1.5.140.6231 - add: SUITE-1041 flexible chopper mode rate - fix: SUITE-951 incomplete enum values in JSON for remote control endpoint - fix: SUITE-952 placement of drone icons in video monitors if drones are behind the camera 28.01.2020 - v1.5.140.6227 - add: licensekey endpoint to HTTP stream server - add: zoom support for exavision cam - fix: crash with invalid pilot indices in IQ histogram block 26.01.2020 - v1.5.140.6222 - add: basic pan and tilt on exavision cam 25.01.2020 - v1.5.140.6220 - add: capture video with Exavision CAM RTSP 24.01.2020 - v1.5.140.6218 - add: initial exavision PTZ classes - add: sample precise trigger in IQ oscilloscope 22.01.2020 - v1.5.140.6211 - add: drone location calibration package - add: SUITE-264 RBW based FFT size and non power of two FFT sizes in IQ to Spectrum block - add: SUITE-944 RADA Radar support - fix: crash with large IFFT (e.g. sweep and pulsed waterfall) 21.01.2020 - v1.5.140.6206 - add: SUITE-376 show marker trace source color in marker table 18.01.2020 - v1.5.140.6201 - add: more video file import - add: RTSAVideoImport tool 17.01.2020 - v1.5.140.6197 - add: option to remove trigger sector in ISO Log chopper mode - add: SUITE-508 add custom grid to map view - fix: check for segment size zero in isolog to prevent crash due to div by zero - fix: SUITE-1024 "Force to Tab" option for views - fix: SUITE-481 writing and reading from meta data enum fields - fix: temporal direction filter in signal locator when rotating cross +/-180 degree 16.01.2020 - v1.5.140.6191 - add: support for chopper based directional finding 15.01.2020 - v1.5.140.6189 - add: IQ to directional spectrum conversion block for ISO log chopper auto detect - add: noise detection in antenna segment detector block - add: Permanent Tab in the Ribbon Bar 08.01.2020 - v1.5.140.6178 - fix: add reset buffer to quasi max (peak) trace - fix: energy accumulation in sweep conversion 07.01.2020 - v1.5.140.6175 - add: add QP measurement for traces - add: limit to marker display in marker table 04.01.2020 - v1.5.140.6171 - add: Added FlowSheet to process the FrequenzPlan PDF - add: SUITE-1024 show limit lines in spectrum view - fix: linux build 29.12.2019 - v1.5.140.6159 - add: more blocks changed to implement the box/inside axis labeling 28.12.2019 - v1.5.140.6156 - fix: cursor axis lable position with inside axis labeling 26.12.2019 - v1.5.140.6152 - add: color setting for multi zoom spectrum - add: optional right and top chart axis 24.12.2019 - v1.5.140.6149 - add: title to multi spectrum zoom blocks - fix: crash in drone signal locator with looong trails 23.12.2019 - v1.5.140.6146 - add: option to overlay frequency profile on spectrum in multi spectrum zoom 21.12.2019 - v1.5.140.6143 - add: frequency profile to multi spectrum zoom - fix: Qt5.14 high DPI scaling - fix: SUITE-1018 Actualisation of status line message does not work propperly 20.12.2019 - v1.5.140.6139 - fix: SUITE-1031 Deleting or adding user defaults crashes RTSA 20.12.2019 - v1.5.140.6137 - fix: SUITE-1006 RTSA does not start on double click on a mission file (windows system) 20.12.2019 - v1.5.140.6135 - fix: Corrected check for new vc_Redist.exe 20.12.2019 - v1.5.140.6133 - fix: crash in V5 shutdown code due to racing condition - fix: display problems in condition block with long duration packets 18.12.2019 - v1.5.140.6123 - fix: msvc2019 build 16.12.2019 - v1.5.132.6109 - add: flexible rows and columns to multi spectrum block - add: optional placement of axis labels on chart side of axis - add: optional waterfall view in spectrum block - fix: 5.14 build issues - fix: log message for invalid object/parent/thread mix in AxisPTZCam - fix: spelling error in drones.xml - fix: SUITE-1022 Detached windows saved as full screen comes up as small windows 14.12.2019 - v1.5.132.6099 - add: numeric labels to spectrum zoom areas - fix: changed NaN encoding in JSON to use null instead 14.12.2019 - v1.5.132.6096 - fix: SUITE-983 areas not visible in topo mode when editing 13.12.2019 - v1.5.132.6094 - add: complete V6B checkin - add: firmware for V6B - add: SUITE-1010 added check box to lock/unlock the primary and secondary map view in DDCC - add: V6B - fix: color import of 3D models failed with too many spaces - fix: V6 callback was broken due to V6B changes 12.12.2019 - v1.5.132.6087 - add: SUITE-1011 autodetect areas of interest in multi zoom spectrum block 09.12.2019 - v1.5.132.6079 - fix: revert absolute antenna transform on file import 08.12.2019 - v1.5.132.6076 - add: pan and zoom using ALT+MOUSE in IQ demodulator block 06.12.2019 - v1.5.132.6073 - add: SUITE-1011 add multi zoom spectrum view block - fix: Position and size of detached docking windows on a mixed high-DPI setup - fix: SUITE-1004 Health Monitor and BlockGraphEditor have no content in detached windows at start up - fix: SUITE-1012 video channel masking was broken due to changes for channel hopping - fix: SUITE-1013 drong labels placed at wrong position in split map mode - fix: SUITE-411 Mission handling 06.12.2019 - v1.5.132.6064 - fix: potential crash due to empty detection packet in DD signal locator 05.12.2019 - v1.5.132.6058 - fix: crash when moving alert zone saved by previous version of RTSA 03.12.2019 - v1.5.132.6047 - add: optional per vertex elevation and height for areas in drone detection - fix: missing checkin - fix: ScaledSubUnit type bug - fix: UnitConversion bug 03.12.2019 - v1.5.132.6041 - add: RTSA can now register the rmix file type in the operating system ( Windows ) so that a double click on a mission file opens the app - fix: SUITE-1009 No second warning that mission cannot be saved - fix: SUITE-965 Suite style change works not properly 29.11.2019 - v1.5.132.6035 - add: ROCClient: added WatchDog Function for RTSA - fix: SUITE-1006 RTSA does not start on double click on a mission file (windows system) 28.11.2019 - v1.5.132.6028 - add: antenna base azimuth and declination to drone data 25.11.2019 - v1.5.132.6024 - fix: improve gui/watchdog responsiveness during V5 recovery 21.11.2019 - v1.5.132.6006 - fix: crash if topo data cannot be loaded from server (http errror code) - fix: crash in rtsa due to incomplete layers transfer in http connection of drone data - fix: SUITE-1006 RTSA does not start on double click on a mission file (windows system) - fix: SUITE-1008 Crash report sending fails - missing dialog to remove report data. - fix: SUITE-987 show floor elevation config in 3D model view 21.11.2019 - v1.5.132.6000 - add: SUITE-994 add REST API to log messages in info center 20.11.2019 - v1.5.132.5993 - add: keyboard movement of spectrum condition ranges - add: show disabled condition ranges ghosted - add: SUITE-947 remember frequency range in blocks - add: SUITE-947 show condition ranges outside of active range - add: SUITE-947 update frequency range in blocks when connected or source range changes 19.11.2019 - v1.5.132.5991 - add: New helper tool: ROCCmd 16.11.2019 - v1.5.132.5980 - fix: SUITE-990 remove duplicate antenna name 13.11.2019 - v1.5.132.5973 - fix: RTSA installer was still using an old Qt dll 12.11.2019 - v1.5.131.5960 - add: ROC - Licenses 12.11.2019 - v1.5.131.5958 - add: second frequency for FLARM decoder - fix: linux build 08.11.2019 - v1.5.131.5951 - fix: SUITE-1000 use elevation to display antenna 3D model 06.11.2019 - v1.5.131.5948 - add: New REST Endpoint Infocenter Delete - add: version 1.1 of echodyne radar 06.11.2019 - v1.5.131.5943 - fix: Compiler error 06.11.2019 - v1.5.131.5941 - add: HealthMonitor can now display the status of a remote block in the tooltip - add: InfoCenter can now report its status to the HealthCenter - add: RestServer can now report its status to the HealthCenter - fix: A mission load request from a remote RTSA could crash the client 05.11.2019 - v1.5.131.5935 - add: SUITE-978 add spectrum mask from signal in trigger block - add: SUITE-991 tooltips for quick icons - add: transfer of conditions from stream to stream using binary operator blocks 01.11.2019 - v1.5.131.5923 - fix: clipping of areas that are completely below the ground level in topo mode - fix: SUITE-986 area elevation not configurable with slider 31.10.2019 - v1.5.131.5920 - add: SUITE-984 add checkbox for sector highlights in antenna grid - fix: SUITE-981 sea level not correctly displayed in user markers 30.10.2019 - v1.5.131.5917 - fix: crash in DDCC due to empty user marker icon menu 26.10.2019 - v1.5.131.5908 - add: remote control configuration for script blocks - add: remote control of elevation offset in FLARM block - add: stream export filter for multi stream logger - add: SUITE-976 export and import of areas and traces to condition block - fix: SUITE-975 Elevation range to -200 to +8000m 25.10.2019 - v1.5.131.5901 - add: autostart and autotrim to multi stream logger block - add: SUITE-970 add info endpoint to http stream server block 23.10.2019 - v1.5.131.5896 - fix: Linux build 22.10.2019 - v1.5.131.5894 - add: SUITE-970 ssl encryption of HTTP connection with custom certificates - add: SUITE-970 user/password option in HTTP client - fix: open ssl 1.1 dlls missing 22.10.2019 - v1.5.131.5891 - add: multi stream logger block - fix: linux build - fix: SUITE-949 fix direction and thread display in icon annotation 19.10.2019 - v1.5.131.5886 - add: condition flags preview to file reader and writer block 18.10.2019 - v1.5.131.5884 - add: Notification ToolTips in Configuration Dialog - add: SUITE-949 target annotation fine control - add: SUITE-958 show hovering items in drag mode 16.10.2019 - v1.5.131.5878 - fix: drone signal fusion maintains distance when positional info lost - fix: SUITE-960 Error in Info Center issue 16.10.2019 - v1.5.131.5875 - add: Health Monitor 15.10.2019 - v1.5.131.5871 - add: range setting to user markers - fix: SUITE-948 add/remove control points in color mapping using menu 14.10.2019 - v1.5.131.5867 - fix: memory leak in continuous healtcheck by watchdog 14.10.2019 - v1.5.131.5864 - add: start button to ribbon for radar and observer blocks 13.10.2019 - v1.5.131.5862 - fix: https://aaronia.atlassian.net/browse/SUITE-736 - fix: SUITE-927 Config Item Trees not connected to Mission root config 12.10.2019 - v1.5.131.5858 - add: SUITE-941 elevation for user markers 11.10.2019 - v1.5.131.5855 - add: SUITE-936 independent control over drone attack path - add: SUITE-937 select participating detection sources in signal fusion - fix: SUITE-931 non linearity in zomm factor from angle calculation - fix: SUITE-938 Mission Security: password is displayed in plain text after protection has been activated. 10.10.2019 - v1.5.131.5847 - add: SUITE-933 add target selection in video monitor by clicking on the object icon 09.10.2019 - v1.5.131.5845 - fix: ISO log sector 63 was not usable - fix: SUITE-930 target observer elevation not used 08.10.2019 - v1.5.131.5843 - add: SUITE-844 mark location in DD command center map and focus camera on hotkey 05.10.2019 - v1.5.131.5839 - fix: antenna dome mesh not updated if order changes - fix: ISO log loop mode antenna 03.10.2019 - v1.5.131.5835 - fix: SUITE-926 Camera cones dont show up at records 02.10.2019 - v1.5.131.5833 - fix: enable all iso log sectors for loop antennas - fix: timer wraparound error in AXIS PTZ cam when using RTSP/UDP 02.10.2019 - v1.5.131.5830 - fix: slow shutdown of axis ptz block if connection failed - fix: SUITE-928 tracking grid highlights not aligned 01.10.2019 - v1.5.131.5823 - add: color histogram to trigger block - fix: SUITE-925 deactivated targets show up in detection grid - fix: undo / redo problems with condition block 30.09.2019 - v1.5.131.5818 - fix: patch timing in stored drone detection data, when replaying contiguous 28.09.2019 - v1.5.131.5814 - fix: crash in condition block with zero size packets 27.09.2019 - v1.5.131.5812 - add: drone thermal image tracking - fix: clear last error in V6 when entering ready state - fix: SUITE-922 replay with loop mode does not restart in DDS 27.09.2019 - v1.5.131.5806 - add: elevation for drone detection zones - fix: SUITE-914, SUITE-915 exclude zones now respected for blinking and - fix: SUITE-921 crash when closing a detached RTSA view 25.09.2019 - v1.5.131.5801 - fix: Problem when switching the REST Server off and on 24.09.2019 - v1.5.131.5797 - add: Better application sounds under Windows - add: camera control via http block connection - add: Table tooltip support for Block Performance backchannel - fix: crash when removing copied jammer section - fix: Enabling / disabling the Status and Ribbon has no immediate effect when leaving the Configuration dialog - fix: SUITE-918 camera moves when joystick disconnected 22.09.2019 - v1.5.131.5787 - fix: http client synch queuing problem 21.09.2019 - v1.5.131.5781 - add: custom cotainer window to workaround QT hidpi scaling error with open gl windows - fix: crash in DDS when crating custom map 20.09.2019 - v1.5.131.5778 - fix: SUITE-909 Multi monitor usage error - fix: SUITE-911 Crashdump is shown with Non-Interactive Gui option 20.09.2019 - v1.4.1.5776 - add: SUITE-908 added sensor fusion control to side bar icon menu - fix: remove log line - fix: system time offset was only sec not msec precisionin http connection 19.09.2019 - v1.4.1.5769 - fix: crash in restart of axis ptz cam - fix: flickering of drone info boxes if map is busy with drones 18.09.2019 - v1.4.1.5763 - add: statistics display for RTP transport in Axis PTZ 15.09.2019 - v1.4.1.5755 - fix: Fixed problem with ROCInstall Install Endpoint 14.09.2019 - v1.4.1.5753 - fix: drone log update for track fusion 13.09.2019 - v1.4.1.5748 - fix: linux build - fix: linux build 13.09.2019 - v1.4.1.5743 - add: drone target fusion - fix: SUITE-900 copy current issue url Config column labels of RTSA DDCommandCenter get truncated 11.09.2019 - v1.4.1.5739 - add: RTSP streaming support for Axis Camera - add: SUITE-901 added missing generic drone images - add: synch input to observer block - fix: linux build - fix: video drone detection camera altitude not propagated error 06.09.2019 - v1.4.1.5729 - fix: improve numeric stability of stream clock 03.09.2019 - v1.4.1.5715 - fix: linux build 02.09.2019 - v1.4.1.5711 - add: SUITE-737 Joystick for PTZ control - add: SUITE-890 targets in video monitor block - fix: smooth playback of multisource drone tracking data 02.09.2019 - v1.4.1.5709 - add: Option to restart the RTSA after installling new licenses 30.08.2019 - v1.4.1.5680 - fix: crash due to compass display in map 30.08.2019 - v1.4.1.5678 - add: JIRA-825 add compass to map view - add: SUITE-657 New RC and Drone Patterns - add: SUITE-847 show date and time as overlay in DD command center block 27.08.2019 - v1.4.1.5670 - fix: devazimuth 24.08.2019 - v1.4.1.5662 - add: SUITE-487 remote control of sector and segment of ISO log using HTTP remote block or DDCC block - fix: SUITE-882 DPI Scaling was not working in DDCC 23.08.2019 - v1.4.1.5655 - fix: more flicker in drone signal locator 22.08.2019 - v1.4.1.5650 - add: SUITE-866 added system config mode setting to DDS to prevent accidential change of base configuration - fix: SUITE-875 azimuth was math instead of geo oriented in DDS JSON 22.08.2019 - v1.4.1.5647 - fix: flickering drone signal locator and vertical position 21.08.2019 - v1.4.1.5640 - add: SUITE-864 add user sensor block (DDS Observer) 20.08.2019 - v1.4.1.5637 - add: Missing app icons for Mac build 18.08.2019 - v1.4.1.5629 - add: SUITE-874 ETag support for HTTP block - fix: drone video stream detection with V6 and rotating ISO log 17.08.2019 - v1.4.1.5626 - fix: SUITE-773 more immediate feedback if file cannot be written by file writer block - fix: SUITE-875 RTBW Span of V5 conflicted with selected profile 16.08.2019 - v1.4.1.5619 - add: SUITE-872 add dronesdb REST endpoint - add: update period for UFO generator - fix: startup timing of V5 when sweeping or switching between frequencies - fix: SUITE-873 V5 RTBW Span not saved - fix: SUITE-896 size of label area in grid waterfall with single row 15.08.2019 - v1.4.1.5613 - fix: crash when sample size changes in direction power block 05.08.2019 - v1.4.1.5600 - add: ROC - Remote GetInfoCenter 02.08.2019 - v1.4.1.5594 - add: individual zoom factor for thermal image on axis ptz - fix: aperture to zoom calculation in PTZ cam thermal mode 30.07.2019 - v1.4.1.5586 - add: wiper support for axis ptz - fix: Present localized dates in PackageManage and Package Editor dialogs - fix: Smile and Frown functions didn't work 29.07.2019 - v1.4.1.5577 - add: brightness, saturation, contrast etc. to Axis PTZ Cam block 27.07.2019 - v1.4.1.5574 - add: more checks for filename in file writer - add: SUITE-773 putting file writer block into critical state if file cannot be written or filename is empty 26.07.2019 - v1.4.1.5570 - add: show drone icons and names in video views for drones detected by radar or iso log - fix: SUITE-861 fix crash with GPS module on Windows 7 25.07.2019 - v1.4.1.5567 - add: SUITE-851 switch to manual mode, when camera controlled by user 23.07.2019 - v1.4.1.5562 - add: clustering and classifier to pulse detector block 20.07.2019 - v1.4.1.5555 - add: start/stop to robin radar block 19.07.2019 - v1.4.1.5551 - add: tile argument for geomap json endpoint - fix: json parser error message in watchdog 19.07.2019 - v1.4.1.5545 - add: booster stage to oulier detector in pulse detector block - fix: linux build 18.07.2019 - v1.4.1.5539 - add: geomaps endpoint to http server and source argument to geomap endpoint 17.07.2019 - v1.4.1.5536 - add: improve pulse detector - add: robin radar package 16.07.2019 - v1.4.1.5532 - add: Sky mantis video detector - fix: crash in jpeg decoder with image sizes not divisble by 8 13.07.2019 - v1.4.1.5524 - add: outlier detector to pulse detector block - fix: uninitialized zero repeat coefficient in drone video channel detection 12.07.2019 - v1.4.1.5521 - fix: SUITE-850 drone icon color changed with type - fix: SUITE-855 crash when attaching block to pulse detector 10.07.2019 - v1.4.1.5513 - add: pulse detector block 08.07.2019 - v1.4.1.5506 - add: FPGA Bitfile Version 2.0.001 - add: show FPGA version and revision for V6 06.07.2019 - v1.4.1.5502 - add: gzip compression for HTTP server - fix: only use http compression if requested 06.07.2019 - v1.4.1.5499 - add: Version String to FPGA Bitfile 05.07.2019 - v1.4.1.5496 - add: geomap endpoint for http connection 05.07.2019 - v1.4.1.5492 - add: FPGA version number read for V6 - add: shifted FFT modes for V6 05.07.2019 - v1.4.1.5490 - fix: layout in default mission 03.07.2019 - v1.4.1.5485 - fix: flysky GT3E remote - fix: SUITE-843 crash in DDS for FFT sizes > 8k 02.07.2019 - v1.4.1.5481 - fix: linux build - fix: linux build 01.07.2019 - v1.4.1.5476 - add: direction icons and beams to topographic views in DDCC - add: support for geo tif - add: watermark control, blocke by Feature_Watermark key - fix: crash in DDCC with incomplete text to speech installation - fix: Mac Build 01.07.2019 - v1.4.1.5471 - add: health status for V6 - add: more quick menus - add: quick menu to combo view - add: V6 run button now includes connect 30.06.2019 - v1.4.1.5466 - fix: SUITE-820 absolute time in histogram volumetric 29.06.2019 - v1.4.1.5464 - add: SUITE-824 hotkeys for camera control in DDCC - add: time shift block now supports drone tracking data - fix: CheckBox text visible after click - fix: Crash reported on 2019-06-28 14-21-08 - fix: Possible fix for: SUITE-772 Closing a changed mission sometimes the user get not asked to save the mission - fix: SUITE-834 Second started RTSA mission should be an empty mission 28.06.2019 - v1.4.1.5459 - fix: linux build 27.06.2019 - v1.4.1.5457 - add: Added an option for ConfigItemBool to force the display of the text ( test is hidden by default ) - fix: SUITE-834 Second started RTSA mission should be an empty mission 27.06.2019 - v1.4.1.5451 - add: speed to dds jsiqa blocks - fix: power level and timing of FPGA FFT streaming and V6 - fix: SUITE-839 wrong level in category timeline block 26.06.2019 - v1.4.1.5444 - add: declination setting to jsiqa drone detectors - fix: initial show of tracked targets when type changes 26.06.2019 - v1.4.1.5442 - fix: update of drone icon when type changes 25.06.2019 - v1.4.1.5439 - fix: crash in drone detection history table - fix: memory leak when overflowing inbound block 25.06.2019 - v1.4.1.5437 - add: parrot drone to drone video detection - add: support for drone type on the fly change - fix: elev angle in flir radar 25.06.2019 - v1.4.1.5435 - fix: crash due to racingcondition in V5 and ISO Log 24.06.2019 - v1.4.1.5432 - add: compression control to Axis PTZ - add: focus and hover for drones in map and history table - add: parrot drone images to drone live video detector - fix: crash in video monitor block 24.06.2019 - v1.4.1.5426 - add: remote control filter for drone video channel detector - fix: new mission modified message on close - fix: SUITE-837 Improve Slider and Text Input 23.06.2019 - v1.4.1.5415 - add: grid and minimap to video monitor view 22.06.2019 - v1.4.1.5413 - add: manual focus for Aixs PTZ - add: position preview for video monitor pan and tilt - add: support for LIVE vs. ANY dropping of samples in outbound blocks - add: zoom of sub axis layout in stream statistics - add: zoom preview to AxisPTZ with video monitor - fix: display of center frequency in spectrum blocks - fix: horizontal layout of spectra frequency - fix: jsica compiler error - fix: linux build - fix: SUITE-836 changing FFT size will not update resolution 20.06.2019 - v1.4.1.5403 - fix: float12.4 conversion 20.06.2019 - v1.4.1.5401 - add: Inspiron 2 remote detection 19.06.2019 - v1.4.1.5398 - add: declination angle for drone video detector - fix: linux build 19.06.2019 - v1.4.1.5395 - add: height offset to flarm block - fix: remove memory leak from video detection pipe 19.06.2019 - v1.4.1.5393 - add: drone video tracking package - add: new version of flarm decoder plugin - fix: crash due to racing condition in V5 FTDI driver - fix: crash when shutting down isolog while rotating 18.06.2019 - v1.4.1.5390 - fix: add max processing time to jammer detector - fix: crash when rebooting or reconnecting v5 - fix: potential racing condition in timing queue of circular byte buffer 18.06.2019 - v1.4.1.5387 - add: angle based camera drone tracking - add: more radar targets 16.06.2019 - v1.4.1.5384 - add: key shortcuts to switch focus drone in DDS - add: new drone pattern files - fix: SUITE-832 dynamically adjust to FFT power range or V6 non GA modes reference level changes 14.06.2019 - v1.4.1.5378 - add: type detection to FLIR Radar 14.06.2019 - v1.4.1.5375 - add: SNR and IP address info to Axis PTZ health status - fix: Axis PTZ check generic key was disabled in previous checkin - fix: frequency profiles channel not showing up 14.06.2019 - v1.4.1.5370 - add: low pass filter for direction in ISO Log Direction Finder - fix: domination was not initialized for script generated drone events - fix: ISO Log AutoRotate/Switching with on the fly change of sector mask or element - fix: SUITE-829 antenna range only works in topographic mode 12.06.2019 - v1.4.1.5361 - add: domination features for drone detections - add: SUITE-807 add parrot disco detection as a wifi digital video drone - add: WiFi SSID Detector and UFO Generator plugins - fix: SUITE-828 ISO Log Amplifier switching for ancient protocol 12.06.2019 - v1.4.1.5355 - add: SUITE-824 coverage area for script block based sensors - add: SUITE-826 key for ISO Log directional finding block - fix: Memory Leaks 11.06.2019 - v1.4.1.5345 - add: SUITE-628 added coverage area for camera 09.06.2019 - v1.4.1.5342 - fix: crash in trigger block - fix: segment length in trigger block - fix: SUITE-814 AM/FM Demodulator Bugs - fix: SUITE-822 Spectrum Condition Area Name not saved 07.06.2019 - v1.4.1.5329 - add: New Frequency Profile Selection dialog - fix: cursor based range markers in waterfall 05.06.2019 - v1.4.1.5318 - add: multi selection in frequency profile dialog - fix: SUITE-810 V5 frequency offset shifted 05.06.2019 - v1.4.1.5313 - add: frame rate setting to configuration - fix: crorrect marker sort order in waterfall - fix: hide ShowXLine inw aterfall in non peaks mode 04.06.2019 - v1.4.1.5308 - add: head, put and delete to http.js - add: patch to http.js 04.06.2019 - v1.4.1.5302 - add: SUITE-637 add ADSB Decoder Package - fix: SUITE-806 wrapped spectrum does not show Clear/Write with time compression 01.06.2019 - v1.4.1.5292 - fix: antenna propagation in V6 and IQ slice block - fix: linux build - fix: slider maximum right position was not encoded correclty - fix: SUITE-801 to 804 31.05.2019 - v1.4.1.5288 - #fix: SUITE-783 Channel hopping drone should not be recorded as new target 30.05.2019 - v1.4.1.5285 - fix: SUITE-800 Wrapped Spectrum shows no trace updates 29.05.2019 - v1.4.1.5283 - fix: initial wrong rf configurationpath in V5 - fix: SUITE-805 hide outer surfaces in geo map cross cut 29.05.2019 - v1.4.1.5273 - fix: crash due to a bad combination of V5 channel hopping, stream signaling and chunk handling in http connection, when reconnecting to a closed connection 28.05.2019 - v1.4.1.5269 - add: more logging for dsp file stream 28.05.2019 - v1.4.1.5265 - add: SUITE-787 cut plane for 3D topographic map - add: SUITE-799 Input and Output configuration of Block Factories - fix: dual Lane IQ Mode with FFT support 25.05.2019 - v1.4.1.5256 - add: dsp load stats to axis ptz block - add: health status to http client block - fix: antenna memory leak in DDCC - fix: buffer size in PTZ JPEG - fix: remove potential racing condition in inbound stream block 24.05.2019 - v1.4.1.5251 - add: float format for V6 FPGA fft data - fix: time compression in V6 23.05.2019 - v1.4.1.5248 - add: FPGA FFT Support for V6 21.05.2019 - v1.4.1.5244 - add: FLIR and Echodyne radar packages - fix: crash during frequent V5 attenuation changes 21.05.2019 - v1.4.1.5242 - add: FLARM decoder block to perforce - add: Software AGC for V5 - fix: remove ADSB prefix from drone detection view 21.05.2019 - v1.4.1.5240 - add: IQ Condition and Select blocks for JSIQA WiFi Decoder - add: TCP connection based radar base class in JSIQA 20.05.2019 - v1.4.1.5237 - fix: crash in DDS when using more than one remapping for one drone 20.05.2019 - v1.4.1.5235 - add: reguilar expression matching to drone remapping - fix: crash in image scaling code for zero sized images - fix: Fix problem in RTSACharts.pro - fix: map elevation range was 8000km instead of 8km - fix: paths to installed packages was locked to "Documents" 20.05.2019 - v1.4.1.5231 - add: antenna propagation for radar blocks - add: IQ power condition block - fix: bind() method in JSIQA 18.05.2019 - v1.4.1.5228 - add: Mission support for derived blocks. Extended the Create Derived Factory dialog - add: SUITE-695 antenna range grid - fix: SUITE-794 removed sorting option from histogram markers - fix: SUITE-795 center config in markers - fix: SUITE-796 accumulation mode sum in histogram markers - fix: SUITE-797 added meaning to x and y values in histogram markers - fix: SUITE-798 removed x and y lines in histogram markers 17.05.2019 - v1.4.1.5222 - add: UFO for drone detection 16.05.2019 - v1.4.1.5220 - fix: failed to read more than one drone mapping 16.05.2019 - v1.4.1.5218 - add: SUITE-771 renaming of drones bases on type and callsign 16.05.2019 - v1.4.1.5216 - add: Block Editor - Backchannel for BlockGraph (Icon) Buttons - add: connect health action buttons to ISO log and Spectran V6 start buttons - add: SUITE-784 InfoCenter needs more Information - add: SUITE-790 No automatic scrolling inside the *BlockGraph Editor* - fix: JSIQA gather - fix: SUITE-789 ISO log directional finding time compression crosses segment boundaries - fix: SUITE-793 remote setting of ISO log azimuth and declination 15.05.2019 - v1.4.1.5205 - add: if and gather methods to IQ object in JSIQA 14.05.2019 - v1.4.1.5203 - add: more IQ SIMD operations for JSIQA - fix: crash when mapping non existing config item in JSIQA - fix: Problem with help package 13.05.2019 - v1.4.1.5198 - add: geo library for JSIQA - add: text marker in JSIQA editor - fix: crash on heap memory exhausted in JSIQA 13.05.2019 - v1.4.1.5195 - add: more JSIQA BitArray methods - add: performance profiler to JSIQA 12.05.2019 - v1.4.1.5192 - add: BitArray to JSIQA 11.05.2019 - v1.4.1.5188 - add: alternate channel select for dual receiver mode in V6 - add: new drone pattesn for DJI Mavic AIR - fix: crash when exporting file segments more than once from a file reader - fix: missing check out - fix: problems with adding new classes in video pattern detector - fix: SUITE-782 dot in files exported from file reader block 10.05.2019 - v1.4.1.5180 - add: block health state icons - add: BlockGraphEditor - Copy Paste Cut - fix: crash on shutdown of HTTP server block due to race condition - fix: crash when using text entries with completion - fix: incomplete chunk processing in HTTP streaming connection (may have caused crashes and invalid data) - fix: Removed strange include which causes the linux compiler to fail 09.05.2019 - v1.4.1.5169 - fix: improve error resilliance of radial controller code - fix: SUITE-781 missing dll after RTSA installation (WIN7) 09.05.2019 - v1.4.1.5166 - add: compression setting to time shift block 07.05.2019 - v1.4.1.5162 - fix: SUITE-780 file reader retains compression on file export to rtsa file 06.05.2019 - v1.4.1.5160 - add: FFT and modulation to JSIQA IQ for WiFi decoding - add: Geodata charts for JSIQA for ISO log placement by drone flight - add: New menu item in 'File' - Opens a new RTSA application with an empty mission - fix: crash in adsb decoder when restarting playback - fix: memory leaks and crashes in JSIQA - fix: orientation of preview waterfall in IQ recording - fix: rad vs. dergree problems in ISO log and Jammer when rotating antennas from a remote side 04.05.2019 - v1.4.1.5154 - add: New layout functions: Make same width, Make same height - add: New TabWidget. Items can now be moved. 03.05.2019 - v1.4.1.5147 - fix: Memory leak 02.05.2019 - v1.4.1.5145 - add: more methods for JSIQA IQ Object - fix: memory leak in JSIQA stream packet processing 01.05.2019 - v1.4.1.5143 - add: phase/radius info to cursor in IQ vector scope - fix: crash in drone detection block when no antenna in first slot - fix: flaky cursor position in extreem zoom scenario 30.04.2019 - v1.4.1.5140 - fix: switch to older time adjustment API in GPS block to improve compatibility 30.04.2019 - v1.4.1.5138 - fix: memory allocation problem in IQ Histogram block 29.04.2019 - v1.4.1.5136 - fix: USB bus reconnect in V6 for command and debug channels 28.04.2019 - v1.4.1.5134 - add: binary IQ operator block - add: phase shift to IQ FIR Filter Block - add: USB buffer usage stats in V6 - fix: crash in previous checkin - fix: minidump level full 27.04.2019 - v1.4.1.5130 - fix: Eliminated performance penalty when hovering over the GUI 26.04.2019 - v1.4.1.5128 - add: GHz/s sweep rate in legend 25.04.2019 - v1.4.1.5126 - fix: Crash after opening a Mission 24.04.2019 - v1.4.1.5124 - fix: Package Manager memory leak 24.04.2019 - v1.4.1.5119 - add: option to set system time from GPS when using AAronia GPS Logger - fix: linux build - fix: right boundary adaption in x range cursor (zoom frequency view) - fix: time display in histogram volumetric 23.04.2019 - v1.4.1.5110 - add: span cursor to IQ Demodulator block 23.04.2019 - v1.4.1.5108 - fix: crash on V6 sweep with delayed status check 23.04.2019 - v1.4.1.5106 - add: delayed check for sweep config item for V6 - add: experimental quick menu icons to waterfall and spectrum - add: new source file for microblaze CPU - fix: New FPGA Microblaze code 22.04.2019 - v1.4.1.5101 - add: Frequency zoom view for spectrum view - add: V6 bytes per second and USB channel stats 19.04.2019 - v1.4.1.5096 - add: rate info in legend - fix: missing unit in rage legend - fix: semicolon in AppShortcuts.cpp - fix: SUITE-770 Crash with new tab headers 19.04.2019 - v1.4.1.5090 - fix: AD9528 startup problems reduced by multiple retries 18.04.2019 - v1.4.1.5083 - fix: SUITE-768 crash with invalid graph connection 17.04.2019 - v1.4.1.5080 - add: selector for switching segment in antenna segment filter - fix: V6 antenna segment propagation 16.04.2019 - v1.4.1.5078 - add: keyboard and mouse frequency panning using ALT as qualifier - add: sample delta processing to IQ vectorscope - fix: initial placement of operators in graph - fix: SUITE-765 Blockgraph Layout for huge column of unconnected blocks - fix: test build 14.04.2019 - v1.4.1.5071 - add: parallel firmware download for V6 USB controller - fix: V6 USB command dma buffer problems 13.04.2019 - v1.4.1.5067 - add: 5ms safe interval to iso log switching before enabling new segment - add: elevation support for drone detection - add: second IQ output channel for V6 - fix: SUITE-764 trail duration limited by array size - fix: SUITE-766 doubled number of antenna segment regions in waterfall view 12.04.2019 - v1.4.1.5062 - fix: antenna height problem in drone detection, preventing correct power calculation - fix: antenna rotation on map - fix: reactivate raw streaming in V6 after changes to streamer thread 10.04.2019 - v1.4.1.5058 - fix: crash in shutdown of V6 - fix: crash in spectrum sweep when changing fft size on the fly - fix: RF correction data now applied on a per bin base in fft 09.04.2019 - v1.4.1.5055 - add: flarm decoder key - add: SUITE-689 Unfold all menu controlls (toggle function) - fix: data rate display in graph editor - fix: linux build - fix: warning message when sending JSIQA data into dds command center 08.04.2019 - v1.4.1.5050 - add: DSP packet drop statistics to V6 - fix: stream end problem in DC offset correction 06.04.2019 - v1.4.1.5047 - add: video object tracking groundwork to JSIQA and DDS 05.04.2019 - v1.4.1.5045 - add: ComboBox in ConfigItemTree can now enable / disable specific items - add: QuickColorWidget for ConfigTreeItems - fix: 'Reset to Factory Defaults' in group 'Settings' wasn't working - fix: linux build 04.04.2019 - v1.4.1.5040 - add: variable ISO log switching phase discarded by antenna segment detector in chopper mode - fix: missing checkin 03.04.2019 - v1.4.1.5037 - fix: antenna layout propagation through HF block - fix: SUITE-762 numbering of areas is not correct 03.04.2019 - v1.4.1.5034 - add: additional ISO Log chopper modes - add: Antenna Segment Detector Block - add: IQ VectorScope to chart blocks - fix: drone detection overload due to high spectra rate of V6 - fix: scaling of drone annotation texts in 3D 02.04.2019 - v1.4.1.5027 - add: Blinking line edit when entering an invalid value in the ConfigItemTree dialog. The dialog won't come up anymore. - fix: Mac Build error 30.03.2019 - v1.4.1.5020 - fix: linux build 29.03.2019 - v1.4.1.5007 - add: A mission can now be saved in compressed mode ( gz ) - add: choppermode for ARCP device ISO log - add: status information to V6 chart - fix: start noise in V6 sweeping by delaying one packet - fix: too high rate of debug log in USB V6 firmware - fix: V6 SW DC offset for sweeping 28.03.2019 - v1.4.1.4994 - fix: Possible crash when opening the configuration dialog 28.03.2019 - v1.4.1.4992 - add: SUITE-759 Full Screen option for the Aaronia RTSA Suite PRO - add: video blocks to JSIQA 27.03.2019 - v1.4.1.4988 - fix: large zoom buttons on maps - fix: remove log message from SSID plugin dll 26.03.2019 - v1.4.1.4986 - fix: reduce number of errors reported for short V5 spectrum packets 26.03.2019 - v1.4.1.4982 - fix: antenna rotation display if azimuth non zero 26.03.2019 - v1.4.1.4980 - add: alternate location algorithm to drone signal locator 25.03.2019 - v1.4.1.4976 - fix: status of manual position in GPS block 25.03.2019 - v1.4.1.4972 - fix: gps state with manual mode, when changing update mode 25.03.2019 - v1.4.1.4970 - add: FFT super sampling 22.03.2019 - v1.4.1.4965 - add: expand IQ to spectrum FFT to 32K - fix: crash in AM/FM decoder 22.03.2019 - v1.4.1.4961 - fix: RadioLINK AT10 false detection 21.03.2019 - v1.4.1.4959 - add: Deverived Factories protection - add: merge and split stream blocks - add: missing files from previous checkin - add: SUITE-729 license key protection for script files - add: SUITE-755 add health status to SSID block 20.03.2019 - v1.4.1.4954 - add: RX2 to V6 - fix: Crash when exiting AppPackageEditor dialog 19.03.2019 - v1.4.1.4950 - add: SUITE-754 add keys for 3D map models and Axis PTZ - fix: SUITE-758 warning status of GPS with manual configuration 18.03.2019 - v1.4.1.4945 - add: Spectran V6 12 Bit IQ format 16.03.2019 - v1.4.1.4937 - add: secondary map block to DDCC - add: SUITE-750 OGN Receiver preparation and fixes - add: SUITE-753 Multi lines waterfall - fix: Fixed an memory leak in IsoLog block 14.03.2019 - v1.4.1.4930 - fix: new firmware for V6 - fix: script block problems due to denormal number suppression 14.03.2019 - v1.4.1.4925 - add: remote control for SP4T block - add: SUITE-186 config option for SP4T RF Switch to work as 4:1 or 1:4 - add: SUITE-525 rule based switching in SP4T block - add: SUITE-752 add column slider to grid waterfall - add: support for multiple HF calibration blocks - fix: any output type - fix: hang in script block when last line is comment - fix: linux build 13.03.2019 - v1.4.1.4916 - fix: completion of half band filter cascade - fix: start/stop messages in V6, sweep could not restart after disconnect - fix: streaming clock in V6 now stream relative to improve precision - fix: thread scheduler when all DSP threads busy 12.03.2019 - v1.4.1.4914 - fix: blurry block title in toolbax at 125% display 11.03.2019 - v1.4.1.4911 - fix: crash when drone specification referenced by detector is missing in drones config 11.03.2019 - v1.4.1.4907 - add: placement of secondary map display in DDCC 09.03.2019 - v1.4.1.4904 - add: in field update of Spectran V6 FPGA 09.03.2019 - v1.4.1.4902 - fix: SUITE-748 Info tab zoom buttons in DDCC not alligned 07.03.2019 - v1.4.1.4890 - fix: crash with pulsed waterfall when switching bin size - fix: linux build - fix: linux build - fix: linux build 06.03.2019 - v1.4.1.4886 - fix: RTSA Help couldn't be opened if there's an available identical version from the RTSA Service 06.03.2019 - v1.4.1.4884 - add: 12 bit float format and simulator for V6 - add: more gui to video classification training operator 05.03.2019 - v1.4.1.4879 - add: fft video filter - add: image preview and thread for video object classifier trainer block 04.03.2019 - v1.4.1.4877 - add: SUITE-747 additional drone patterns 01.03.2019 - v1.4.1.4873 - fix: ditone drone detection for beacons - fix: missing checkin 01.03.2019 - v1.4.1.4870 - add: Updated Vietnamese translation - fix: Potential crash when changing the gui language. 28.02.2019 - v1.4.1.4865 - fix: watchdog restart of V5 28.02.2019 - v1.4.1.4862 - add: empty shell for operator for video classifier training - add: icons for image processing operators - fix: crash when rendering too complex jammer setup - fix: SUITE-742 auto restart of V5 not working - fix: SUITE-744 camera range is white - fix: SUITE-745 wrong camera icon when 3D planar 27.02.2019 - v1.4.1.4857 - fix: crash in DDCC when attaching more than four cameras - fix: rare shutdown crash - fix: SUITE-741 no hover feedback in jammer control 25.02.2019 - v1.4.1.4853 - add: image object tracking block 22.02.2019 - v1.4.1.4848 - add: video image combine operator 21.02.2019 - v1.4.1.4839 - add: region labeling operator 20.02.2019 - v1.4.1.4836 - fix: invalid map geo coordinate position in topo maps 20.02.2019 - v1.4.1.4830 - add: contrast video operator - add: debug gui and raw data output for Spectran V6 - fix: geomap coords not updated when switiching to topo mode - fix: linux build 19.02.2019 - v1.4.1.4822 - add: video frame delta block - add: video image morphological operator block 18.02.2019 - v1.4.1.4819 - add: experimental movement of atennas in files using DDCC 17.02.2019 - v1.4.1.4817 - add: transparency for colors in drone ranges - fix: initial antenna settings for jammer block 17.02.2019 - v1.4.1.4815 - fix: JSIQA IQ processing problems 16.02.2019 - v1.4.1.4813 - add: details control for range domes - fix: Workaround for Qt bug. Initial width of menu is not correct. You need to open the menus a second time to get the correct width. Related to items with a shortcut. 15.02.2019 - v1.4.1.4809 - add: 184MHz mode for V6 - add: dual JESD support for V6 - add: new Talise Firmware - fix: crash with file reader and antenna coverage domes in DDCC 15.02.2019 - v1.4.1.4806 - add: color control for hex grid on range domes 14.02.2019 - v1.4.1.4804 - add: convolution video operator - fix: crash during stale antenna data when showing antenna coverage domes - fix: crash during startup with early warning message 14.02.2019 - v1.4.1.4802 - add: Added menu item to show / hide the RibbonBar. 13.02.2019 - v1.4.1.4798 - add: buildings and zones in secondary map of DDCC - fix: axis PTZ zoom factor - fix: missing hex grid on area coverage domes in DDCC - fix: remove jammer antenna range setting in DDCC 13.02.2019 - v1.4.1.4794 - add: SUITE-733 show 3D coverage domes 11.02.2019 - v1.4.1.4791 - add: SUITE-738 drone and category name to drone detection block output - fix: position tracking with 2nd view in DDCC 11.02.2019 - v1.4.1.4788 - add: image processing blocks - add: second JESDI channel for V6 config - add: use V6 packet ID for sweep and frequency change 10.02.2019 - v1.4.1.4784 - fix: material management in DAE reader 08.02.2019 - v1.4.1.4781 - fix: Improved Save / Load User Defaults menu creation 07.02.2019 - v1.4.1.4776 - fix: mac build 07.02.2019 - v1.4.1.4773 - fix: initialize all fields in drone detection data structure to reduce clutter in json on http response - fix: linux and mac build - fix: linux and mac build - fix: lockup in json formatter for infinite or nan numbers - fix: mac/linux build - fix: V5 watchdog restart on initial startup 07.02.2019 - v1.4.1.4768 - fix: Infinite loop in geomap_jammers 06.02.2019 - v1.4.1.4764 - add: second usb streaming channel for V6 05.02.2019 - v1.4.1.4759 - add: velocity for ADSB targets 05.02.2019 - v1.4.1.4756 - add: independent range for camera coverage in ddcc - add: serial number for Axis PTZ 04.02.2019 - v1.4.1.4750 - add: lightbridge 2 remote - add: use config alpha channels for antenna ranges 03.02.2019 - v1.4.1.4745 - fix: SUITE-734 Alpha color regulator for Colorcontrol 03.02.2019 - v1.4.1.4743 - add: secondary 2D map view to DDCC 02.02.2019 - v1.4.1.4741 - add: ADSB Plane to drones database - add: more inputs for DDCC 01.02.2019 - v1.4.1.4738 - add: New qwindows.dll 31.01.2019 - v1.4.1.4733 - fix: unix build 31.01.2019 - v1.4.1.4729 - add: drone config for mavic in 5.7GHz - add: Error messages will be displayed on the status bar - fix: Global application shortcuts stopped working after loading / creating a new mission - fix: paths for drone detection database in documents folder - fix: receiver replication in scan groups due to multiple HTTP paths to block - fix: SUITE-668 Message if rtsa opens twice or more on the same system - fix: vertical placement of chart titles for V5, RSA and ISOLog 29.01.2019 - v1.4.1.4720 - add: support JSIQA marshalled json for HTTP server block - fix: SUITE-731 antenna coverage heatmap not shown in top mode 29.01.2019 - v1.4.1.4717 - add: resolution switch in Axis PTZ 26.01.2019 - v1.4.1.4713 - add: offset to watermark in DDCC 26.01.2019 - v1.4.1.4708 - add: mjpeg compression for images and video streams in rtsa files 25.01.2019 - v1.4.1.4705 - add: aartos watermark to dds - add: video output connector for analog video decoder - add: zoom for infrared channel in axis PTZ - fix: crash when shutting down axis PTZ block - fix: random crash when changing config values in sweep block 25.01.2019 - v1.4.1.4699 - add: axis PTZ support - fix: max build 24.01.2019 - v1.4.1.4697 - fix: crash in dron detection caused by ADSB decoder and single fake antenna 24.01.2019 - v1.4.1.4695 - add: base implementation of 3D models for geo location and map - fix: linux build - fix: NTSC video decoder for V5 23.01.2019 - v1.4.1.4691 - add: V6 driver code for Bulk command channel - add: V6 firmware code for Bluk command channel 22.01.2019 - v1.4.1.4686 - add: overlapped USB read/write test for V6 18.01.2019 - v1.4.1.4673 - fix: Wrong productname in installer. Error introduced last year while editing the version.h 18.01.2019 - v1.4.1.4669 - add: SUITE-720 show 3D range domes around antennas - fix: crash with hidden iso log window - fix: memory leak in drone detector block 16.01.2019 - v1.4.1.4663 - fix: file writer blocking input stream if more than consecutive packets with zero time distance in stream - fix: Potential crash in BlockGraph editor - fix: SUITE-713 Content of Blockgraph editor not correctly scaled 15.01.2019 - v1.4.1.4652 - add: SUITE-722 capture indicator in wrapped spectrum block - fix: SUITE-721 gaps in wrapped spectrum graphs 11.01.2019 - v1.4.1.4644 - fix: mac and linux build - fix: mac build 10.01.2019 - v1.4.1.4641 - add: additional channel for WiFi Digital Video drone 09.01.2019 - v1.4.1.4639 - fix: empty UART buffer before new transfer 08.01.2019 - v1.4.1.4636 - add: receiver clock config for V6 08.01.2019 - v1.4.1.4634 - add: Version with 921.600 baud - fix: mac build 06.01.2019 - v1.4.1.4630 - fix: crash in multi waterfall when connecting V5 without ISOlog 04.01.2019 - v1.4.1.4624 - fix: single suppresion for externaly detected drones 04.01.2019 - v1.4.1.4622 - add: WiFi network for drones.xml 04.01.2019 - v1.4.1.4620 - add: energy for SSID based drone detection - add: prepare WiFi SSID based drone detection - fix: value size not 16 in JSIQA 04.01.2019 - v1.4.1.4616 - add: debug print to USB - add: Uli's Transmit - fix: add sleep - fix: read version string after app start 03.01.2019 - v1.4.1.4610 - fix: multiple problems in UART protocol 02.01.2019 - v1.4.1.4608 - add: new FPGA SPI communication code for V6 02.01.2019 - v1.4.1.4606 - add: Frontend Board communication via FPGA - add: V6 Firmware with Frontend communication via UART<->FPGA at debug speed of 115.200 baud 02.01.2019 - v1.4.1.4602 - add: batch and small sample boost to neural net training settings - add: WiFi SSID/Drone detector plugin 31.12.2018 - v1.4.1.4598 - add: New translation for Thai 29.12.2018 - v1.4.1.4594 - add: factory info with block info in JSIQA - add: JSIQA class and super declaration - fix: clear documentaion on close/terminate for JSIQA plugins - fix: JSIQA parse error introduced with lambda - fix: remove trace from jsiqa interpreter 26.12.2018 - v1.4.1.4587 - add: js lambda support for JSIQA 21.12.2018 - v1.4.1.4578 - fix: MacOS FTDI driver communication 21.12.2018 - v1.4.1.4576 - add: ditone drone detection pattern - add: SUITE-710 auto delete of old files based on folder size - fix: SUITE-721 fix DDCC layout problem caused by jammer toolbars not scalable 19.12.2018 - v1.4.1.4568 - add: HW assisted sweep mode - fix: SUITE-715 default switch time not used 18.12.2018 - v1.4.1.4563 - add: fast DC offset correction block to V6 - fix: crash in ISO log view 18.12.2018 - v1.4.1.4560 - add: SUITE-648 warning and statistics re. ISOLog switch times - fix: crash when writing PDU block output to file 18.12.2018 - v1.4.1.4557 - add: Added translated tooltips for the language menu items - add: Feedback Dialogs can now submit System Details - add: Fixed a bug when switching the languages - fix: mac build 16.12.2018 - v1.4.1.4550 - add: watt as unit for config items - fix: crash when exceeding 8 scan groups 14.12.2018 - v1.4.1.4546 - fix: reference lvel in V6 13.12.2018 - v1.4.1.4544 - add: text to button link in jsiqa - fix: mac build 12.12.2018 - v1.4.1.4540 - add: dynamich on/off fasz hopping mode in V6 - add: SUITE-708 rotating sync requests for http relay jammer - fix: crash in iq histogram - fix: crash in tile map server on 404 in openstreetmap response - fix: mac build - fix: mac build 08.12.2018 - v1.4.1.4530 - add: volumetric 3D histogram block 07.12.2018 - v1.4.1.4526 - fix: crash when loading drone mission with configured voice, on a system with no voice installed 06.12.2018 - v1.4.1.4524 - add: gain adaption in V6 hw block 05.12.2018 - v1.4.1.4519 - add: floating point support for V6 04.12.2018 - v1.4.1.4517 - add: float formats to V6 - add: manual agc test for V6 04.12.2018 - v1.4.1.4513 - fix: crash in reosion block when changing frequency - fix: crash when changing slice size in IQ oscilloscope - fix: SUITE-706 filereader does not remember selected range 02.12.2018 - v1.4.1.4507 - fix: SUITE-707 no correction display in HF path block 01.12.2018 - v1.4.1.4505 - add: center frequency settings for V6 - fix: IQ slicer for larger times 30.11.2018 - v1.4.1.4502 - add: SUITE-466 startup and stop delay for file writer automatic segment recording - fix: crash in spectrum shape detector when selecting too small frequency span - fix: SUITE-699 Calibration Block does not find the related calibration files in the cdata folder - fix: switch to QSaveFile for rtsa streams to avoid reading and writing to the same file - fix: viewport odd/even pixel size problems in QT window resizing 30.11.2018 - v1.4.1.4496 - add: Global RESTful API for RTSA Suite - add: key events to JSIQA - add: Start and Stop recording graph message support for JSIQA and HTTP blocks 29.11.2018 - v1.4.1.4491 - add: more filter options for DDCC history table - fix: SUITE-697 store layout of DDCC view - fix: SUITE-698 red distortion at start of DDCC due to target heatmap 29.11.2018 - v1.4.1.4487 - fix: An opened Frequecy Selection dialog could prevent the app from closing - fix: SUITE-703 Multiwaterfall missing data display in loop - fix: SUITE-720 ghost legend in multi waterfall 28.11.2018 - v1.4.1.4482 - fix: crash when removing marker - fix: http client shutdown - fix: https client and server connections - fix: linux build - fix: SUITE-701 MultiSpectral 3D block is not showing any data 26.11.2018 - VERSION_H - add: SUITE-694 Wrapping spectrum view 24.11.2018 - v1.4.1.4461 - fix: crash in drone detection path due to empty packets at segment end - fix: crash in waterfall and legend display due to changing antennas - fix: crash with RF V5 remote RSA client due to moved certificate path 23.11.2018 - v1.4.1.4458 - fix: file writer adding old data at start of file - fix: linux build - fix: linux build - fix: linux build by disabling AVX2 22.11.2018 - v1.4.1.4454 - fix: input of degree values in config items - fix: linux build - fix: mac build - fix: next gcc build fix attempt - fix: Possible problem to find the correct dmp file for the crashreport - fix: startup problems of IQ signal generator 21.11.2018 - v1.4.1.4448 - fix: follow target mode in DDCC 20.11.2018 - v1.4.1.4446 - add: Added CPU requirements check. Mininum CPU feature set is now support of AVX ( usually supported since 2011 ) - add: SUITE-658 notification when blocks are streaming invalid data into an input - add: SUITE-692 add 3D Cursor slice view to 3D histogram volumetric 20.11.2018 - v1.4.1.4438 - add: SUITE-691 add block title to legend 19.11.2018 - v1.4.1.4433 - add: lock free dsp scheduler - fix: http streaming of limited number of samples 19.11.2018 - v1.4.1.4427 - add: jesd test patterns to V6 19.11.2018 - v1.4.1.4425 - add: AVX compiler options - fix: mac build 14.11.2018 - v1.4.1.4385 - add: Data MigrationDialog 13.11.2018 - v1.4.1.4382 - add: axis selection for 3D autorotate - add: color histogram to IQ 3D Histogram Volumetric - add: color map for IQ 3D Histogram Volumetric 13.11.2018 - v1.4.1.4379 - fix: error message on FPGA start for V6 13.11.2018 - v1.4.1.4375 - add: ARM microcode upload burst mode for SPI in V6 - add: JESDI scramble config for V6 - add: multi byte SPI write for V6 - add: shutdown code for 9008 in V6 - fix: add special return code - fix: do not start RTOS App twice - fix: Tripple Transfer Mode - fix: Version 0.1.4 12.11.2018 - v1.3.1.4357 - add: ad9528 init code for V6 - add: init RF frontend on V6 - fix: Firmware GPIO fix and Version with channel ID - fix: support Reset in SPI Firmware 12.11.2018 - v1.4.0.4351 - add: initial Channel 1 Firmware image - add: more init code for V6 - add: more talise firmware - add: spectran V6 arm firmware - add: Spectran V6 Channel 2 Firmware image (SPI debug prototype) 11.11.2018 - v1.4.0.4343 - add: "physics" entry for drone configuration 11.11.2018 - v1.4.0.4341 - add: focus target animation mode 10.11.2018 - v1.4.0.4339 - fix: bottom border display of zones in DDCC with topo enabled 10.11.2018 - v1.4.0.4337 - add: cone outlines in DDCC map - add: support for recursive nodes in 3D models - fix: crah with rotating map view and active zones 09.11.2018 - v1.4.0.4333 - add: enable and disable of vertical separator lines in 3D drone trails - fix: crash in script block release build due to path changes 09.11.2018 - v1.4.0.4331 - add: control for drone trail opacity 09.11.2018 - v1.4.0.4329 - add: SUITE-673 added persistence config to iso log direction heatmap - fix: close 3D trail at current drone position - fix: linux build 08.11.2018 - v1.4.0.4317 - add: 3D models for drones and controller in DDCC 06.11.2018 - v1.4.0.4296 - add: SUITE-673 heatmap to ISO log direction block 05.11.2018 - v1.4.0.4290 - add: drone direction indicator to 3D maps 04.11.2018 - v1.4.0.4287 - add: texture size and trilinear mipmap filtering for topo maps - fix: remove memory leaks with map tiles 03.11.2018 - v1.4.0.4285 - add: config color for offline cameras and jammers - fix: click position of DDCC map toolbar items - fix: crash when saving DDCC event recording 01.11.2018 - v1.4.0.4270 - add: TALISE library for V6 - fix: linux build 31.10.2018 - v1.4.0.4262 - add: IQ ramp with TripleBuffer in Rampdata - add: sample Firmware for SpectranV6 Channel1 - add: V6 USB transfer of "IQ" data - fix: add IQ ramp - fix: ramp data on bulk-in - fix: Version 0.1.1 28.10.2018 - v1.4.0.4252 - fix: crash when marshalling huge data elements in JSIQA - fix: linux build 27.10.2018 - v1.4.0.4249 - add: IQ osciolloscope to JSIQA - fix: precision of timing axis in waterfall - fix: starting filter preload in IQ demodulator 26.10.2018 - v1.4.0.4247 - fix: Problem when running the app. Defaults paths weren't created correctly 25.10.2018 - v1.4.0.4244 - add: CyAPI.lib to SpectranV6 - add: initial framework classes for Spectran V6 Block - add: SUITE-685 acceleration now configurable in drone xml for drones and categories - add: SUITE-685 added Kalman observation noise configuration to signal locator block for noisy environments - add: SUITE-685 made Kalman observation noised dependent on detection probability - fix: potential crash on drone video channel switch 25.10.2018 - v1.4.0.4238 - fix: CPU usage indicator in unary arithmetic block - fix: restart of timeshift recording block 23.10.2018 - v1.4.0.4229 - fix: color histogram in time shift block - fix: replay of IQ streams from start to end - fix: timing of overlapped FFT spectra 22.10.2018 - v1.4.0.4227 - fix: missiing connection state change after connection in graph editor - fix: vertical status chart placement and scaling in e.g. spectran block 21.10.2018 - v1.4.0.4223 - fix: Crash when autosave tried to write a backup into a write protected FOLDER 20.10.2018 - v1.4.0.4221 - add: Added a new switch in the configuration dialog. Non-Interactive GUI. Prevents unwanted dialogs when operating the RTSA in an operatorless environment - add: dphi function to IQ in JSIQA in FLARM preparation - add: SUITE-663 Automatic save of missions in progress - fix: Compiler break 19.10.2018 - v1.4.0.4215 - add: gui performance bar to graph editor 18.10.2018 - v1.4.0.4209 - fix: crash in grid waterfall on stream switch 17.10.2018 - v1.4.0.4207 - add: packet drop block for stress testing - add: target extend for auto follow of cameras in DDCC - fix: config item sub units lost due to illegal address of QVector element - fix: segment start flag error on queued input overflow - fix: SUITE-682 wrong map source loaded 17.10.2018 - v1.4.0.4192 - fix: initial wild rotation of PTZ camera 16.10.2018 - v1.4.0.4187 - fix: out of sync of drone index in drone database of master and slaves - fix: out of sync problem of PTZ movement - fix: wrong drone icon position if antenna order changes or is not in right order from start 16.10.2018 - v1.4.0.4178 - add: energy offset and cross/energy bias config to drone position block - add: SUITE-532 add trail for events of history table - add: SUITE-532 show trail history in 3D view - fix: SUITE-672 adding a channel to am/fm block crashes the RTSA 15.10.2018 - v1.4.0.4172 - add: display of energy based position prediction as diamond in drone location block - fix: tracking across video frequencies, when more than one jump occurs in sequence 13.10.2018 - v1.4.0.4169 - fix: flickering of remote control config items - fix: layout of remote control config items in high dpi displays 12.10.2018 - v1.4.0.4167 - fix: crash when showing too many flight predictions 12.10.2018 - v1.4.0.4165 - add: debug info for PTZ 12.10.2018 - v1.4.0.4163 - add: save remote systems to DDCC - fix: active region of health tooltip - fix: crash on reload/close when mouse cursor hovers n map view 12.10.2018 - v1.4.0.4161 - fix: crash in drone video pattern detector when autodetecting channel - fix: Kalman filter based flight path prediction 11.10.2018 - v1.4.0.4157 - fix: SUITE-677 DDCC does not show any detections 11.10.2018 - v1.4.0.4155 - add: script blocks and script DSP blocks to CPU usage display - add: select operation to multi source operands arithmetic block - add: temporal auto correlation block - fix: minor memory leaks - fix: multiple tracking of same drone - fix: sweep duration in IQ signal generator block 10.10.2018 - v1.4.0.4152 - add: Auto Recover for Mission files - fix: Crash right after loading a mission 10.10.2018 - v1.4.0.4150 - fix: crash when building a recursive chain of http client and server - fix: http sample request returning empty sample for energy or detection payload 06.10.2018 - v1.4.0.4143 - add: more drone remote patterns 05.10.2018 - v1.4.0.4140 - add: find and goto line to script block - fix: crash if radial controller cannot be initialized - fix: stack trace in log file for windows - fix: SUITE-627 file replay not starting on DD command center start system - fix: SUITE-675 drone icon not vanishing after end of detection 04.10.2018 - v1.4.0.4130 - fix: font issues in script block 02.10.2018 - v1.4.0.4118 - add: more documentation for JSIQA plugin dll - add: terminate function for JSIQA plugin 02.10.2018 - v1.4.0.4114 - add: file name handling to jsiqa fs - fix: path config json conversion - fix: SUITE-672 added initial reset for RSA 306 for more error messages 29.09.2018 - v1.4.0.4108 - add: prepare auto regression test of drone detection - fix: end of stream propagation in drone location detector 28.09.2018 - v1.4.0.4106 - add: basic DLL plugin support for JSIQA - add: SUITE-669 add scan group config to Tek - add: support for cpu usage in IQ signal generator - fix: linux build error - fix: mac build - fix: reduce mavic rc false alarms 26.09.2018 - v1.4.0.4098 - add: dsp load and cpu bound stats to blocks 25.09.2018 - v1.4.0.4094 - fix: crash in tree view when setting string completion in hidden widget - fix: packet rate value in connectors - fix: SUITE-646 rework neural network training process 22.09.2018 - v1.4.0.4089 - fix: crash when connection from http client failed 21.09.2018 - v1.4.0.4086 - add: stats, health and error information to RTSA and DSP blocks - fix: BlockGraphEditor layout 'List', wrong calculation of group height. The last item wasn't displayed. 21.09.2018 - v1.4.0.4082 - add: Improved Graph layout, Zoom Buttons can now change their positions or visibility ( on / off ) - add: SUITE-640 flight path prediction 20.09.2018 - v1.4.0.4077 - add: "const" and "let" to jsiqa - add: Tooltips for the BlockGraphEditor. Can be enabled in the 'Settings' Group - add: Two new layout modes for the BlockGraphEditor: Small, List. Can be selected in the 'Settings' Group - fix: SUITE-649 performance problems with high resolution images - fix: SUITE-651 crash in drone pattern detector - fix: SUITE-662 background color in sector waterfall - fix: SUITE-665 delayed update of once trigger 19.09.2018 - v1.4.0.4070 - fix: missing fields in combined drone tracking 18.09.2018 - v1.4.0.4068 - add: compression for IQ streams - add: VT30 drone detector - fix: crash in ISO log directional find 14.09.2018 - v1.4.0.4058 - add: realtime emulation of file replay uses current system time as stream time - fix: backup of P4 server - fix: Docking System wasn't able to load floating dock correctly - fix: Fixed a layout problem with floating docks - fix: slave replay now working with "contiguous" mode 12.09.2018 - v1.4.0.4049 - add: support for external processes in JSIQA - add: support for fake drone beam detection 12.09.2018 - v1.4.0.4047 - fix: Potential crash when selected Docking System main tabs 12.09.2018 - v1.4.0.4042 - fix: FIx for DragNDrop crash on MacOS 12.09.2018 - v1.4.0.4039 - fix: Fixed openGL issue under MacOS 10.09.2018 - v1.4.0.4031 - add: adsb decoder module to jsiqa libraries - add: serial config to jsiqa - add: SUITE-641 workaround for broken V5 settings when switching across 4Ghz boundary 08.09.2018 - v1.4.0.4025 - add: Create derived factory dialog now stores its config into the mission file - add: serial port IO to JSIQA 07.09.2018 - v1.4.0.4022 - add: IQ SIMD functions in JSIQA - add: prepare ADS-B parsing 05.09.2018 - v1.4.0.4013 - fix: crash when adding HTTP server and client to same mission in unexpected order 04.09.2018 - v1.4.0.4011 - fix: SUITE-627 placement of camera control in DDCC toolbar - fix: SUITE-633 text scaling on map control buttons in DDCC 31.08.2018 - v1.4.0.4002 - fix: Most Factory Missions couldn't be loaded because of an mission internal factory 28.08.2018 - v1.4.0.3998 - add: New Feedback buttons in the RTSA Ribbonbar. 25.08.2018 - v1.4.0.3992 - fix: Zoom functionatily in Block Editor was broken 21.08.2018 - v1.4.0.3978 - add: Specific InfoCenter warnings can now be enabled/disabled in the Configuration Dialog - fix: SUITE-583 Wrong Reset to Factory Default 17.08.2018 - v1.4.0.3972 - add: AARONIA RTSA Experience Improvement 16.08.2018 - v1.4.0.3969 - add: Systemtray message is now connected with the InfoCenter. Click on the popup will open the InfoCenter. - fix: SUITE-624 Broken Mission when opened without license 16.08.2018 - v1.4.0.3965 - add: Dialog for the programm version check - fix: linux build 15.08.2018 - v1.4.0.3962 - add: cone color control for PTZ camera - add: hiding of script config for script blocks - fix: name dependency of interpreter config in script block 15.08.2018 - v1.4.0.3960 - fix: SUITE-632 jammer cone orientation in topo mode 15.08.2018 - v1.4.0.3951 - add: Info Center, double click on notifications can now execute actions. E.g. double click on the 'New app version found' will open a WebBrowser with the RTSA download site - add: keyboard navigation in tables - add: Mulhouse protocol streaming - add: trigger status to IQ scope - add: UDP support for Mulhouse protocol - fix: end of segment handling in IQ scope 14.08.2018 - v1.4.0.3948 - add: timeshift chart item for JSIQA block - add: window overlap for IQ to spectrum FFT - fix: IQ resampler for odd sample sizes 13.08.2018 - v1.4.0.3945 - fix: memory leak in RSA 306 block - fix: short IQ sequences did not work in IQ Scope block 11.08.2018 - v1.4.0.3942 - add: add lines to text tables - fix: crash in IQ histogram block for packets with <16 samples - fix: crash when switching between grid styles in 3d blocks - fix: dropping of single events in IQ scope during scrubbing - fix: flickering 3D cursors - fix: millisecond display in config items - fix: short sequence replay in recorder block - fix: SUITE-627 DDCC toolbar alignment broken after DPI change 10.08.2018 - v1.4.0.3931 - add: peak detection dsp stream block - add: pulse to IQ signal generator - fix: SUITE-605 directional finder should work with hopping scangroups 06.08.2018 - v1.4.0.3925 - fix: SUITE-539 crash when opening config item in drone video pattern detector 02.08.2018 - v1.4.0.3919 - fix: remove incomplete info center checkin from build - fix: SUITE-612 vanishing health status of http client 01.08.2018 - v1.4.0.3916 - add: started documentation for JSIQA script block and libraries - fix: SUITE-611 crash of DD replay with no antennas in recording 31.07.2018 - v1.4.0.3910 - add: health status for RSA306 - add: spectrum view to script block - add: SUITE-623 start/stop and frequency settings for Spectrum Stitcher block - fix: number of bins display in waterfall legend - fix: SUITE-617 crash when removing ISO log from block graph 30.07.2018 - v1.4.0.3905 - add: waterfall and histogram view to JSIQA - fix: jumping slider at movement start 28.07.2018 - v1.4.0.3902 - fix: JSIQA crash due to GG while allocating closure 27.07.2018 - v1.4.0.3900 - add: ping command and error processing to jammer block 27.07.2018 - v1.4.0.3898 - add: font style and placement to script text fields - add: new group 'Frequent Blocks' in the BlockGraphEditor 27.07.2018 - v1.4.0.3894 - fix: duplicate member variable layout info might have caused font and other minor layout problems in charts - fix: SUITE-618 crash in V5 driver when signal hopping 26.07.2018 - v1.4.0.3891 - add: SUITE-622 add temperature and humidity to status - fix: Popup menu identicator in Block Graph Controller widget was positioned wrong - fix: SUITE-619 manual jamming south with omnidirectional antenna 24.07.2018 - v1.4.0.3884 - add: SUITE-582 RTSA Block lock mode - fix: SUITE-583 Wrong Reset to Factory Default 21.07.2018 - v1.4.0.3878 - fix: SUITE-613 crash in DDCC info tab 18.07.2018 - v1.4.0.3871 - fix: SUITE-607 crash on mission open due to connected hidden connector 17.07.2018 - v1.4.0.3869 - add: startup and shutdown command for http jammer 16.07.2018 - v1.4.0.3867 - fix: SUITE-606 sticky demo mode with drone detection block 10.07.2018 - v1.4.0.3857 - add: Added suport for derived block factories - add: SUITE-589 GPS status and health information for ISO Log and GPS Block 10.07.2018 - v1.4.0.3853 - fix: SUITE-557 trace display in sector waterfall - fix: SUITE-601 drag bitmap live over topo data - fix: SUITE-603 resetting display on stream change in sector waterfall - fix: SUITE-604 show antenna coverage in file reader based antenna setup 07.07.2018 - v1.4.0.3845 - add: connector priority to block graph layouter 06.07.2018 - v1.4.0.3842 - add: health/status for robin radar block 06.07.2018 - v1.4.0.3840 - add: New images for blocks 06.07.2018 - v1.4.0.3838 - add: device level key for Tektronix Devices - add: SUITE-592: Add optional expiration date to keys - fix: SUITE-602 Jammer Azimuth offset not working in DDCC 05.07.2018 - v1.4.0.3832 - fix: SUITE-597 hovering drone elements with topo data 04.07.2018 - v1.4.0.3830 - fix: SUITE-596 RTSA Suite Style does not change Blockgraph Editor background 04.07.2018 - v1.4.0.3827 - add: bird and fixedwing categories to drones.xml 29.06.2018 - v1.4.0.3817 - add: non drone icons for robinradar - fix: iso log directional find chart - fix: SUITE-594 Detection problem with MapTopography.key in License Manager 28.06.2018 - v1.4.0.3812 - add: SUITE-591 direction indicator for signal locator block - fix: Fixed several bugs in the BlockGraphEditor - fix: SUIE-593 use non antennas for coverage map 28.06.2018 - v1.4.0.3804 - fix: Prevent cyclic connections in the BlockGraph editor - fix: Undo for Delete Block operation was broken 27.06.2018 - v1.4.0.3801 - fix: radial controller with DDCC - fix: rtsa files for jsiqa structured data 26.06.2018 - v1.4.0.3796 - fix: Fixed build on Mac. RedialController is only supported under Windows - fix: linux build 23.06.2018 - v1.4.0.3788 - add: TCP sockets to jsiqa script 22.06.2018 - v1.4.0.3786 - add: check box to disable scan groups in ddcc - add: SUITE-584 show/hide map control toolbar - fix: SUITE-566 turn off jammer on stop system - fix: SUITE-586 do not reset V5 SNR selection if device is not present - fix: SUITE-587 Language Switch Crash 21.06.2018 - v1.4.0.3777 - add: clock source selection for TeK block to avoid drifting clocks while stitching - fix: stticher status display did not scale until moved 20.06.2018 - v1.4.0.3775 - add: Changed icons for FileReader and FileWriter 19.06.2018 - v1.3.1.3766 - add: SUITE-556 highlight selected sector in DDCC - fix: memory leaks 16.06.2018 - v1.3.1.3758 - fix: improve file writer idle render performance 15.06.2018 - v1.3.1.3756 - fix: low noise level stream stitcher sync problems with Tek - fix: video stream latency reduction 13.06.2018 - v1.3.1.3748 - add: promises to script libraries 11.06.2018 - v1.3.1.3740 - fix: thread performance problem with double value types due to mLocale member 10.06.2018 - v1.3.1.3737 - fix: crash with spectrum stitching in time compression block 05.06.2018 - v1.3.1.3728 - add: initial shot at mulhouse protocol 04.06.2018 - v1.3.1.3723 - add: SUITE-572 add serial number check to PTZ camera 03.06.2018 - v1.3.1.3717 - add: SUITE-580 add timeout counter to jammer toolbar 01.06.2018 - v1.3.1.3713 - add: control zoom size with cursor targeting of DDCC camera control - add: SUITE-575 start camera on start system of DDCC 31.05.2018 - v1.3.1.3708 - add: SUITE-574 add set to north and go to north buttons - fix: check icon size - fix: SUITE-576 minimum size of DD info block broken due to full jammer command bar 30.05.2018 - v1.3.1.3702 - fix: mouse position workaround for dragging tabs in multimonitor high DPI setup on windows - fix: SUITE-569 Lock Jammer Settings not working after mission load - fix: SUITE-570 Add Range to locked setup elements 29.05.2018 - v1.3.1.3695 - fix: assert in spectran block 27.05.2018 - v1.3.1.3692 - add: map control toolbar 27.05.2018 - v1.3.1.3689 - add: control and direction for PTZ - add: max time and cooldown for jammer 27.05.2018 - v1.3.1.3687 - add: remote control bar to ddcc 26.05.2018 - v1.3.1.3683 - add: grid waterfall - add: grid waterfall item - fix: linux build 26.05.2018 - v1.3.1.3677 - add: Tooltip for Dock tabs - fix: server connection table stats display 25.05.2018 - v1.3.1.3673 - add: Added item in ConfigItemTreeDialog to set the number of DSP threads 24.05.2018 - v1.3.1.3669 - add: wiper button to camera control - fix: crashes due to slow waterfall with iso log sectors - fix: multi camera control in DDCC 24.05.2018 - v1.3.1.3665 - #add: SUITE-561 sort health status by name - add: SUITE-564 add suppress single detection flag to target classification setting - fix: crash in DDCC with too many Cameras/Jammers/Antennas 24.05.2018 - v1.3.1.3661 - add: icons and header to ddcc toolbars 22.05.2018 - v1.3.1.3654 - add: first shot for jammer toolbar - fix: crash in startup of script block 22.05.2018 - v1.3.1.3646 - fix: low memory race conditions in JSIQA garbage collector - fix: startup problem with autostart in script block 19.05.2018 - v1.3.1.3642 - Add: Futaba T3BV Remote Control detector - add: multiple video outputs to PTZ block - fix: stream end handling while looping in histogram block 18.05.2018 - v1.3.1.3631 - add: Block configuration entries can now be filtered - add: status bar to script block - add: stream multiplexer block 17.05.2018 - v1.3.1.3628 - add: IO system for script block - fix: add timing restart check for V5 sweep - fix: extend sweep down to 9kHz - fix: frequency input control for small frequency (no decimals) - fix: mac build 16.05.2018 - v1.3.1.3625 - add: experimental focus control to PTZ 14.05.2018 - v1.3.1.3620 - fix: looping with DDCC 11.05.2018 - v1.3.1.3615 - add: language/locale selection in DDCC 11.05.2018 - v1.3.1.3613 - fix: zone flashing by hidden drone 11.05.2018 - v1.3.1.3611 - fix: audio alert for invisible drones 09.05.2018 - v1.3.1.3604 - add: io system to jsiqa - add: SUITE-553 change custom map creation and editing by using a hamburger menu - add: zone detection with single antenna 06.05.2018 - v1.3.1.3594 - add: ptz camera drone tracking 05.05.2018 - v1.3.1.3592 - fix: SUITE-500 crash in spectrum shape detector - fix: SUITE-551 monitored area cannot be moved 04.05.2018 - v1.3.1.3589 - add: streaming support for jsiqa - fix: linux build - fix: linux build - fix: SUITE-540 Extension not automatically save with mission or record files (Linux) - fix: SUITE-540 Extension not automatically save with mission or record files (Linux) - fix: SUITE-540 Extension not automatically save with mission or record files (Linux) - fix: SUITE-540 Extension not automatically save with mission or record files (Linux) - fix: SUITE-541 Undocked RTSA blocks cannot be resized in Linux - fix: SUITE-550 crash when exceeding 100 detectors in shape detector 03.05.2018 - v1.3.1.3579 - fix: SUITE-450 Changing a block name will only work after RTSA restart 01.05.2018 - v1.3.1.3575 - add: message system to jisqa 30.04.2018 - v1.3.1.3569 - add: #SUITE-545 add custom pattern files for jammer antennas - fix: potential crash due to isolog IP display if system changed 28.04.2018 - v1.3.1.3564 - fix: SUITE-542 health status not update in HTTP client without remote control or DDS attached 27.04.2018 - v1.3.1.3557 - add: SUITE-455 Show IP Address in ISO Log Footer - fix: SUITE-538 Spectran Start button not active 26.04.2018 - v1.3.1.3553 - fix: SUITE-535 Maximize View of undocked RTSA block does not work - fix: SUITE-536 Undocked RTSA blocks are not closed if a new mission was created 23.04.2018 - v1.3.1.3543 - fix: SUITE-523 turning drag map off when changing map should fix the problem 23.04.2018 - v1.3.1.3541 - fix: SUITE-529 crash when removing newly added HTTP server block - fix: SUITE-530 fixed watchdog crashes due to delayed network responses with a crashed process 23.04.2018 - v1.3.1.3535 - add: SUITE-528 add config item to disable cone transparency and outline 21.04.2018 - v1.3.1.3531 - add: double click and mouse wheel to control camera pan/zoom in video monitor - add: typed arrays to jsiqa - fix: linux build - fix: Mac Build - fix: Mac Installer 18.04.2018 - v1.3.1.3517 - add: 915MHZ frequency profile - add: New slider control in Config Item Tree Widet - add: SUITE-506 frequency profiles now updated with scan group changes - add: SUITE-518 outline to jammer cones - fix: SUITE-501 IsoLOG stops spinning after V5 reset 17.04.2018 - v1.3.1.3509 - fix: SUITE-515 scan group span now used 16.04.2018 - v1.3.1.3505 - add: SUITE-509 add lock config checkbox to jammer setup - add: SUITE-510 add colors to jammer antenna config - add: SUITE-511 add opacity to jammer antenna config - add: SUITE-512 add range to jammer cone config - fix: add license check on mission load - fix: crash in ISO log block when shutting down - fix: SUITE-501 IsoLog does not turn in DDCC block due to stop/start of V5 15.04.2018 - v1.3.1.3501 - add: video monitor remote control of ptz camera - fix: azimuth orientation - fix: SUITE-498 propagation of frequency profile after mission load - fix: SUITE-500 ignore titles of deleted blocks when creating new block 14.04.2018 - v1.3.1.3497 - add: camera control in video monitor view - fix: various gc problems in jsiqa 13.04.2018 - v1.3.1.3492 - fix: isolog startup crash - fix: SUITE.495 HTTP server config not correct after load 13.04.2018 - v1.3.1.3489 - add: power button to http jammer - fix: Added missing HKVision dll's to the RTSA installer 13.04.2018 - v1.3.1.3486 - add: basic camera control to DDCC - add: support for demo mode to drone detection block - fix: SUITE-496 crash when removing jammer config 12.04.2018 - v1.3.1.3484 - fix: RTSA Suite crash caused by missing DLLs in the Windows Installation (HK Vision DLLs) 11.04.2018 - v1.3.1.3477 - add: embedded drone images in drone database file - add: network connection timeout to watchdog - fix: SUITE-489 crash in file reader sync mode 11.04.2018 - v1.3.1.3473 - add: map view to PTZ camera - add: support for up to eight jammer inputs in DDCC - fix: linux build - fix: topography check for empty folder 10.04.2018 - v1.3.1.3467 - add: multi drone config file support - add: Watchdog tool for RTSASuite 09.04.2018 - v1.3.1.3462 - fix: jammer config with multiple device IPs - fix: linux build - fix: linux build 06.04.2018 - v1.3.1.3455 - fix: LicenseManager couldn't find keys 06.04.2018 - v1.3.1.3453 - fix: Memory leaks - fix: support for ancient ISO log protocol 05.04.2018 - v1.3.1.3450 - add: devices table to iso log block - fix: invalid map center with jammer caused problems with animation - fix: Memory leaks 04.04.2018 - v1.3.1.3446 - add: SUITE-272 Jammer control to DDS 30.03.2018 - v1.3.1.3437 - add: grey default image for drones that have no actual image - add: HTTP replay based jammer block - add: scripting block - fix: drone detection not starting without antenna 24.03.2018 - v1.3.1.3423 - add: SUITE-446 multi waterfall needs antenna for each stream - add: SUITE-447 multi waterfall needs legend for each stream - add: SUITE-457 multi waterfall needs frequency profile - Fix: Linux Installer 22.03.2018 - v1.3.1.3413 - fix: crash with jammer show/hide in drone view legend tree 22.03.2018 - v1.3.1.3410 - add: basic support for HKVision camera - add: topographic tiles web access 21.03.2018 - v1.3.1.3408 - fix: SUITE-483 check device binding in license.xml 17.03.2018 - v1.3.1.3401 - add: developer keys for omniscale and topomaps - add: feature keys for topo maps and omniscale maps - add: Mavic AIR Video detection - add: support for gz compressed topo maps - fix: fix memory leaks - fix: SUITE-478 remote config with missing unit spec for floats caused serve to crash - fix: SUITE-479 made HTTP path and arguments case insensitive - fix: SUITE-480 added escape coding to JSON formatter 15.03.2018 - v1.3.1.3376 - fix: crash when adding isolog block to mission - fix: missing drone direction due to jumping antennas (GPS) 14.03.2018 - v1.3.1.3363 - add: sides to geomap 3D with topography 13.03.2018 - v1.3.1.3353 - add: license manager 11.03.2018 - v1.3.1.3337 - fix: various memory leaks 10.03.2018 - v1.3.1.3334 - add: remaining grid types to topo maps - fix: memory leak in graph editor 09.03.2018 - v1.3.1.3325 - add: --nogui and --minimized startup options - add: 3D grid lines for degree based grids - add: command line options to rtsa suite 09.03.2018 - v1.3.1.3317 - add: flowsheet showing required FPGA processing - add: HTTP endpoint document first draft - add: video pattern detection developer key - fix: crash due to slow opening HTTP server and uninitialized view variable 09.03.2018 - v1.3.1.3306 - add: statistics display for HTTP client and server 08.03.2018 - v1.3.1.3302 - add: compress RTBW calibration files 07.03.2018 - v1.3.1.3300 - fix: Change filetype for linux shell scripts 07.03.2018 - v1.3.1.3278 - add: jammer detection - add: zlib support 05.03.2018 - v1.3.1.3260 - fix: topo map creation if map out of sight 05.03.2018 - v1.3.1.3258 - add: flexible horizon distance in geomap - add: simpleconfig setting in remote config for HTTP server - add: SUITE-473 ddcc remote control config - add: SUITE-474 add https support to server - add: support for high detail topo maps - fix: SUITE-474 crash on https request with no https - fix: SUITE-475 crash in HTTP server with invalid remote config body - fix: z buffer clipping in volumetric IQ 04.03.2018 - v1.3.1.3248 - add: multitouch rotate - fix: 3D orientation of multitouch rotate 04.03.2018 - v1.3.1.3245 - add: dial support for DDCC - fix: highdpi font problems in DDCC 03.03.2018 - v1.3.1.3242 - fix: added glFlush() to gl pipe on linux seems to fix opengl issues in VM - fix: requested gl context in chart blocks destructor - fix: usage of abs(int) in linux due to stdlib.h 03.03.2018 - v1.3.1.3233 - add: topography data to map display - fix: location processing of WiFi detection 02.03.2018 - v1.3.1.3225 - add: missing checkin - fix: crash on shutdown in release build 01.03.2018 - v1.3.1.3199 - add: radial controller to more chart blocks - add: SUITE-461 check and show collisions in V5 assignment - add: SUITE-470 extend DJI4 video channel range - fix: manifest in build settings - fix: SUITE-467 map image coordinate confusion - fix: SUITE-468 crash in stream download of drone data - fix: SUITE-469 "step" setting in frequency profiles 28.02.2018 - v1.3.1.3186 - fix: dependencies and build folder 27.02.2018 - v1.3.1.3178 - fix: drone detection with TEK - fix: linux build 26.02.2018 - v1.3.1.3174 - add: missing manifest file - fix: SUITE-463 reduced reset of atenna data in drone tracker for small movements, added second level config display in map to show GPS update status - fix: windows 7 compatibility of radial controller changes 26.02.2018 - v1.3.1.3170 - add: prepare autoset button in window icon set - fix: remove debug file write code from ftdi producer 25.02.2018 - v1.3.1.3167 - fix: back axis display in 3D views 24.02.2018 - v1.3.1.3165 - add: dial control for 3D views - add: dial control for color and time compression in waterfall - add: touch support 24.02.2018 - v1.3.1.3163 - add: frequency shifting to x axis response for dial - add: missing files for radial controller - add: radial controller support on windows 23.02.2018 - v1.3.1.3159 - add: documentation for antenna UUID in drone detection json document 22.02.2018 - v1.3.1.3157 - add: SUITE-458 linear scaled power units in spectrum view - add: workaround for compiler error 21.02.2018 - v1.3.1.3150 - fix: crash win WiFi detector with out of bound power values 20.02.2018 - v1.3.1.3144 - add: Added new artwork for graphlayout - fix: auto recover in V5 20.02.2018 - v1.3.1.3139 - add: "none" option to scan group config - add: auto recover for ISO log communication - add: SUITE-449 GPS support for new Isolog 3D - add: SUITE-452 add scan group lock to spectran 19.02.2018 - v1.3.1.3134 - fix: repeat mode in QAM signal generator 18.02.2018 - v1.3.1.3132 - add: raster image signal generator - add: spread spectrum support in signal generator 17.02.2018 - v1.3.1.3129 - add: Select multiple blocks in GraphLayout by mouse area select 15.02.2018 - v1.3.1.3122 - fix: crash in drone detection - fix: stutter in drone detection with frequency jumps - fix: SUITE-448 V5 multi receiver mismatch 15.02.2018 - v1.3.1.3120 - add: SUITE-423 add height settings for ISO Log - fix: frequency hopping in DDS - fix: SUITE-444 fix black and flickering drone icons 15.02.2018 - v1.3.1.3116 - add: SUITE-413 multiple control points for color coding 14.02.2018 - v1.3.1.3113 - add: 2.4GHz WiFi target to drone detector - add: SUITE-442 add numbered default names for markers - fix: SUITE-442 fixed incorrect check for dummy antenna if first stream had no antenna attached 13.02.2018 - v1.3.1.3109 - add: editing options to block graph layout 12.02.2018 - v1.3.1.3105 - add: SUITE-374 add height parameter to alarm zones and display as 3D areas - fix: 5GHz WIFI Video was not detected - fix: SUITE-441 Markers table lost in space 11.02.2018 - v1.3.1.3102 - add: lock aspect ration in IQ histogram for I/Q axis - add: threshold setting for 3D volumetric IQ histogram 10.02.2018 - v1.3.1.3100 - fix: crash when opening empty property group - fix: image writing during video recording 09.02.2018 - v1.3.1.3094 - add: video capture and monitor blocks - add: Zoom for GraphLayout ( Ctrl + / - ) and ( Ctrl + MouseWheel ) - fix: SUITE-440 add datawatchdog to V5 08.02.2018 - v1.3.1.3089 - add: clock skew config for stream clock synch - add: remote stream clock synchronization via http - add: SUITE-345 sync streaming clock from client to server - add: textual IQ output format of AD9371 eval board to filesource import - fix: crash in drone detector - fix: graph layouter bounding box - fix: priority for remote clock - fix: SUITE-438 remote control block broken 07.02.2018 - v1.3.1.3073 - add: set condition C0 for warning and C1 for panic in drone detection - add: statistics block - fix: single block in graph display - fix: SUITE-436 fix crash of log scale for some frequency/band settings - fix: SUITE-473 reading block config may destroy graph structure - fix: vertical output connector placement 06.02.2018 - v1.3.1.3062 - add: initial column ordering for graphlayout - add: splines to block graph layouter - add: topo sort to graph layouter - add: volumetric 3D IQ histogram - fix: crash in WIFI Detector - fix: mac build - fix: mac build - fix: MAC build 04.02.2018 - v1.3.1.3044 - add: horizon and sky to 3D map view - fix: SUITE-432 segment filter cause false alarm in drone detection 03.02.2018 - v1.3.1.3040 - add: BlockGraphLayout dummy implementation 02.02.2018 - v1.3.1.3038 - add: drone pattern training document - add: flowsheet graph layouter sample 02.02.2018 - v1.3.1.3034 - add: 3D spindle chart for IQ data - add: clip mode for 3D cursor 01.02.2018 - v1.3.1.3030 - add: SUITE-210 Rebuld ISO Log block to support ARCP protocol 30.01.2018 - v1.3.1.3013 - add: -GL options for windows builds, enables link time code generation - add: buildings to 3D maps - add: more drone remote detection algorithms - add: rtbw correction for 4.588 firmware version - fix: qt studio debug data for msvc - fix: SUITE-339 x/y coordinate mixup with meter based map coordinates 28.01.2018 - v1.3.1.2993 - add: IQ histogram 3D block - fix: crash in IQ preview when span > sample rate 26.01.2018 - v1.3.1.2988 - add: 588 firmware 25.01.2018 - v1.3.1.2985 - fix: crash in IQ resample block if span was greater than sampe rate - fix: demod on/off for V5 now with streaming turned off - fix: drone detection crash with DROCON Bugs RC 25.01.2018 - v1.3.1.2979 - add: ortho projection to 3d views - fix: SUITE-242 interaction with isometric 3D display 24.01.2018 - v1.3.1.2976 - fix: SUITE-418 Fixed and common height for Config Item Widgets 23.01.2018 - v1.3.1.2974 - add: check box menu items - add: http client config via remote config block - add: SUITE-377 add trace lock feature to marker table - add: SUITE-406 GPS update mode setting - fix: disable demodulation on V5 open - fix: SUITE-420 filereader shows wrong filedata 22.01.2018 - v1.3.1.2966 - add: IQ imbalance correction to IQ correction block - fix: mac build 20.01.2018 - v1.3.1.2961 - add: health status to remote config block - add: isolog to remote config - fix: linux build 19.01.2018 - v1.3.1.2956 - add: missing icon files - add: remote config block - add: Sound Notification when saving a mission - fix: docking system drag on high dpi - fix: Improved High DPI Monitor support - fix: memory leaks 19.01.2018 - v1.3.1.2944 - add: direct processing dsp stream block 18.01.2018 - v1.3.1.2936 - add: checksum for GPS data - add: SUITE-406: Ignore invalid GPS coordinates - fix: time and hemisphere parser in GPS data 17.01.2018 - v1.3.1.2931 - add: error log entries to alert block, if called processes fail or http connections return an error response - add: load/save of individual block configurations into document files - fix: memory leaks - fix: SUITE-394 Chained Filereader does not loop after second replay - fix: SUITE-398 Info Tab Data Width is not saved within mission - fix: SUITE-401 Deleting A filereader crashes the RTSA 16.01.2018 - v1.3.1.2921 - add: alert block - fix: SUITE-396 Can't open Spectrum Shape Detector in Debug mode 15.01.2018 - v1.3.1.2916 - add: DROCON Bugs Drone Detection - fix: missing description for reference traces - fix: SUITE-390 flickering histogram in spectrum view - fix: SUITE-393 Adding a trace name crashes the RTSA if smooth mode is active 14.01.2018 - v1.3.1.2910 - #add: SUITE-379 explicit excursion and threshold values for peak markers - fix: SUITE-389 Trace function "Add to Reference" crashes RTSA 13.01.2018 - v1.3.1.2907 - add: SUITE-378 Add smooth range to trace legend - add: SUITE-381 explain trigger block 12.01.2018 - v1.3.1.2904 - fix: crash in trigger block 12.01.2018 - v1.3.1.2902 - add: device serial number to license file checking - fix: Fixed problem with unstyled message boxes opened from within the blocks 12.01.2018 - v1.3.1.2899 - add: auto reset during open, if V5 not responding - add: FFT size setting to sweep block - add: spkie filter to v5 stream conversion - fix: file read and variable write order in V5 open - fix: SUITE-362 Color coding of V5 play button in ribbon not correct - fix: SUITE-383 Hiding a config item group does not hide items 11.01.2018 - v1.3.1.2893 - fix: SUITE-385 workaround for limited line width in OpenGL 10.01.2018 - v1.3.1.2891 - add: auto rotate animation for drone map - add: directional separation for spectrum shape detector - Add: Network Scan to RSA Block; Fix: Save RSA RTBW - add: SUITE-382 spline based false color density display - fix: change license type to binary - fix: float/double confusion in load/save of config items - fix: SUITE-375 trace name changes not reflected in marker table / config - fix: SUITE-380 Technical Help crashes the RTSA (no internet connection) - fix: time compression for multi sample spectra packets - fix: window gain compensation in spectrum conversion block 09.01.2018 - v1.3.1.2882 - add: spectrum shape detector 05.01.2018 - v1.3.1.2875 - add: block for BPSG signal generator - fix: hide gui window when programming signal generator - fix: remove too much debug output 04.01.2018 - v1.3.1.2867 - add: SUITE-370 implement multiple RTBW calibration ranges - add: SUITE-371 smoothing option for traces 03.01.2018 - v1.3.1.2865 - add: color, mode and source inputs in marker table - add: SUITE-372 add delta mode for markers - fix: display of IQ rate in V5 block - fix: update rate of low frequency IQ data 29.12.2017 - v1.3.1.2859 - add: log scale frequency axis and sweeping - add: separate clear icons for traces in spectrum view - add: time cursor trace to combo view - fix: 64bit sample index for sample/hold traces 28.12.2017 - v1.3.1.2854 - add: center frequency config for RTBW calibration - fix: rtbw calibration block with frequency config - fix: SUITE-366 Marker delta should be dB not dBm 27.12.2017 - v1.3.1.2849 - fix: crash with markers in spectrum view 27.12.2017 - v1.3.1.2847 - add: SUITE-368 add reference marker, more interactive usage of marker table and cursor 26.12.2017 - v1.3.1.2845 - add: SUITE-369 cursor fstart and fstop readout and delta symbols 25.12.2017 - v1.3.1.2843 - add: max range and min floor overlap handling in spectrum sweep block - fix: SUITE-364 more noisy block reduction 24.12.2017 - v1.3.1.2840 - fix: SUITE-364 distored blocks in sweep 23.12.2017 - v1.3.1.2838 - add: SUITE-351 cone width depending on kalman bearing probability - fix: crosshair scaling on hi dpi 21.12.2017 - v1.3.1.2833 - fix: SUITE-363 Signal offset not propagated - fix: SUITE-364 Noiseblocks in spectrum sweep 21.12.2017 - v1.3.1.2827 - fix: windows build 21.12.2017 - v1.3.1.2819 - Add: Update RSA Server to Debian 9.3; Add UDP Discovery Service to RSA Server - fix: RTBW calibration block - fix: SUITE-360 time compression does not work with docked blocks to spectrum sweep 20.12.2017 - v1.3.1.2813 - add: 3D ddcc map view - add: SUITE-344 sync input allows synchronized playback - fix: markers in wide spectrum sweep 18.12.2017 - v1.3.1.2808 - fix: crash in V5 block due to racing condition with state QString variable 17.12.2017 - v1.3.1.2805 - add: antenna coverage heatmap to DDCC - fix: limit bin size based on sampling 16.12.2017 - v1.3.1.2802 - fix: drone detection minimum range filter for only 45deg segment - Fix: Stream Restart in RTSA Server - Fix: Stream Restart in RTSA Server, set inital Volume to zero of RSA and V5 Audio monitor 16.12.2017 - v1.3.1.2798 - add: pan and scale to sector waterfall panorama image - add: SUITE-348 provide drone/category type visibility configuration DDCC as map checkbox tree - add: SUITE-354 aggregate sweep data - fix: polling loop and missing waits in V5 command parser 15.12.2017 - v1.3.1.2790 - add: faster but less precission log function - add: SUITE 349 show DDCC antennas in offline state - add: SUITE-345 antenna sector filter block - fix: missing histogram in sweep 14.12.2017 - v1.3.1.2783 - fix: Audio Signal Saturation - fix: disable geo coords in dd heatmap if map not locked - fix: rounding precsion on meter in config items - fix: SUITE-347 sector waterfall panorama picture does not full scale 13.12.2017 - v1.3.1.2778 - add: map to remaining geo blocks 13.12.2017 - v1.3.1.2776 - add: SUITE-339 grid to map view - add: SUITE-346 Histogram and Traces for sector waterfall - fix: precision of sector change in iso log 12.12.2017 - v1.3.1.2772 - add: basic input check for correct stream payload - add: check overwrite in File Writer block - add: SUITE-342 hf infput path for RSA306 - fix: SUITE-327 implement stream selection in File Reader block - fix: typo SPECTRA 11.12.2017 - v1.3.1.2767 - add: multi level category support for category timeline block 08.12.2017 - v1.3.1.2763 - add: persistence slider to DDCC heatmap 07.12.2017 - v1.3.1.2760 - add: maximum hold for heatmap in DDCC - fix: second replay problem in DDCC heatmap 07.12.2017 - v1.3.1.2758 - add: more drone heatmap histogram modes - fix: crash in channel utilization block - fix: frequency hopping with drone video detector - fix: SUITE-335 Symbolic buttons in IsoLog 3D - main 07.12.2017 - v1.3.1.2750 - add: 5GHz video channels for DJI4 - add: distance penalty to drone detection heat map 07.12.2017 - v1.3.1.2747 - fix: crash due to missing icons 06.12.2017 - v1.3.1.2745 - add: first shot heat map drone detection - fix: stream selection in file reader block 06.12.2017 - v1.3.1.2738 - fix: crash when changing sweep boundaries on the fly - fix: SUITE-329 invalid initial image size on map import - fix: SUITE-331 add missing map cursor in drone detector 05.12.2017 - v1.3.1.2734 - add: 4.562 V5 firmware - fix: build - fix: build - fix: build - fix: drone detection block info and neuron display - fix: multi detection of Mavic PRO with slightly divergent video channels - Fix: V5 HW FM/AM 05.12.2017 - v1.3.1.2725 - add: icons for different layout modes - fix: azimuth propagation from DDCC - fix: build 04.12.2017 - v1.3.1.2719 - fix: crash when dragging antenna while detection is active 02.12.2017 - v1.3.1.2714 - add: Prepared language support for hungarian - fix: FileReader and FileWrite path completion 01.12.2017 - v1.3.1.2701 - add: drone position control in DD command center system control - fix: drone movement in DD command center 30.11.2017 - v1.3.1.2688 - add: FlowSheet to change the version infos 30.11.2017 - v1.3.1.2684 - add: detector validation table for video neural net - fix: Possible crash after a block got an ribbon dock - fix: removed old audio alert setting from drone detection - fix: SUITE-234 entering geo locations in DD areas - fix: table space reserveration did not use line spacing 29.11.2017 - v1.3.1.2640 - add: AnkCmd to be able to run FlowSheets from the command line - add: Block FileSource now displays the file title on the dock tab - add: Powershell script to create the Perforce changelists - fix: generic 2.4GHz directional energy - fix: YUNEEC remote false positives 29.11.2017 - v1.3.1.2629 - fix: optimize gcc warnings 29.11.2017 - v1.3.1.2622 - add: in place editing of cursor position and size in charts - fix: remote detection with fixed pattern and long sequence 28.11.2017 - v1.3.1.2618 - add: neural network training for video pattern detection block - add: SUITE-313 set dynamic range in views 26.11.2017 - v1.3.1.2607 - add: auto file split in file writer - add: file number rotation in file writer - add: recording button and auto start control to file writer - add: YUNEEC Video Detector - fix: neural network size for Yuneec video 24.11.2017 - v1.3.1.2601 - fix: alert modal close and alert modal update - fix: check for null samples before and in AddSamples - fix: detect server connection with '/sample' now delivering empty text instead of empty json array - fix: null value in json formatter - fix: SUITE-300 Profile not resized for single line items (e.g. Bluetooth) - fix: SUITE-312 error handling in file reader and source 23.11.2017 - v1.3.1.2589 - fix: math build 22.11.2017 - v1.3.1.2586 - fix: build 22.11.2017 - v1.3.1.2583 - add: SUITE-307 Playback speed setting in file read - add: waterfall and source peak highlighting to drone pattern detector - Fix: Improve V5 data Watchdog 21.11.2017 - v1.3.1.2568 - add: SUITE-301 Punch out exclude detection areas in view display mode - add: SUITE-304 Color Histogram for FileReader and FileSource - fix: Attenuation slider now updates - fix: initial scale at StartStream - fix: server calls with correct int and float values - fix: SUITE-300 profile propagation - fix: SUITE-302 updated file source import tab 19.11.2017 - v1.3.1.2556 - add: enable timeshift block for IQ data - fix: Power offset now uses dB instead of dBm 13.11.2017 - v1.3.1.2532 - fix: invalidate drone database on save 13.11.2017 - v1.3.1.2530 - add: initial testversion of Aaronia RTSA Suite for the web - fix: long signal peaks drone pattern detection - fix: placement of ALERT and CAUTION messages in drone detection map - fix: update of power area condition when changing area 13.11.2017 - v1.3.1.2524 - add: editing of drone database in pattern detector block - fix: default drone image for user drone patterns - fix: linux build - fix: Pause / Config buttons in the Dock title didn't show their checked state - fix: State of the BlockGraphButton in Ribbon wasn't updated 11.11.2017 - v1.3.1.2514 - add: set value command to command sequencer - add: show names in drone detectio areas - add: template strings for drone warning voice 10.11.2017 - v1.3.1.2509 - add: light direction configuration for 3D views - add: load mission command ton control sequencer - fix: autostart button in control sequencer - fix: end of stream propagation in drone detection - Fix: Load Mission Crash (only in Linux detected) - fix: normal vector transform in 3D views - Fix: RSA-Server-Block Status 09.11.2017 - v1.3.1.2501 - add: more display options for drone map zones - add: relative file paths to file config item - fix: AM/FM playback issues - fix: generic 2.4GHz detector for FrSky drones - fix: overlapping charts in drone detector 08.11.2017 - v1.3.1.2495 - Fix: RTSA-Server Bootloader Dependencies 07.11.2017 - v1.3.1.2493 - fix: SUITE-289 crash when demodulating AM/FM in a loop 07.11.2017 - v1.3.1.2491 - add: enter/leave entries in drone log - add: health status to file reader - add: IQ demodulator block icon - add: loop to control sequencer - add: voice alert to drone dds - add: wait command in control sequencer - fix: mac build - fix: mac build - fix: mac build - fix: mac build - fix: remove limit of 5 Spectran V5 - Fix: Spectrum Data Routing in RTSA-Server - fix: stack overflow in V5 block 06.11.2017 - v1.3.1.2479 - add: Detection Zones to Map 31.10.2017 - v1.3.1.2467 - add: config item to disable modal error message pop ups for remote stations - add: multi scan ranges and groups for drone detection map - fix: Fixed an immerdiate crash in the latest build - fix: remote drone false detection for DJI4 and similar 30.10.2017 - v1.3.1.2463 - add: Added new profile AeronauticCommunications 29.10.2017 - v1.3.1.2461 - add: dpi scaling to global config 27.10.2017 - v1.3.1.2458 - add: Enabled the Application Configuration Dialog for the EndUser - add: health and status display for dds command center - add: start/stop buttons to dds command center 27.10.2017 - v1.3.1.2455 - add: 'User Default Settings' can be deleted - fix: Annoying Qt bug workarround for styled comboboxes 26.10.2017 - v1.3.1.2452 - add: SUITE-227 Global system and device status in drone control and command center 25.10.2017 - v1.3.1.2448 - add: software vs. hardware equalizer with Tektronix RSA block 24.10.2017 - v1.3.1.2443 - add: UI elements and Map to sector jammer 21.10.2017 - v1.3.1.2439 - add: Updated the indonesion language support 20.10.2017 - v1.3.1.2437 - add: Blocks can not get a short info - add: Blocks can now be ranemed - add: RSA306 key 17.10.2017 - v1.3.1.2420 - fix: SUITE-273 V5 amplifier visual state not restored on default change 17.10.2017 - v1.3.1.2412 - add: control sequencer block to auto control multiple blocks simultaneously and time based - fix: SUITE-273 SPECTRAN V5 block fails to switch between custom Default Setups - fix: SUITE-274 RTBW Calibration data was not used for short pulse suppression default mode 12.10.2017 - v1.3.1.2402 - add: undo/redo to spectrum condition block 10.10.2017 - v1.3.1.2397 - fix: crash loading default mission 10.10.2017 - v1.3.1.2395 - add: DJI 4 Pro Remote - add: undo/redo for channel power block - add: undo/redo for filesource block - add: undo/redo for markers - add: undo/redo for ribbon control - add: undo/redo for traces - add: undo/redo to block editor - add: undo/redo to file reader block - add: undo/redo to ISOLog block - fix: duplicate block crash in debug mode 09.10.2017 - v1.3.1.2380 - add: additional DHI 4 remote pattern 08.10.2017 - v1.3.1.2378 - add: undo/redo for IQ signal generator 07.10.2017 - v1.3.1.2375 - add: some undo redo for config items - add: undo for frequency profile - fix: memory leak in recursive command chain entry 06.10.2017 - v1.3.1.2369 - fix: Adding the "plus" symbol at "Custom Channels" crashes the RTSA 05.10.2017 - v1.3.1.2365 - add: category based config in drone map - add: prepare undo/redo of config items - add: SUITE-228 highlight values above limit in color schemes - add: SUITE-229 additional color bands in 3D color schemes - add: SUITE-230 show highest value in color scheme - add: SUITE-261 expanded drone detection block to 8 inputs - fix: memory leak cursor config items - fix: SUITE-263 crash with non power 2 fft 04.10.2017 - v1.3.1.2355 - add: SUITE-258 add more inputs to drone locator - fix: SUITE-257 crash when selecting out of range profile in channel power 02.10.2017 - v1.3.1.2348 - add: SUITE-244 azimuth/power chart to iso log map - fix: video channel clipping in drone detection 01.10.2017 - v1.3.1.2344 - fix: added two missing DJI4 video channels at high frequency in 2.4K 29.09.2017 - v1.3.1.2339 - fix: frequency sub channel leak in drone video channel detection - fix: opengl errors with 3D histogram and no data 28.09.2017 - v1.3.1.2336 - add: full spectrum checkbox for rsa306 - add: statistics for rsa306 - fix: problems with fast sweeps on rsa306 27.09.2017 - v1.3.1.2331 - add: export of event table in drone detection - add: repair and more file output formats to RTSAFileTool 26.09.2017 - v1.3.1.2324 - add: export to ascii and binary matlab format from file source and file reader 23.09.2017 - v1.3.1.2318 - add: export IQ to wv and iq.tar file formats from file source and filereader block 21.09.2017 - v1.3.1.2314 - fix: start and end position in file reader playback 17.09.2017 - v1.3.1.2297 - add: #SUITE-242 documentation for RTSA file format 16.09.2017 - v1.3.1.2295 - add: #226 open input dialog when clicking on value/position/frequency label at cursor 14.09.2017 - v1.3.1.2288 - fix: #SUITE-223 renaming of markers - fix: #SUITE-225 moving cursor grid lines outside of selection area - fix: #SUITE-235 improve file reader range selector - fix: crash when opening empty property group - fix: marker drag in waterfall view - fix: SUITE-227 Cursor Axis label position and color 13.09.2017 - v1.3.1.2278 - fix: crash during shutdown with new pane system and a combo view with traces - fix: layout of tabbed container in views 12.09.2017 - v1.3.1.2275 - fix: bogus error message when importing IQ or WV file - fix: log display of category waterfall 10.09.2017 - v1.3.1.2263 - fix: improve recovery of V5 driver after debug event or USB problems - fix: SUITE-213 fix crash when downscaling legend 24.08.2017 - v1.3.1.2238 - add: manual offset to HF frontend block - add: New supported language Indonesian - add: New supported language Indonesian - add: New supported language: Bahasa Melayu 23.08.2017 - v1.3.1.2233 - add: OFDM decode mode for IQ Histogram - add: OFDM signal generator - fix: race condition in USB input buffer 22.08.2017 - v1.3.1.2227 - Fix: SUITE-211 Background color of the blockgrapheditor changes to red when select new mission 18.08.2017 - v1.3.1.2219 - add: combine drone detection on channel swtich - add: program ftdi eeprom for sync transfer - add: split ISO log info into three tabs to conserve space - fix: packet length for V5 IQ data transfer - fix: remove legend from GPS block 17.08.2017 - v1.3.1.2213 - fix: remove packet length detection code, to avoid spurious error messages 16.08.2017 - v1.3.1.2208 - add: color schemes for remotes and drones - fix: linux build errors 15.08.2017 - v1.3.1.2200 - fix: Saved main window positions were not restored correctly. 14.08.2017 - v1.3.1.2186 - fix: linux build 13.08.2017 - v1.3.1.2184 - add: more logging in case of matrix inversion failure in drone detection block - fix: drone double detection at start and end of spectrum - fix: duplicate config name in time range spectrum 12.08.2017 - v1.3.1.2178 - fix: Identical names could cause problems while loading / saving values in Spectrum Time Range Trace - fix: mac build - fix: Memory leak - fix: replay of hidden file replay block 11.08.2017 - v1.3.1.2167 - add: configurable IQ generator - fix: iso log crash when more than 16 segments are found 10.08.2017 - v1.3.1.2164 - fix: improved geo map import - fix: lockup of drones on zero position - fix: reduce unicorn vomit in drone maps - fix: SUITE-208 crash when hovering over unconnected ISO log crosshair 09.08.2017 - v1.3.1.2160 - add: Improved Mission loading time - fix: crash due to running out of vertex buffers with too many drone detections - fix: Multiple memory leaks 07.08.2017 - v1.3.1.2156 - add: multi video channel drone detection - fix: hangup in drone detector polygon area creation - fix: superfluous error message when inserting file source - fix: texture error with antenna drone detection changes 06.08.2017 - v1.3.1.2151 - add: debug system registers 05.08.2017 - v1.3.1.2149 - add: statistics display to Spectran V5 block 04.08.2017 - v1.3.1.2147 - add: JIRA SUITE-197 implement antenna index processing in category block - fix: JIRA SUITE 207 Marker Table and Frequency Profile layout - fix: JIRA SUITE-149 add error message to file reader block - fix: JIRA SUITE-206 width of marker displayed false 03.08.2017 - v1.3.1.2130 - add: clear trails and trails duration config - add: cursor geomap measurement using CTRL + Left Mouse button - fix: build 02.08.2017 - v1.3.1.2123 - add: customize profile/active channels to channel power - add: histogram to webgl sample - add: min/max/average to category bar chart 01.08.2017 - v1.3.1.2121 - add: features query for http server 31.07.2017 - v1.3.1.2115 - add: antenna sector tooltip in waterfall, including direction map previiew if local image available - add: highlight of antenna sector in waterfall - add: selecting antenna sector in waterfall - fix: waterfall orientation for iso log segment tooltips 30.07.2017 - v1.3.1.2112 - add: SUITE-193 implemented custom channels in channel power block 29.07.2017 - v1.3.1.2110 - add: geo location setting to drone command map - add: move time compression into channel power block - fix: crash with some time compression settings of channel power block and categorie charts - fix: JIRA SUITE-196 crash in AM/FM decode due to misaligned FFT Buffer 27.07.2017 - v1.3.1.2103 - fix: memory leaks in file reader - fix: memory leaks in ISO Log Driver 27.07.2017 - v1.3.1.2100 - add: drone detection zone and direction cones to map - fix: SUITE-178 Mac build: dropdown selection renders in wrong color 26.07.2017 - v1.3.1.2095 - add: ribbon buttons for V5 mirror denoise - add: Tesla to power units 25.07.2017 - v1.3.1.2089 - fix: crash with iso log simple map - fix: field strength - fix: opengl errors with spectrum views 25.07.2017 - v1.3.1.2083 - add: more power units - field strength - fix: iso log simple map responds to azimuth 25.07.2017 - v1.3.1.2080 - add: more power units - add: SUITE-152 Time domain triggered traces - add: SUITE-45 Simple ISO Log power map 22.07.2017 - v1.3.1.2075 - add: simple ISO Log direction map 21.07.2017 - v1.3.1.2072 - add: autoscroll for drone event table - fix: header background for tables 20.07.2017 - v1.3.1.2070 - add: slider to drone history table - fix: v5 selection on the fly 19.07.2017 - v1.3.1.2068 - add: auto phase detect for QAM signals in IQ histogram - fix: drag of section title widget lost mouse grab when detatching 18.07.2017 - v1.3.1.2064 - add: implement load/save/copy of tile maps and custom images - fix: order of block shutdown 15.07.2017 - v1.3.1.2059 - add: rotation and manual power control to IQ normalization block 14.07.2017 - v1.3.1.2057 - add: import of IQ files into FileSource Block 12.07.2017 - v1.3.1.2054 - add: IQ histogram block - fix: drone detection of video cross frequency hopps 11.07.2017 - v1.3.1.2051 - add: demo drone detector - add: multi peaks for signal generator 10.07.2017 - v1.3.1.2047 - fix: crash when starting on win7 10.07.2017 - v1.3.1.2045 - add: 3d IQ scope 09.07.2017 - v1.3.1.2043 - fix: block editor was missing in old missions - fix: height of frequency input control 08.07.2017 - v1.3.1.2040 - fix: Linux build - fix: Previous mission files were not loaded correctly - fix: stop/start of IQ streaming in synchronous mode 07.07.2017 - v1.3.1.2036 - add: experimental IQ streaming support 02.07.2017 - v1.3.1.2026 - fix: crash when selecting Config Profile with Markers in Combo View 01.07.2017 - v1.3.1.2023 - add: SetCursorShape and Qt cursor shapes - fix: relative paths in 30.06.2017 - v1.3.1.2017 - add: Added new item in RibbonControl: Frequency Profile - add: Arrows for Frequency Control - add: Removed AGC from RibbonControl - add: webgl based RTSA waterfall 28.06.2017 - v1.3.1.2012 - add: drone pattern for 433 OCTO remote - add: IQ analog TV decoding 27.06.2017 - v1.3.1.2004 - add: iq oscilloscope view - fix: frequency profile display 27.06.2017 - v1.3.1.1999 - fix: drone detector crash w/o antenna 26.06.2017 - v1.3.1.1996 - add: audio signal strength detector - add: icon for audio signal strength locator - add: pulse/pause to audio signal detector - fix: spectrum marker config 25.06.2017 - v1.3.1.1991 - add: software IQ signal sweep generator - fix: build error 24.06.2017 - v1.3.1.1987 - add: An error dialog will pop up just in case the application couldn't open a Aaronia GPS logging device - fix: Fixed a potential crash in GPS Block 23.06.2017 - v1.3.1.1984 - add: antenna movement in map view 22.06.2017 - v1.3.1.1981 - add: FrequencyEdit - add: generic antenna and drone trail display - add: RibbonControlBars can now set to stay visible - fix: Mac Build - fix: Memory leaks - fix: USB Device Manager - Added missing checkmarks 20.06.2017 - v1.3.1.1975 - add: support for multiple RSA 306 devices - add: use generic map server for combined drone map view 20.06.2017 - v1.3.1.1973 - add: generic geo map import config - add: generic geo map scale display - fix: drone tracking HTTP output - fix: read of antenna and stream names in rtsa files - fix: reading name of antenna from rtsa file 19.06.2017 - v1.3.1.1968 - add: base geo map system for charts 18.06.2017 - v1.3.1.1966 - add: drone tracking block - add: multi antenna support in map 15.06.2017 - v1.3.1.1962 - add: Shortcut 'F11' to show or hide the BlockEditor - fix: Memory leaks 14.06.2017 - v1.3.1.1959 - add: antenna selection to ISO log config - add: Auto-expand Trace and Marker groups - fix: Memory leaks 13.06.2017 - v1.3.1.1956 - add: labels to traces in chart - add: Missing files - add: RibbonDock support - add: small text overlay for cursor measurements - add: toolbar to filesource - add: trace legend display inside chart - fix: generic 2.4 remove false positives - fix: Linux and Mac build - fix: phantom 4 video false positives - fix: scrubbing of histogram - fix: V5 shutdown crash with removed toolbard 12.06.2017 - v1.3.1.1945 - add: missing build file - add: support for IQ streaming devices 07.06.2017 - v1.3.1.1938 - fix: crash in multi spectral filter 06.06.2017 - v1.3.1.1935 - add: cors header to post response - add: CORS to OPTIONS and POST - add: dummy response to POST body - add: generic tooltips for config items - fix: stale data received in POST request 05.06.2017 - v1.3.1.1929 - add: third ISO log input to drone signal locator 04.06.2017 - v1.3.1.1927 - add: azimuth/declination parameter for file reasder operator 02.06.2017 - v1.3.1.1924 - add: train noise floor pattern to prevent misdetect of DJI4 01.06.2017 - v1.3.1.1921 - fix: drone signal lost in drone views - fix: GPSBase.pri include path 01.06.2017 - v1.3.1.1917 - fix: drone location detection with no map server 01.06.2017 - v1.3.1.1915 - add: HTTP server control command 31.05.2017 - v1.3.1.1913 - add: more input formats for GPS coordinates - add: time/position/power modification for file reader block - fix: live streaming on signal locator block 30.05.2017 - v1.3.1.1910 - add: drone position triangulation block - add: position to drone tracking - add: some operator icons 30.05.2017 - v1.3.1.1906 - add: make binary operator responsive - fix: FUTABA 7H Detector 29.05.2017 - v1.3.1.1903 - add: low pass and high pass filter to unary operator - add: missing futaba remotes - fix: sloppy response of 3D waterfall when selecting smoothing 29.05.2017 - v1.3.1.1900 - fix: app blocked when GPS started with not connected device - fix: build error - fix: RTBW detection on Start Button for delayed enabled V5 28.05.2017 - v1.3.1.1896 - add: dragging of antenna to GPS block - add: GPS Logger Block - add: multi spectral filter - add: test support for IQ samples - fix: 88MHz RTBW limit now checked again on start - fix: crash of drone detection with stitched wide spectrum - fix: mac and linux build - fix: memory leaks - fix: signal slot problems in GPSLogger 23.05.2017 - v1.3.1.1883 - add: resampling operator block and temporal filtering 21.05.2017 - v1.3.1.1880 - fix: crash in hoppingsessions due to tooltips 21.05.2017 - v1.3.1.1878 - add: operator mode to binary operator block - add: spectrum segment operator to unary arithmetic block 20.05.2017 - v1.3.1.1875 - add: prototype for binary arithmetic operator block - add: prototype for multi synchronized waterfall chart block - add: unary arithmetic operator block 17.05.2017 - v1.3.1.1871 - fix: simplemap memory leak - fix: stream write of wide spectra 17.05.2017 - v1.3.1.1869 - add: FUTABA Remote Detection - add: geo location to HF path - add: GPS support for HF Path and ISO Log Blocks 16.05.2017 - v1.3.1.1864 - add: map support for drone signal locator - fix: crash in two level y axis on category histogram - fix: RTSA-Suite for Mac, App-Icon should not appear in the taskbar 14.05.2017 - v1.3.1.1860 - add: smooth transition for stitcher block 13.05.2017 - v1.3.1.1857 - add: configuration options for stitcher block - fix: Mac build 12.05.2017 - v1.3.1.1851 - add: WaitCursor when adding new Blocks - fix: assert in grid when empty - fix: crash in timeshift block, when sample size changes - fix: crashes in stitcher when source stop/start 12.05.2017 - v1.3.1.1847 - add: reading calibration date from V5 - add: spectrum stitcher block 11.05.2017 - v1.3.1.1839 - add: spectrum stitcher (test) - fix: assert in HF part view - fix: crash in AM/FM Decoder on nvidia cards 11.05.2017 - v1.3.1.1832 - add: fileRead command for V5 eeprom 10.05.2017 - v1.3.1.1827 - add: Added new Factory Missions. UWB Lightbridge, DualReceiver, Hopping 09.05.2017 - v1.3.1.1821 - fix: aroundspacking textures in drone detector 09.05.2017 - v1.3.1.1819 - fix: drone texture display - fix: drone video detector did not recover after slience - fix: remote RTBW device options 09.05.2017 - v1.3.1.1815 - add: dual input channel drone detection 07.05.2017 - v1.3.1.1807 - add: prepare merge block for multiple independent and overlapping source streams - fix: display of reference ranges in spectrum view 06.05.2017 - v1.3.1.1803 - add: All docks can now be hidden or shown via their menu item. See menu View / Docks - fix: crash of sectore waterfall - fix: high dpi scaling for Mac OS - fix: mac HiDPI scaling for mouse input - fix: Memory leaks - fix: mouse clipping in Mac HiDPI - fix: spectrum lost its realtime display 05.05.2017 - v1.3.1.1791 - fix: drone pattern detector rendering - fix: various opengl core profile issues 04.05.2017 - v1.3.1.1787 - fix: bind VAO to make NVIDIA driver happy - fix: GL errors in HF path rendering - fix: glsl fragment type cast int to bool - fix: remove remaining glBegin - fix: rtbw calibration block - fix: update fragment shaders to 330 - fix: update shaders to 330 04.05.2017 - v1.3.1.1778 - add: container chart item - fix: 3D Markers - fix: AM/FM Decoder Display - fix: drone map display 29.04.2017 - v1.3.1.1769 - add: Double click on Blocks adds them to the graph - add: mssing drone picture - fix: 'Hidden' dropped Blocks will be deleted and not saved into the Mission file - Fix: Get Nearest RTBW caused crash in V5 Bloock select Profile - fix: playback position and scrubbing with file reader block - fix: Removed Dump Window 28.04.2017 - v1.3.1.1763 - add: PAL + NTSC Video Detector - fix: windows build 28.04.2017 - v1.3.1.1760 - add: initial Mac OS-X build - add: moved drone trainings xml - add: New profiles FPV Analog Video - add: Styles can now be selected directly from the menu. See Extras / Styles - fix: max build - fix: max build - fix: max build - fix: Possible crash in the Block Editor - fix: uninitialized variables 27.04.2017 - v1.3.1.1751 - Add: RSA Block - add: sanity checks for small bin sizes in drone detectors - fix: audio monitoring block clicking noises and blocking - fix: crash with small bin sizes caused by manual packet end searching - fix: loops for file reader block 26.04.2017 - v1.3.1.1744 - add: HTTP support for structured streams - add: readme to keys folder - fix: amfm decoder - Fix: Linux Build - fix: Memory leaks - fix: Memory Leaks - Fix: Memory leaks - fix: Memory leaks 25.04.2017 - v1.3.1.1735 - add: get sample HTTP request - add: structured DSP data streams - fix: V5 device selection 24.04.2017 - v1.3.1.1731 - add: improve cursor menu - add: keyfile protection for drone blocks 23.04.2017 - v1.3.1.1728 - fix: remove memory leaks 22.04.2017 - v1.3.1.1726 - add: support for memory leak debugging - fix: build - fix: frequency limit for V5 versions - fix: more memory leak fixes - fix: removed various memory leaks 21.04.2017 - v1.3.1.1719 - add: generic remote detector 19.04.2017 - v1.3.1.1711 - add: Factory Reset button got an icon - add: Tooltips for Settings Reset Buttons - fix: Block 'Default User Settings' couldn't be set 18.04.2017 - v1.3.1.1707 - add: bearing and altitude to icons on map - add: degree texts on radar grid 17.04.2017 - v1.3.1.1704 - fix: initial energy spike in drone energy 14.04.2017 - v1.3.1.1698 - fix: Using button 'Reset to Factory Settings' in a single block caused a mission-wide value reset in all blocks 14.04.2017 - v1.3.1.1696 - fix: Added missing v5rtbwdata.xml to calibration/rtbw - fix: linux build - fix: rename checksums file to fix linux build 13.04.2017 - v1.3.1.1679 - add: block license key protection - add: common control structure for drone detections - add: kalman filter to library - add: kalman filter to smooth drone direction display 13.04.2017 - v1.3.1.1676 - Add: Grab GL table scrollbar - add: New menu item: File / Open Mission Folder - add: New menu items: File / Open Recent Missions 11.04.2017 - v1.3.1.1659 - fix: crash in drone detection 11.04.2017 - v1.3.1.1657 - fix: scrubbing with ISO log files - fix: various side view mirror problems 11.04.2017 - v1.3.1.1655 - add: block for multi drone detection triangulation - add: drone display persistence slider - Add: history table, fix distance measurement, change antenna look 10.04.2017 - v1.3.1.1651 - add: support for iso log step sizes > 1 07.04.2017 - v1.3.1.1643 - add: requesting opengl version 3.2 migth fix problems with some shaders - add: support for multi stream HTTP connection (e.g. drone bearing and energy) 07.04.2017 - v1.3.1.1640 - add: connection parameters to HTTP connection - add: rate buffer to http streaming - fix: clear/write in spectrum display 06.04.2017 - v1.3.1.1635 - fix: dynamic sizing of frequency profile 04.04.2017 - v1.3.1.1632 - add: import menu item for reference traces - add: sweep mode to spectrum sweep block - fix: modified flag was set without change on markers - fix: waterfall 3D surface mode 04.04.2017 - v1.3.1.1629 - add: first prototype for HTTP based streaming 03.04.2017 - v1.3.1.1627 - add: copy trace to reference - Fix: Antenna out of map arrow - fix: export to EXCEL semicolon CSV format - fix: reference traces 03.04.2017 - v1.3.1.1624 - add: accept frequency profile from downstream blocks - add: bright style 02.04.2017 - v1.3.1.1621 - add: confidence range display in radar scope of drone detector - add: info and export option to RTSAFileTool - add: two level cursor for category display - fix: stream end packet when stopping V5 01.04.2017 - v1.3.1.1618 - add: amplifier settings in spectrum sweep - add: cursor config and menu - Fix: Improve map accuracy, prepare map measurements 31.03.2017 - v1.3.1.1609 - fix: reset modified flags when saving mission 30.03.2017 - v1.3.1.1607 - Add: User dialog when opening a new session only if the actual mission was modified - fix: check modified was not reset - fix: default was always applied to loaded sessions 30.03.2017 - v1.3.1.1604 - add: Updated Missions - fix: Config item changed event wasn't delivered correctly from some blocks - fix: Factory settings were reset to default if a block-specific user default file was found 30.03.2017 - v1.3.1.1601 - add: modified and default to config items - add: New factory mission - fix: compiler problem in RTSA-Server - fix: Unimplemented style for DockWidget caused a problem when floating a dock 29.03.2017 - v1.3.1.1593 - Add: Mission for drone detection DDS1 - add: New menu item 'Open Factory Missions'. Allows the user to open the shipped missions. - fix: crash on closing a mission with running iso log on windows - fix: drone detector waterfall - Fix: Every opened mission by the user was saved during program exit - fix: Linux build 28.03.2017 - v1.3.1.1583 - add: comboview block - add: spliiter items for RTSA view layouts - fix: accumulation of invalid dock widget layout states - fix: broke compiler - fix: placement of labels in multiline slider 27.03.2017 - v1.3.1.1577 - add: save as image for all data blocks 26.03.2017 - v1.3.1.1574 - fix: initial visibility state on widgets - fix: linux build 25.03.2017 - v1.3.1.1571 - add: generic DJI 3+4 Detector 25.03.2017 - v1.3.1.1569 - add: axis position labels to cursor - add: crash dumps to debug log 23.03.2017 - v1.3.1.1566 - add: neural network for drone video detection - add: New drone profiles - add: New translation for Spanish - fix: Corrected translation file for French 23.03.2017 - v1.3.1.1563 - add: New calibration files for cables - add: New profiles for Drones - fix: propagate sub stream antenna changes through node detector blocks 22.03.2017 - v1.3.1.1557 - Add: Mouse map grab, add multiple tiledir support - Add: Picture Import & Fix: map grab foxus - fix: artefacts in sample/hold when switching time correction 21.03.2017 - v1.3.1.1549 - fix: property grid sub section layout - fix: revert to 16bit float framebuffer due to NVIDIA crashes with fixed point framebuffer 21.03.2017 - v1.3.1.1543 - add: another mavic pro video pattern 21.03.2017 - v1.3.1.1538 - add: new sample/hold mode to spectrum display - fix: Installer wasn't installing the gdata 20.03.2017 - v1.3.1.1535 - add: Added new translations for arabic and french 20.03.2017 - v1.3.1.1531 - add: two level axis - add: type detecting axis 19.03.2017 - v1.3.1.1529 - add: new pattern for DJI3 ADV remote - add: prepare per block performance counter - add: two level vertical axsis - fix: remove debug information 18.03.2017 - v1.3.1.1523 - fix: build errors - fix: missing changes 17.03.2017 - v1.3.1.1518 - add: keyboard zoom/pan in charts - add: workaround for packet fifo out of synch error 17.03.2017 - v1.3.1.1516 - add: multiple named DSP connections on RTSA connections - add: option to revert time orientation in waterfall - add: shared drone database to rtsa block graph - fix: Compiler problem under Linux - fix: file reader not scaling horizontaly 16.03.2017 - v1.3.1.1505 - add: centered option to color settings - Add: load Map from Map Picture File - add: option to show/hide antenna index in waterfall - add: progress dialog to file source operator 15.03.2017 - v1.3.1.1496 - Fix: IsoLOG initialization 15.03.2017 - v1.3.1.1492 - add: hysteresis and animation to drone detector 14.03.2017 - v1.3.1.1490 - add: Updated functionality of User-Defaults buttons - fix: iso-log antenna altitude 14.03.2017 - v1.3.1.1484 - fix: propagation of antenna changes in conversion block 14.03.2017 - v1.3.1.1481 - add: selection of frequency channel in drone video pattern detector - fix: set Substream antenna ID's 14.03.2017 - v1.3.1.1477 - fix: Modified the blue style, updated the other styles to the new format 13.03.2017 - v1.3.1.1472 - add: save/load antenna ID with rtsa file 13.03.2017 - v1.3.1.1465 - fix: crash in maptile server - fix: drone overdetection due to un-initialized variable 13.03.2017 - v1.3.1.1461 - fix: crash in time compression block - fix: zero signal drone detection 13.03.2017 - v1.3.1.1457 - fix: problems/crashes when dropping packets at graph inbound block 12.03.2017 - v1.3.1.1450 - add: export markers and peaks using XML - fix: crash with markers 11.03.2017 - v1.3.1.1446 - add: drone video channel detection - fix: remove dependency on detection stream for energy display - Fix: send graphmessage in different thread 10.03.2017 - v1.3.1.1435 - add: Added new styles - fix: Fixed layout for 'Select Profile Dialog ' - fix: Fixed layout for 'USB Devive Dialog' 09.03.2017 - v1.3.1.1431 - add: more drone images and patterns 09.03.2017 - v1.3.1.1429 - fix: crash with turbo mode 08.03.2017 - v1.3.1.1426 - add: first prototype of drone video channel analyzer - fix: linux build 07.03.2017 - v1.3.1.1422 - add: New FlowSheet RTSA_QSS_Generator - add: new translations for Chinese and Spanish - fix: crash when adding drone pattern detector cause by broken localisation - fix: name of category subtype 05.03.2017 - v1.3.1.1413 - add: category timeline block - fix: linux build 04.03.2017 - v1.3.1.1410 - fix: initial packet duration for various RTBW and FFT sizes 03.03.2017 - v1.3.1.1407 - add: block images - add: block to convert spectra to channel power - add: category based histogram - add: friend or foe selection for drone detector 02.03.2017 - v1.3.1.1404 - fix: Linux compiler problem 02.03.2017 - v1.3.1.1400 - add: The language can now be changed. The program will restart automatically 01.03.2017 - v1.3.1.1390 - add: App Languages can now be switched from the menu 28.02.2017 - v1.3.1.1376 - add: generic polygons to spectrum condition block - fix: build error - fix: build error - fix: crash when removing area from spectrum condition 27.02.2017 - v1.3.1.1371 - add: hold to condition block - add: trigger modes and min/max samples to trigger block 26.02.2017 - v1.3.1.1368 - add: more control over power quad in condition operator - add: trigger and condition blocks - fix: multi regions in condition and trigger block 24.02.2017 - v1.3.1.1363 - add: OnDisconnect to RTSA Blocks 23.02.2017 - v1.3.1.1361 - fix: correction path to dBm range calculation in conversion block - Fix: Only One Connection to a RF output is reasonable - Fix: set correction path 22.02.2017 - v1.3.1.1355 - fix: avoid register reads for stats when V5 is not open - Fix: Forward correction Data trough RF Switch - fix: limit inputs to one connection - Fix: RF Path naming - fix: temporal histogram snowflakes 21.02.2017 - v1.3.1.1350 - add: Connections in the BlockEditor can now re-connected to another block just by using the mouse - add: Improved object selection in the BlockEditor - add: integration of HF path and V5 block 20.02.2017 - v1.3.1.1342 - fix: memory issues with average block 19.02.2017 - v1.3.1.1338 - add: rtbw selection for sweep block - add: support for sweeping in drone detector - fix: Build errors in windows build - fix: drawing profiles with subprofiles 18.02.2017 - v1.3.1.1334 - fix: connection rendering in graph - fix: DSP CPU usage display 17.02.2017 - v1.3.1.1329 - add: Block connectors and connections are now colored according to their type - add: Blocks in GraphEditor now uses the Block Image for better identification - add: common management Objec for all RTSABlock - add: New added blocks will be selected and centered in the block graph. The corresponding dock will be activated - Add: RF SP4T picture - add: some block images - add: start/stop control in sweep block now by spectran block - add: type system for connection types - fix: Better layout of the connection labels - Fix: Change to one FrequencyProfileModel - fix: chart layout error - fix: crash when adding file writer - fix: Double Click on a Block didn't select it - fix: multi sweep streaming with changing FFT size 16.02.2017 - v1.3.1.1319 - Add: minicircuits device linux udev rule - add: chain output to spectrum sweep allows multiple sweeps - add: Labels for connectors in BlockEditor - add: new drone definitions and images - fix: drone images - fix: memory leaks and late memory returns during streaming - fix: value range problems with missing or invalid rtbw correction file - fix: waterfall 3D with wide data source - fix: zero in waterfall time compression 15.02.2017 - v1.3.1.1312 - add: automatic noise floor based on rtbw metrics - add: drone pictures - Add: Minicirciuts RF SP4T Switch block - fix: cannot show graphe editor anymore due to out of sync of config item state and view state - fix: crash in sweep block, when manually starting V5 block early - fix: power integration for inactive sweep areas 14.02.2017 - v1.3.1.1301 - add: experimentel dancing devil reduction using mirror - add: first experimental implementation of spectrum sweep - fix: crash in histogram operator 12.02.2017 - v1.3.1.1293 - add: additional histogram options 10.02.2017 - v1.3.1.1286 - add: Integrated the default mission 10.02.2017 - v1.3.1.1280 - add: The app's mainwindow will be maximized if the app is running the first time - fix: config profile problems with loading default profiles 10.02.2017 - v1.3.1.1271 - add: First version of the RTSA-Suite portable installer 08.02.2017 - v1.3.1.1261 - fix: channel profile display overlapp 08.02.2017 - v1.3.1.1256 - add: chart for HF path 08.02.2017 - v1.3.1.1253 - fix: 'Profile Select' dialog now properly resizes its controls 08.02.2017 - v1.3.1.1248 - Add: Chart view to HFPath block 07.02.2017 - v1.3.1.1245 - add: channel profile charts in spectrum view - add: New menu items in Extras: Data/Open Datafolder Global, User, Documents - fix: Fixed build for Mac OS - Fix: open in Folder (Linux) 05.02.2017 - v1.3.1.1231 - add: debug paths.xml to factory data - fix: crashes in drone pattern detector 04.02.2017 - v1.3.1.1226 - Fix: New installer now uses the new paths - Fix: Program paths are now consistent 03.02.2017 - v1.3.1.1220 - add: BlockGraphEditor now supports multiple input / outputs - Fix: Data Copy to Build Folder - fix: xcopy in windows build 03.02.2017 - v1.3.1.1205 - Add: Simple Map Block 02.02.2017 - v1.3.1.1203 - add: drone pattern detector - Add: IsoLOG Block, remove IsoLOG part from V5 Block - Add: Select color with alpha channel flag in configitems, save color with alpha channel - Fix: Color edit Chancel button cause black color - fix: linux build 29.01.2017 - v1.3.1.1184 - add: document for program folder structure - add: dynamic traces - add: traces to histogram view 27.01.2017 - v1.3.1.1179 - Add: Probe to HF Path correction - Fix: frequency edit initialization and resources - Fix: IsoLOG address in field after autoconnect 25.01.2017 - v1.3.1.1169 - add: frequency profiles to all 2D charts - fix: linux build 24.01.2017 - v1.3.1.1164 - Fix: FPS status - Fix: Load Stylesheet, Add: Save used stylesheet Ref: Deaktivate old/unused config file 23.01.2017 - v1.3.1.1161 - add: prepare setting FFT window shift factor - fix: linux build - fix: tooltip display for sliders with update on release semantics 21.01.2017 - v1.3.1.1146 - fix: build of application configuratrion build 19.01.2017 - v1.3.1.1133 - Add: linux: New folder hierarchy 18.01.2017 - v1.3.1.1127 - add: New 'Reset to User-Default' functionality in configuration area of the RTSA blocks - add: New folder structure for factory and user-data. - Fix: Linux User Config File Destination 17.01.2017 - v1.3.1.1124 - add: numeric input for slider - fix: double numeric input fields for floats 15.01.2017 - v1.3.1.1120 - add: experimental board temperature status display - add: more drones for detector - fix: signal conversion when lacking rtbw config 14.01.2017 - v1.3.1.1114 - add: antenna information to stream and rtsa files - add: location and bearing information to antenna - add: map view to drone display based on open streat map maps - fix: remove dead status string 09.01.2017 - v1.3.1.1076 - add: multi pattern drone detection 05.01.2017 - v1.3.1.1066 - fix: drone detection overflow crash 05.01.2017 - v1.3.1.1062 - add: line interpolation mode for specttrum view - fix: correct frequency axis in spectrum view 04.01.2017 - v1.3.1.1049 - add: directional power in drone detection - add: prepare streaming read of status registers - fix: more mutex control in V5 29.12.2016 - v1.3.1.1042 - fix: saving time header in CSV files 28.12.2016 - v1.3.1.1040 - add: activate synchronous mode 26.12.2016 - v1.3.1.1036 - add: complete rtbw correction file 24.12.2016 - v1.3.1.1033 - add: rtbw callibration block and v5conversion code 23.12.2016 - v1.3.1.1031 - Fix: Qt lib path - Fix: V5 default Option 21.12.2016 - v1.3.1.1019 - add: polynomial sample value correction based on measured curves 20.12.2016 - v1.3.1.1012 - add: channel utilization waterfall display - add: semicolon separated files for german excel 18.12.2016 - v1.3.1.1007 - add: export of spectra data to xml file - fix: sideview showing old data 17.12.2016 - v1.3.1.1004 - add: auto color modes - add: data export for filesource and fileshift - add: export of trace data in spectrum view - add: recording and playback of isolog data - add: selecting nvidia GPU in dual GPU system on laptops - fix: crash when opening drone view - fix: shaders for intel GPUs 16.12.2016 - v1.3.1.1000 - Add: Drone Simu fly a curve - fix: crash when opening drone display - fix: scrubbing in time shift 15.12.2016 - v1.3.1.997 - add: absolute time axis labels - add: Missing image file - add: outline trace to spectrum view - fix: broken checkin 15.12.2016 - v1.3.1.993 - pub: Added changed config sequence for BlockFactories - pub: Updated drone files - pub: Updated installer - pub: Updated profiles 14.12.2016 - v1.3.1.988 - add: live update from waterfall and file reader - fix: race condition in lock/unlock of streaming blocks 13.12.2016 - v1.3.1.981 - fix: Updated Profiles 12.12.2016 - v1.3.1.977 - fix: build 11.12.2016 - v1.3.1.974 - add: flexible preview creation for rtsa files - add: lossy data compression for rtsa files - add: waterfall view for compressed file preview - fix: small frequency shift when changing fft size 10.12.2016 - v1.3.1.972 - Fix: IsVisible setting of ItemPropertyWidget - fix: Updated Drones 09.12.2016 - v1.3.1.967 - add: channel ranges to frequency profile display - Add: Check IsoLOG Output Amplifier Option - add: display of frequency profiles in waterfall - fix: show colors for channel config 08.12.2016 - v1.3.1.961 - add: first shot on new file format embedded previews - fix: vertical layout in preview 06.12.2016 - v1.3.1.946 - add: asynch streaming to and from files using file reader and writer blocks - add: new file format for all rtsa stream types 04.12.2016 - v1.3.1.941 - add: add/edit/remov/save channel setting in AM/FM filter - add: dynamic filter for audio playback 03.12.2016 - v1.3.1.939 - add: marker for histogram - add: new Drone detectors - Fix: Control Toolbar Space 02.12.2016 - v1.3.1.934 - add: auto detect button to pulsed waterfall - add: dynamic time compression mode for waterfall and 3D waterfall, that adapts to incomming immediate segments (scrubbing) - fix: prevent redraw of view widgets while shutting down mission 30.11.2016 - v1.3.1.920 - fix: Pulsed Waterfall for Scrubbing - fix: Reference counting of spectran block 29.11.2016 - v1.3.1.914 - add: window function selection in spectral block - fix: graph layouter buld errors - fix: invalid usage of "Release" for destructor work - fix: scrubbing in spectral block - fix: various shutdown problems in block editor and spectran block 28.11.2016 - v1.3.1.908 - fix: timing issues with sprectrum view and scrubbing 27.11.2016 - v1.3.1.906 - add: configurable overlapp for IQ import - fix: display of FFT sizes of > 2048 26.11.2016 - v1.3.1.904 - add: fast update of downstream views when moving range in filesoure in "steady" mode - fix: histogram border invalid data - fix: memory free issue in file source - fix: reading of firmware version 25.11.2016 - v1.3.1.898 - Add: Ask for V5 FW version - add: checksum and resynch to V5 driver - add: experimental "image enhance" for waterfall behind file source - add: import of iq.tar files - fix: color histogram for log scale percentage - fix: deleting marker that was loaded - fix: inverse colored range in spectrum display 23.11.2016 - v1.3.1.889 - add: IQ file as Spectras Import - add: sector waterfall block - fix: resize problem after adding markers 22.11.2016 - v1.3.1.884 - add: multiple marker sets - add: use real logscale and %/dB for histogram 17.11.2016 - v1.13.0.8 - Fix: platform compatibility, change ~0UL to ~0U - fix: typing error dB0┬ÁV 17.11.2016 - v1.3.1.863 - add: merge mode for spectrum realtime view - add: structure rebuild of config items 16.11.2016 - v1.3.1.860 - Fix: load calibration data, first open 16.11.2016 - v1.3.1.850 - add: indenting for config items - add: simple noise floor equalization to v5 conversion block 15.11.2016 - v1.3.1.843 - add: center at cursor button - add: cross block cursor messages - fix: locale numbers in property widgets 14.11.2016 - v1.3.1.835 - add: line histogram to spectrum view 13.11.2016 - v1.3.1.832 - add: legend to charts - add: Watermark to charts 11.11.2016 - v1.3.1.826 - fix: lockup in time to ratio matching 11.11.2016 - v1.3.1.823 - fix: placement of peacks table in multi spectral view 11.11.2016 - v1.3.1.821 - add: 3D Markers - add: new drone file with DJI4 - add: selectable power unit for charts 10.11.2016 - v1.3.1.814 - add: peaks detection for spectrum, histogram and multi spectral - Bugfix: init Drone 09.11.2016 - v1.3.1.811 - Bug Fix: add Antenna defaults 08.11.2016 - v1.3.1.808 - fix: display of range value in range cursor 08.11.2016 - v1.3.1.806 - add: additional degree of freedom for color settings 07.11.2016 - v1.3.1.803 - fix: color wall in multi spectral 3D - fix: labeling of 3D cursors 06.11.2016 - v1.3.1.800 - add: delta text for range 3D slider 06.11.2016 - v1.3.1.798 - add: audio warnings to drone detection - add: range cursors for 3D charts 03.11.2016 - v1.3.1.779 - Bugfix: Windows build 03.11.2016 - v1.3.1.771 - add: flag check for V5 open - Bugfix: V5 driver Multi Device Support - Bugfix: Windows build - fix: stack overflow with new multi device detection 02.11.2016 - v1.3.1.759 - add: interpolate switch to histogram view - fix: infinite mode in histogram 01.11.2016 - v1.3.1.754 - fix: contiguous histogram mode 01.11.2016 - v1.3.1.752 - add: line mode for histogram 31.10.2016 - v1.3.1.745 - add: time display to measurements in multi spectral 30.10.2016 - v1.3.1.743 - add: reference line in spectrum display 29.10.2016 - v1.3.1.740 - add: 3d axis configuration - add: alert text and multiple drone images to drone detector - add: config items for axis and grid layout - add: configuration of background color in charts - add: noise floor clipping configuration 28.10.2016 - v1.3.1.734 - add: auto rotate for 3D charts - add: main and view second level config items for chart blocks 27.10.2016 - v1.3.1.727 - add: drone image on detection - add: pan in charts using middle mouse button - fix: crash when selecting in unusged spectrum view 26.10.2016 - v1.3.1.714 - add: 3D pulsed waterfall - add: frequency display for time distance in XY cursor tooltip - add: side views to 3D Waterfall and 3D Histogram - fix: cursor in multispectral 25.10.2016 - v1.3.1.706 - add: labels to 3D cursors - add: more drone detection - Fix: change Antenna Size 24.10.2016 - v1.3.1.702 - add: jitter support for pulsed waterfall - add: more drones at 2.4GHz 23.10.2016 - v1.3.1.699 - add: value display for xycursor in spectrum display 22.10.2016 - v1.3.1.697 - add: color config setting - add: spectrum display 21.10.2016 - v1.3.1.692 - add: priority to grid scaling for multiview diagrams - fix: slider in stylesheet 18.10.2016 - v1.3.1.687 - add: export for more views - add: export of image of various views 17.10.2016 - v1.3.1.680 - add: advanced color flow control using histogram - add: CSV export for 2D waterfall - fix: build issues 16.10.2016 - v1.3.1.669 - Bugfix: Antenna intersection update after antenna sector change 15.10.2016 - v1.3.1.667 - Bugfix: Antenna intersection update after antenna rotation 15.10.2016 - v1.3.1.665 - Bugfix: set Z-value to 2(drawing order) of antenna intersection 14.10.2016 - v1.3.1.657 - add: save to timeshift block - BugFix: Set port of IsoLOG Antenna element - BugFix: Stop IsoLoOG Rotation - fix: flaky display in pulsed waterfall - fix: memory leak in drone detector 12.10.2016 - v1.3.1.645 - add: DJI2 Professional detection at 2.4GHz 11.10.2016 - v1.3.1.632 - add: icons for window buttons - add: mouse cursor - add: pause button - add: pulsed waterfall prototype - add: timeshift block - fix: pause block stream restart problems 09.10.2016 - v1.3.1.627 - add: drone detector block - fix: mouse grab in charts - fix: move selection in scrolled area - fix: save 3D settings - fix: tick moved in wrong y direction 08.10.2016 - v1.3.1.624 - fix: power band detector signed/unsigned bounds 03.10.2016 - v1.3.1.614 - fix: base for chart axis 30.09.2016 - v1.3.1.592 - Fix: Linux Build 29.09.2016 - v1.3.1.588 - add: band energy detector - add: drag and resize of selection area in XY cursor - fix: cleanup 2D histogram shader - fix: waterfall shader code 29.09.2016 - v1.3.1.576 - Add: Put map into window 29.09.2016 - v1.3.1.571 - add: color control for charts - add: configuration of bus transfer mode - fix: file export nanoseconds - fix: file source cursor 28.09.2016 - v1.3.1.563 - add: value cursor support for x-span cursor - fix: enable live add of rtsa streaming blocks 27.09.2016 - v1.3.1.557 - add: color control to 2D charts - add: continuous time looping in recorded measurement - add: measurement to histogram and waterfall XY cursor - add: signal detection to waterfall - fix: display of multi spectral 3D 26.09.2016 - v1.3.1.551 - Compatibility Fix: OpenGL Depth Buffersize 25.09.2016 - v1.3.1.546 - add: blue border around undocked charts - fix: axis half pixel precision - fix: log scale in slider widgets 23.09.2016 - v1.3.1.538 - add: first shot on voice filter block - add: replay range and indicator to file source block - fix: opengl performance problems due to removal of main window swap intervall setting 22.09.2016 - v1.3.1.533 - add: audio recorder replay support - add: fake audio stream detection for recorder testing - Fix: Jira Suite-116 21.09.2016 - v1.3.1.529 - add: display of captured streams in amfm decoder - add: initial experiment on audio recording block - fix: reconnect of blocks on reload 21.09.2016 - v1.13.0.6 - add: basic multi AM/FM decode 20.09.2016 - v1.3.1.512 - fix: texture text coordinates 20.09.2016 - v1.3.1.508 - add: file read for filesource block 20.09.2016 - v1.3.1.505 - add: frequency display in amfm demod chart - add: support for multiple streamd in rtsa chart 19.09.2016 - v1.3.1.499 - add: file replay and amfm decoder - add: support for font caching in textures - fix: logscale flag spelling 19.09.2016 - v1.13.0.5 - add: zoom and pan for 3D charts - fix: re-added 3d histogram - fix: style init for rtsa chart widgets 18.09.2016 - v1.3.1.484 - add: 3D histogram - add: checkboxes for 3D cursors - add: synchronous mode (defunct) 17.09.2016 - v1.3.1.478 - add: coordinates for 3D charts - add: flags for config items - fix: graph stop problem when waterfall hidden 15.09.2016 - v1.3.1.467 - add: 3D waterfall to multiview 14.09.2016 - v1.3.1.460 - add: basic 3D widget to multiview - add: configuration of sideshow charts for multi view - add: zoom and pan to multiview graphs using axis for manipulation - fix: limit waterfall texture size based on GL limits 13.09.2016 - v1.3.1.450 - fix: time calculation in compress block 12.09.2016 - v1.3.1.445 - add: isolog max detection - add: sideshow views for waterfall and histogram 11.09.2016 - v1.3.1.440 - add: histogram block for multiview 09.09.2016 - v1.3.1.432 - fix: 14 sample FFT size - fix: time offset for tcp receiver block 08.09.2016 - v1.3.1.425 - add: grid layout for multiview widgets - fix: histogram problems with 14 sample FFT 07.09.2016 - v1.3.1.412 - add: 14 sample FFT 06.09.2016 - v1.3.1.401 - fix: SUITE 101 broken profiles 06.09.2016 - v1.3.1.397 - Fix: AppDataPath on Windows. Missing Company Name - fix: SUITE-76 547kHz wrong frequency 02.09.2016 - v1.3.1.382 - add: more multiview - add: start time and end time in double - add: time mockup for waterfall - bug fix: Buffer overflow - fix: build 01.09.2016 - v1.3.1.360 - add: generic config items - add: more config items for dsp stream blocks - fix: crash when removing block from dspstream - fix: memory free delay when switching fft size - fix: packet overflow in compression block - fix: RTSA Blocks build dependencies - fix: SUITE-92 update of chart setting delayed by waterfall 31.08.2016 - v1.3.1.351 - add: 28 and 56 samples per FTT modes - fix: adapt waterfall width for 28 samples per FFT 30.08.2016 - v1.3.1.343 - add: AM Voice detector block - add: auto rotate demo mode for 3D waterfall - add: maximum number of traces for realtime view - add: SSE memory allocation to streaming graph - add: stream state validation for debug build - add: upscaling for short time windows in waterfall - fix: crash when importing during streaming - fix: crash when removing block from graph - fix: memory data loop - fix: memory data loop - fix: throttle refresh of overview widget 27.08.2016 - v1.3.1.320 - add: make sub streams dynamic allocated entities 26.08.2016 - v1.3.1.318 - fix: stop of histogram for maximum persistance - fix: waterfall mapping for nearest sample 24.08.2016 - v1.3.1.312 - add: optional AM/FM decoding path through software - fix: reset average trace when removed/added - fix: workaround for switching from 224 to 112 FFT size with 44MHz span 23.08.2016 - v1.3.1.307 - fix: sample time calculation for small spans 05.08.2016 - v1.3.1.231 - fix: Changed the logo in About dialog. - fix: ScanSteps setting wasn't saved and reloaded properly 01.07.2016 - v1.3.1.67 - fix: Missing x-Axis description in 2D Waterfall
System Requirements
ProzessorQuad Core mit min. 1,6 GHz Multi Core (4+) mit min. 3 GHz
BetriebssystemWindwos 7/8/10 64bit
Festplattenspeicher500MB Installation
GrafikkarteIntel HDnVIdia GPU mit CUDA 2.0+


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